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  1. hookerbrucer


    Hi We have been going to Weipa for the last 16 years. Different guys come and go. This year we have a spare spot. Trip is on the house boat with a couple of tenders, we usually head south from Weipa and fish the beaches, reefs and bait schools. We have the boat booked 28th April till 11th May cost is approx. $1500 plus your airfare, alcohol and any thing other than the group food. We only have 6 on board for a bit of comfort and buy our own alcohol to keep costs down. We just divide the costs 6 ways food prawns fuel and boats Fly up 25th, 26th or 27th April fly back to Sydney when we get off the boat on the 11th of May. Could split it into two separate weeks if need be. Check out reports on my old postings as Hookerbruce. We are all mature gents who go to fish and have a few drinks we don't go to drink. We stay in the campground a night or two before getting on the boat. If your interested send me a PM and I can give you more details or even meet up with you fill you in on what gear we take. Bruce
  2. hookerbrucer

    Caravanning - anyone into this?

    Is someone thinking of buying a van ? If so we'll look forward to meeting up with you out on road to that special fishing spot.
  3. hookerbrucer

    Lilli Pilli

    Nice flattie. The reddies a nice plate size. I hope to get out there one day next week. Your reports always encourage me to do even a short trip. bruce
  4. hookerbrucer


    Water level at 60 % good warm weather all weekend
  5. hookerbrucer


    Had my annual trip to Burrinjuck Dam on the weekend, only freshwater trip I do most years. Arrived there about 4 pm fri just as the rain stopped. Got unpacked then launched the boat went for a short troll couple of smaller redfin. Set the shrimp trap and back to the cabin. Reasonable start sat on the water by 7am. Collected the trap no shrimp. Headed up the dam fished various trees with bait and soft plastics for a nil result. Short troll for another redfin. Then went ashore and walked the shoreline and sight fished for carp. Had my fly rod and a light spin stick with me. Had some fun as only cast to fish that looked over 2 Kg and they go hard. No we don't eat the carp. Ended up with half a dozen redfin for the weekend which do cook up okay. Early on the carp didn't want to play the game, so keep moving spots till we found some that would. Landed over 20 for the afternoon on fly and lure. Best two on fly went 67 cms 3.7 Kg and 3.9 Kg. best two on lure were both 3.6 Kg. Spin rod was loaded with 2 Kg mono used 2 Kg tippet on the fly rod We normally catch a few yellow belly and cod (released) but this year none. other people still caught them.
  6. hookerbrucer

    Whiting on Poppers

    Very nice whiting on lure.. I still have to get a decent whiting on lure. Need to put more time in.
  7. hookerbrucer

    Mixed bag from the Hacking

    Yes quite a few fillets got visitors coming on the weekend who always look forward to a big fish cook up. I agree the flathead taste best. I tried marks south of the bommie where I usually bag out in an hour but they just didn't fire this time. No didn't get to Weipa this year. Did Tasmania, central Qld coast and then Europe. Saw your report on Weipa. Two weeks on the houseboat in Weipa booked for end of April next year then off to King ash bay, Daley River, Broome and the Kimberleys. thanks Bruce
  8. hookerbrucer

    Mixed bag from the Hacking

    The flesh will go soft like a lot of fish if not iced down. Fileted and skinned nice white meat not a lot of flavour so grand kids like it in bread crumbs. Takes up flavours like curry etc real well. Cold smoked with the skin on is very nice. Haven't tried it for bait normally would use sweep filets if no real bait.
  9. hookerbrucer

    Mixed bag from the Hacking

    First trip for 7 weeks caught up travelling on holidays, good to be home. Headed out from Port Hacking today to catch some of Yowie's flathead. After 1 1/2 hours only had 4 fish. Time for a change of plan, went in close looking for squid. Managed two babies. Change plan again go and fish the reefy areas. Result numerous throwback reddies and mixed reef fish. Kept a variety. Next stop the sand flats in Port Hacking. the water was crystal clear. Managed 1 crab and the 2kg whiting line took off. Several minutes later a nice 49 cm trevally reached the net. packed up and home by 12:30