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  1. Hey guys! It's been a while since I've posted. Mrs and I have finally moved house after a long process of packing, throwing stuff out, donating, moving, unpacking, etc but we finally got there in the end. Still some unpacking to do but it's all hidden in the garage so not even going to look at it until the new year (we'll call it a new year's resolution). Not to mention the fact we have no licenses at the moment and need to renew them, but we will wait until cash flow is back on track. ANYWAY, in the meantime we have been watching fishing shows, videos etc but I mainly enjoy watchin
  2. I remember hearing about this while I was at work. Did you guys walk past the Downing Centre?
  3. Not a report but wanted to share this large lady caught off the beach at Sans Souci. Little one "helped" reel it in (she just put her hands on top of mine). Her excitement was a better highlight than the fish! Didn't measure it but judging by the size up against the little one, I'd say 60-65cm. About 2kg. She was very brave and adamant to hold it, but obviously didn't let her. I did let her touch its back after it stopped thrashing around and helped me release it back to the water, and she loved watching it swim away. We taught her that the really big fish we put back in the water so they can
  4. Havent been on for a while. Thanks for the ID. Funnily enough, seconds after posting this, some locals came down to the jetty we were fishing off and identified it for us as a javelin. We looked up the QLD limits and she was a keeper. Also very good on the chew ?
  5. Hey guys need an ID and if it's edible. It's sitting in a keeper net ATM while we try to ID. Mrs caught this beauty. Caught in Carirns
  6. Mrs and I were just having a laugh about this saying if a cop asks you where you're life jacket is and it seems inevitable you'll get a fine, jump in the water and start to pretend like you're drowning. Then they have to jump in and save you. Then when you get out, thank them for saving your life, then let them issue you a fine. At least you got them wet in the process ?
  7. Where I'm unsure is the letters... Is N higher than S?
  8. The one in the link says it's AS4758 but where the confusion for me is that I don't know if "150N" is of higher or lower rating than 50S. See what I mean??
  9. Well, the legislation was put in place to help save lives. What's interesting though is that all monies collected from infringements/fines whatever are to go to the Department of Fisheries (this is also outlined in the Act)... So I suppose it's both in a sense.
  10. OK so here are some screen shots of the Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016. I'll add a link too if anyone wishes to read the entire thing, it's only a small act (7 pages). The first screenshot is where, I'd assume, any reasonable person would stop reading because it tells you the offence and the penalty with that offence (Section 5). It says there, black and white, you, and anyone helping you, must wear a life jacket at all times while rock fishing. If you don't, it's an offence and the maximum penalty is 50 penalty units (1 penalty unit in NSW is $110 - so you're looking at $5,500 maximum) How
  11. Not only does it need those 5 ticks, it needs to meet a specified standard with those ticks. There are different levels of life jacket standards by the looks of things. I was perusing a shop and they had all different levels of standards and I have no idea which are higher or lower than the standard specified in the Act. I'll read the legislation real quick and get back to you on exactly the standard the jacket needs to meet.
  12. It was a great feed too, apparently. My grandma called while I was on the way out and promised her that I'd catch her lunch for today and I came good on that promise. Cleaned it up for her and drove all the way out to her place to deliver it to her last night. She gave me a buzz today and said it was very tasty (though she was skeptical about whether or not it was edible when I brought it to her ?
  13. I asked earlier about the suspected luderick (confirmed to be a black drummer) but completely forgot to ask about this random little thing my partner caught. Any ideas folks? Same spot (Browns Rock) Returned to the water of course.
  14. There's one major reason I'm writing this report up, being the Rockfishing Safety Act. Today was a great day, aside from the power tripping copper I had encountered right at the end of my day, which I'll get to. Not much action today at Browns Point but it's a beautiful spot if you haven't tried it. Be aware though, there is a bit of a hike to get down there. About a 10 min uphill/downhill, uneven ground bush walk. If you're not the fittest person in the world, the way down to Browns Point is pretty bad but it's worse on the way back up lol. The reward though, is that the water is nice a
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