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  1. Can’t believe that is what the world has come to , i am sure if enough people share it someone would know the driver
  2. Boat gets stolen in the middle of the day in port Stephen https://youtu.be/tif-Hqb1FSs
  3. What’s the best bait ? When to wisemen ferry last week got zero counted over 50 people raps in the one area
  4. That is a horse of a fish very nice
  5. Thanks Jon coming up tomorrow will give both a go just realised I am 1hr and 35 mins from Narooma still so might stay close
  6. Hi Jon taking the the kids down to race course beach . where is the best place to take them inside in a boat for a fish was thinking meroo lake or Tuross , what would be the best place ? Regards Ritchie
  7. When you say a fish that takes you under the wharf and breaks you off its a surgeon fish , we fish 50 pound line and that break you off like its 4 pound line it looks very similar to groper
  8. I went on Friday night , decide not to take bait due to the reports on Thursday , did not get one prawn so had to use soft plastics got there at ten left at 12 got my ten , First time ever did not see that one prawn , All fish were over 40cm , Four guys next to me had 40 all on frozen Hawkesbury prawns
  9. Nice , next time just go to the point left of the ramp and you should bag out
  10. Do you mean old mans hat . Or is it a different location
  11. Best boat is a trail craft sport rider or a trail craft runabout 5.5 m easy to handle on your own very deep so you can easly take it outside wide beam for stability and very cheap to run I have one best boat for value
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