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  1. Hey guys me and a mate are going for a flick Saturday arvo/night after I knock off work! We are going to be heading to narrabeen lake in search of some flathead have heard there's been some nice one caught this last week! Planning on catching poddys and flicking plastics while having one out live, just wondering has anyone had any luck with poddys as of late? We went about a while ago but I assumed the water was too cold! Might try around deep creek/middle creek thanks in advance mitch
  2. Mutch22


    Also the Williamson jet popper was the first king I hooked up on a lure although I did lose it at my feet from not tying my knot correct which was no good but none the less still a lot of fun!
  3. Mutch22


    Yeah fragmeister that's the one I think it's excellent! Ribs I still haven't used a halco rooster popper but I can defifnately agree on Kingys going mad over your your lure!
  4. Mutch22


    Hey guys just interested to know what would your go to or favourite stick baits and poppers be for kings? I'm really loving the Maria popqueen and the Maria re rise stickbaits at the moment! Cheers lads
  5. Mutch22

    Livies at balmoral

    Hey guys yeah there where yakkas there but they were very timid, it took a while to get some, although a guy was leaving when I got there just after sunset and he had a bucket full so maybe they where abit easier to catch while it was dark!
  6. Mutch22

    Livies at balmoral

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has any luck with yakkas at balmoral wharf lately? My usual spot at Vaucluse has shutdown, im going to bare the rain on Sunday and try to soak some livies on low tide as the wind is dropping off hopefully get on too a Jew ? Or has anyone had any luck with mullet I know it's not the best time for them but I seen a heap of them at windang a couple weeks back but didn't take the trap! Cheers guys
  7. Mutch22

    dog tooth tuna

    Cheers guys for the input I'll take a look at JM rods they look like they can take the punishment ! yeah I have been watching a lot of videos on them I have till next year to get my tackle sorted so I'm going to do my research on the jigs and hooks and assists, I'll be over the moon if I can land one in the trip hahha and a big gt I'll be absolutely wrapped! Cheers guys
  8. Mutch22

    dog tooth tuna

    Ok cheers mate yeah that makes a lot of sense I think I will just stick with the spinning reels, could any body recommend a good jigging rod? I would love a mc works but are very hard to find! Cheers guys
  9. Mutch22

    dog tooth tuna

    Hey guys so next year I am going to the coral see for a 9 day charter we will be jigging for dog tooth tuna so I have never gone jigging before, I'm wondering if anybody that has any advise on gear I need to buy rods and reels and jigs, I'm thinking of getting the daiwa dogfight 8000h and pairing it with a jigging rod this is what confuses me abit there are so many and I haven't done this type of fishing before, I have high quality gear but it's all landbased gear! I'd rather by a quality rod that i can keep for many more trips ahead! I love the idea of over head reel for jigging but I have never used one and don't want unwanted headaches on the charter from me not knowing what I'm doing with one hahha so I'm hoping some can share abit of advice appreciate the help guys mitch
  10. Mutch22

    Daiwa saltiga bayjigger

    Hey guys, I'm looking into buying the 4000 daiwa saltiga bayjigger for one of my lighter setups has anyone had a play with one yet? I went to the shop I go to last week but they were sold out, I have the saltiga 5000 just wondering if there's much difference with he new reels weather to buy the bayjigger or get another saltiga! Cheers guys
  11. Mutch22

    Narrabeen lake

    Hey mate I'm pretty sure Wimbledon avenue has a car park pretty close to the waters edge from memory been a while since I was there it was at night too, hope this helps! Good luck bud all the best!
  12. Mutch22

    Wilson venom LBG rod

    Ok will look into it, thanks Ron appreciate it!
  13. Mutch22

    Wilson venom LBG rod

    Hey guys I can't find the Wilson venom lbg rods anywhere for sale they are on the Wilson site but you can't buy from there? I have found the live fibre lbg rods but am very interested in the venom series, does anyone have any information where to find these rods? Cheers mitch
  14. Mutch22

    Just want to catch some keepers

    Mate keep persisting with freshly caught and live baits and your catches will increase just keep on persisting some days you might catch zilch. Try fishing the same spot a couple of times with different methods maybe even lures and see what is most effective and what works!
  15. Mutch22

    Slimy Mackerel, Squid and Yellowtail

    Mate for yakkas normally just burley with some mushed up bread and I add some tuna oil you can add pilchards or what ever you feel to the mix, usually around most wharfs and rock walls if you keep constitently burleying up they usually show up by the hundreds, you can use the sabiki bait jigs although they can be a pain in the arse when they tangle, I prefer just a size 12 hook unweighted with a small bit of bread or pilchard even tiny bits of chicken breast works good pretty hardy.