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  1. Cheers waza that was a big help your a legend đź‘Ť thanks mate
  2. There a lot of information on this forum as well just have a search and google as well!
  3. You can try around the headland of Clifton gardens, or even Neilson park in Vaucluse there’s a whole lot of rock platforms along there both spots have pretty deep water infront of you, just have to keep persisting with it mate and you’ll get a few won’t hurt to have a livie out while your spinning either
  4. I have seen photos of some rats taken in the George’s river not too far from Millpera
  5. Hey waza thanks for the information appreciate it a lot! I’m not to worried about the trek I don’t mind it too be honest hahah! I just had a look on google earth so from the car park you cross the bridge over the creek and follow that track is there any signs on the trails telling you what headland or beach your at for tourism I gather maybe? And to get down the cliff do you need to climb which isn’t a issue? I take it there will probably be a decent worn trail to follow to which hopefully will lead to a way of getting down the cliff? Cheers waza appreciate the help bud
  6. Hey guys just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction how to get to Beecroft head, fished the tubes abit but as most of you know it can’t hold a whole lot of people and it gets way too crowded especially when everyone’s live baiting, I’ll be stick baiting for kings this season and have heard this a lot more room and some brutes of kings roll through there stopping them will be another thing all to gather! And any information on swell and wind what’s best fished on the ledge I appreciate any help cheers Mitch
  7. Yes it can be inconsist but like mii11x said That’s fishing! But depends what they are feeding on as well! I find on one of the ledges we fish inside the harbour we catch yakkas there if you keep your burleying consistent and keep them around it normally attracts the kings , I like too keep one under a float around the 2 metre mark and another yakka unweighted just doing its thing (pay attention to it tho because they have a tendency to swim back too the rocks! Hope this helps abit!
  8. If your catching yakked just send one live out under the float while your spinning! If the kings are around and if they aren’t too fussy it shouldn’t take long before you get a hook up!
  9. Palms shore gun 10ft 20-70 gram it’s a “shorejigging” rod but I use it for my lighter spinning outfit absolutely launches metals a mile, I found that the 40-50gram is the sweet spot but handles heavier lures fine, works excellent for stickbaiting and your larger soft plastics. Its paired too a 4000 sized Daiwa reel very well balanced and can spin with it most of the day it’s a pleasure to use!
  10. Mutch22


    Cheers for the reply, yeah I’ve heard around the spit/Clontarf is pretty good for them will give it a crack! Cheers
  11. Mutch22


    Hey guys I’m just wondering has anyone caught poddys at Taylor’s bay at Mosman on the flats in the corner of the bay? Or around Mosman area? Will save a lot of travel time and leg work as I don’t fish too far from here! Cheers Mitch
  12. Thanks mate just emailed them cheers
  13. Hey guys seen a deal on dinga and can pick a penn conflict 6000 up for $99 bucks which isn’t bad, I’m thinking of pairing it up to my penn prevail 12ft prevail for mainly Jew fishing, does anyone have any feed back on them? Thanks guys
  14. Mutch22


    Cheers mate will do appreciate it
  15. Mutch22


    Thanks bud I’ll give it a crack thanks