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  1. Mutch22

    Narrabeen lake

    Hey mate I'm pretty sure Wimbledon avenue has a car park pretty close to the waters edge from memory been a while since I was there it was at night too, hope this helps! Good luck bud all the best!
  2. Mutch22

    Wilson venom LBG rod

    Ok will look into it, thanks Ron appreciate it!
  3. Mutch22

    Wilson venom LBG rod

    Hey guys I can't find the Wilson venom lbg rods anywhere for sale they are on the Wilson site but you can't buy from there? I have found the live fibre lbg rods but am very interested in the venom series, does anyone have any information where to find these rods? Cheers mitch
  4. Mutch22

    Just want to catch some keepers

    Mate keep persisting with freshly caught and live baits and your catches will increase just keep on persisting some days you might catch zilch. Try fishing the same spot a couple of times with different methods maybe even lures and see what is most effective and what works!
  5. Mutch22

    Slimy Mackerel, Squid and Yellowtail

    Mate for yakkas normally just burley with some mushed up bread and I add some tuna oil you can add pilchards or what ever you feel to the mix, usually around most wharfs and rock walls if you keep constitently burleying up they usually show up by the hundreds, you can use the sabiki bait jigs although they can be a pain in the arse when they tangle, I prefer just a size 12 hook unweighted with a small bit of bread or pilchard even tiny bits of chicken breast works good pretty hardy.
  6. Mutch22

    LBG setup

    Cheers boys appreciate the feed back! I was fishing the tubes on Saturday! I'll definately have a read up on those articles appreciate that mate, I'm tossing up between maybe a daiwa saltiga dogfight 8000 still looking at rods to match or an overhead it's just I have never used a overhead but it's definately on the cards there's way too much gear to buy it drives me crazy but I love it hahha! cheers guys appreciate the help!
  7. Mutch22

    LBG setup

    Hey guys was down south yesterday fishing for kings, we do a lot of live baiting but a fair few guys down there had the big over head reels with the short game fishing rods it's got me interested in a big way I want to live bait for tuna this winter and really want to get into this properly I'm thinking about investing in a overhead setup I have a few high end spin rod and reels but I don't have any experience in the overhead rod and reel department do any guys have any advice on what type of setup I'll be needing ?! cheers lads
  8. Mutch22

    Fishing bags

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking, that's what I'm getting into rick proper lbg I'm going to get my blow up kiddy pools today we are going to the tubes this weekend, I'd rather have abit more room in the bag then everything chock a block wedged in!
  9. Mutch22

    Fishing bags

    Cheers guys appreciate the feedback I have the fishing tackle side of things pat down I feel it's just the bag I have now once I put a couple of reels in there I can barely fit my water plus a little bit of food the bag is that choc a block it's sits uncomfortable on my back and trying to get gear out is a nightmare shit falls everywhere hahaha, im looking at something like this what do use reckon? https://www.JILLLNNL;
  10. Mutch22

    Fishing bags

    Yeah cheers rick I'm looking at couple of 50ltr bags ATM definately need one!
  11. Mutch22

    Fishing bags

    Cheers guys ppreciate the feed back! Mate that's a great idea of custom making that bag looks great I might have to look into this. Cheers
  12. Mutch22

    Fishing bags

    Hey guys so I have been through a heap of fishing tackle backpacks it's great they have tackle box storage which is great but storage wise for reels etc etc I keep running out of room and it's doing my head in! I am a landbased fisherman that which most spots need to trek abit to get to the water, I'm thinking of getting a hiking backpack where I can fit a couple of tackle boxes in and fair bit of storage for the rest, has any one have Any in mind what they are happy with and works well for them? Cheers mitch
  13. Mutch22

    Young and new to fishing.

    Hey bud if your interested in targeting kings Nielsen park in Vaucluse off the rocks can produce kings and you can usually catch yellow tale(bait fish) at your feet if your interested in learning how to live bait
  14. Mutch22

    Hooks for poddy mullet

    From shore mate, yeah I was thinking circles but we only had small mullet was thinking it may be to big for them but too small for a Jews mouth!
  15. Mutch22

    Hooks for poddy mullet

    Hey guys we were using poddys today trying for Jewies I just had a long shank through its bottom lip I had one hit but dropped it, looked like a Jew mouthed it by the look of the mullet, I normally use circles on yakkas and squid but they are only small poddys we had today a circles I would like to hear your thoughts would be much appreciated! cheers mitch