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  1. Peeps, Been heading off Terrigal in search of a few flatties. Fished in the 40m mark east of Terrigal however couldn’t find a patch. Fishing a running rig with half pilles. Looking for a hand finding some consistent flatly grounds off Terrigal any tips re depths, rigs and bait would be helpful.
  2. Hey crusher current was steady running up hill wasn’t too bad at all, wasn’t raging but enough to cover some good ground!
  3. Whole body was hurting today, but that was ok because still on a high from a cracking fishing trip. Can wait to get back out there and get stuck into another King.
  4. Fun2fish it’s about 26 nautical miles (50km ish) from the mouth of the Hawkesbury best to launch from Terrigal if you can.
  5. Sitting at my desk all week watching Willy weather, psyched myself up for a trip out wide for the weekend. Had to fish solo today, the old man wasn’t keen. launched at terrigal and filled up on livies. Sea was 21.3 degrees, water was clean and seas were gentle made a quick Punch out to Texas (The cones if your speaking with a local). Not long before it was a car park. Fish were spread out no big schools or markA few people had some luck but they weren’t thick by any measure. Did some exploring to the south and found a nice rock in the middle of nowhere with a good show. The
  6. Hey guys, got a Shimano Tekota 700 spoiled with 15kg mono looking to make it my trolling / part time live baiting set up. Looking for a rod recommendation. i considered the terez but the lighted terez over head is 40 - 100 pound, I’m worried it may be to stiff and ruin the lure action. i then considered a Shimano tcurve over head either the 200 or 400 but again worried it’s a Jigging rod and may not be good for trolling. ill be fishing for kings / dollies looking for recommendations for rods for Tekota 700 spoiled with 15kg mono for trolling / live baiting
  7. Good luck squid let us know how you go! Cheers for the intel Tyrone, if I’m heading wide I generally make a day of checking out those couple southern peaks before heading out to Texas, in summer checking out the nearby fad on the way! The hope is the fish will be at one of those three spot!
  8. Hey squid! Works got me tied down for a couple of weeks but certainly keen to team up! Not sure which mark you refer to as ‘the farm’ perhaps I know the same spot as a different name? Perhaps pm the spot? Always keen to team up, not to long before the kings come back in hopefully we can get on them this summer!!!
  9. Hey squid! Since that post I’ve had some cracker days and days with a big duck egg. In no way have I figured things out yet but good days seems to start with sounding out the spot and finding a show on the sounder. It key to be fishing off the reefs and drop offs in the area whilst also finding some bait or schools of fish in the immediacy area. understanding the seasons and what fish are around is a big one too for example in summer the Pelagics smash up the area and if you don’t find them move around till you do find them. Also live bait is the key. Whilst in winter the structure
  10. Was in two minds of going wide chasing kings or staying in close and going for reds. Local intel was that the current was running strong out wide and the fish were hard to find and in small numbers. I also knew I had till late morning as the wind was picking up to 20 knots. The chase of a big king was too great so tried to raise yakkas and but couldn’t find them in my usual spots. I took it as a omen and fished in close. I stayed in close and targeted Reds. However with no live or fresh bait I was fishing with pillies. On the travel, passed a couple pods of dolphins and dodged a wha
  11. Great report, good that you went home with a feed. I also have not had great success at West reef! The best I have done there is after doing some heavy sounder work prior to anchoring up finding structure and what appeared to be a school of fish, even after that it was nothing special. I wonder if anyone has had a good session at west reef or have some tips for it?
  12. Nice one mate! Do you chuck the mullet in whole or cut/cube them up when using them for crab baits? I’ve been cutting them to try get more sent through the water but not sure if it’s needed!?
  13. Cheers guys will be crabbing in Tuggerah lakes, I believe they are legal in there except a exclusion around the entrance. Cheers for the clarification! @kingie chaseryes mate similar names! I sometimes get tagged in posts meant for you!!
  14. Gday guys. just checking a crabbing law in NSW. Crab dillies as seen in the image below. Are these classed as ‘Witches hats’ or ‘crab traps’, ie can I fish with two or four at a time per person.? and in addition if they are classed as witches hats as I suspect. Can I fish with 4 of them in addition to two crab traps in the water as well, per person in the boat? Then if there are two people in the boat can we fish with 8 dillies and 4 traps? Cheers
  15. Yea I did mate there is pushing it and then there is stupid! Kicked off the day at terrigal ramp with a slight breeze, boat went in good I got this solo launch down pat! Before I knew it had 20 or so yellow tail in the tank. Started to head out to Texas and it was smooth sailing till about 10 nm out. The westerly wind was hitting the southerly swell and it was just a washing machine. Wind picked up to at least 15 - 18 knots and before I knew it I was down to a crawl. I knew I should of turned around at the half way point but the promise of a king was to tempting, also chuck i
  16. It did put on a nice feed with ginger and shallots + a bit of soy??. Will do Antony cheers! That’s no good Tyrone, I hear that kings r thicker down south at the moment widenof Sydney/ Pittwater. Thinking of giving Texas another run in the morning, spending some time out there doing some serious sounder work and hunting for new spots. Another raider had success around the 120m mark yesterday. Cheers
  17. Nice king mate! Conditions look mint!??
  18. Had the week off work and was keen to spend most of it on the water. Monday was solo launching from terrigal. It was a little ugly but got it done! Filled up the tank full of livies and headed straight out for Texas. once out there temp was 18.3 degrees clean water. The sounder wasn’t showing anything. Found some life right on the bottom but think it was perch or nanagyi. Had lives out (high and low) and was also jigging. Few hours later, nothing. Hadn’t marked any bait or kings since getting out there so went in close. Managed 3 snapper in 30m of water, largest 50cm. A sealed
  19. Yea nice Derek, fish the gps mark and hope for the best in that sort of depth! I find it interest just structure in the middle of no where in that depth I bet many jigs and tackle has been claimed by it!
  20. Good report mate. Stella catch! Were you guys marking the kings or any bait on the sounder? Where were they sitting? Cheers
  21. Long awaited day out this the old man, we started the day off at terrigal boat ramp water sitting at 23.4degrees. Hit the marker and picked up a tank of livies. Was using a chicken pellet/fish oil burley which made the task really quick. The plan was to hit the FAD but after seeing a tone of boats heading that way we decided to fish a closer reef. After steaming out we fished the top of the reef up current and sounded out where the bait was. Water was a little dirty, current was light and water 23.3 degrees. As soon as we got there a pesky seal started to terrorise us for the
  22. Red algae slick, that’s what I must of been fishing through. Anyone know how it effects the fishing?
  23. Hit the water by 530 at terrigal haven, the water was 24.2 degrees and extremely dirty, there was a brown algae or what ever it was on the surface and water was very frothy. Anchored up near the red marker and and had a tank full of livies in no time. Speared out to terrigal fad and the trip was very comfy seas less than a metre. First boat on scene 24.4 degrees clear water at least 20m vis and small current. Dropped a livey down, Bang bang, two dollies in the boat on the first drift pass. Though you beauty we are on here. Next pass got harrassed by hodlums / rats. Kings were around
  24. Thanks guys after looking at whaler sharks, from what I recall it’s pretty much bang on that, I would say more a dusky whaler from the absence of the bronze sides after inspecting it for a while! cheers, chaser
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