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  1. Thanks fellas. The fish didnt look right so all let go. I'd never take a fish which I cant ID
  2. Hi guys Was out in the bay yesterday and we kept catching these fish. Looked like some kind of puffer fish so we threw them back. They were all fat and around 30cm. Anyone can tell me what fish is it? TT
  3. Thanks for the recommend guys. 1st Mate was awesome. Not only did they do a great job servicing they also gave me great advice which is like gold for a complete newb like me. Top blokes. Will definitely recommend and will request their services again! Oh, there's also a discount for fellow raiders too so extra bonus
  4. Hi all I've got a 5.5 fibreglass half-cabin boat with a 115hp outboard motor. Looking for recommendations on any good, reliable, non expensive boat service shops near Bankstown (or anywhere off the M5). If they do pick ups and drop offs even better! Would like a full service of the boat (eg motor, battery, fuel and radio checks. Maybe some boat touch up too). Boat hasn't had a service since I bought it Also, what's reasonable cost range for a service? Any suggestions or feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance Fishing TT
  5. Hi bud Do you drop your traps around the sticks? I've got 4 new crab traps that I'm eager to try out.
  6. Fishing TT


    Thanks Smasher. Might give the closer Fad a crack when the weather eases up. Got to buy a ePerb before going out too. Does mobiles work that far out?
  7. Fishing TT


    Hi guys I've got a 5.5m fiberglass with a 115hp outboard motor. How long do you think it'll take me to go out to Botany's FADs? (not the wide one further out) I've only fished inside Botany bay so i'm eager to try going out. Any tips on best weather, tides swells would be great too. I'm a bit of a newb with boating :\
  8. Great stuff. Thanks fellas. Will share pics of my success (fingers cross)
  9. Hi fellow raiders Went to a shop the other day to buy 4 new crab traps to try out in Botany Bay. I've never caught a crab on a line or used a crab trap so I'm a complete newbie at this. Planning to take out 2 traps using old fish in an old onion bag as bait. (Only taking 2 as I've read people steal them if you don't keep an eye on them ) Would love to get some expert tips around best bait, best time to go crabbing and how long I should soak the trap! Any tips would be awesome! I know asking for location is a hard ask but if anyone can share a good place in Botany to try out the traps that would be awesome. PM me if you want to keep it quiet - i promise not to share. The only crabbing knowledge I have is from watching 'The deadliest catch' so i would think crabbing in Botany would be much easier! haha Thank you guys in advance!