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  1. HaydenO

    Zapped by a Flathead

    My guess would be what Blackfish said, maybe just pinched a nerve in the hand which shocked your arm somehow
  2. Going for a trip out on the boat tomorrow, and was wondering if any local fishos out there know decent spots in the Woronora and Como area for flathead/bream? Cheers
  3. HaydenO

    Lure to line: Direct or Snaps/Swivels?

    Let me know how you go, that's what I was planning to do
  4. HaydenO

    Lure to line: Direct or Snaps/Swivels?

    Those little twisty snap things? Just curious, what makes them better than a snap or a swivel?
  5. I'm starting to get sick of cutting my leader just so I can change my lure. I hate changing the leader after it gets too short so I'm considering starting to use a snap swivel but I'm not sure, what are your thoughts and opinions from experience?
  6. HaydenO

    Flatheads: What am I doing wrong?

    Smaller lure it is!
  7. HaydenO

    Flatheads: What am I doing wrong?

    This definitely makes sense thinking back. Might see if I can get a boat out there next time, thanks all for the tips!
  8. HaydenO

    Flatheads: What am I doing wrong?

    Using a ¼ ounce 1/0 jighead, too big maybe?
  9. So this morning I woke up, had breakfast and went straight down onto my jetty hopes high for some good flathead. I rigged up the 65mm prawn soft plastic with the 80mm wrigglers on backup. Took 3 casts before I felt some bites. I set the hook and luckily the fish stayed on. I reeled it in and to my disappointment it was only 28cm. I unhooked and realeased it, expecting to see some more catches after that. For about 7 hours total I sat out there only to be teased by the many bites I was getting, just no hook-ups. I was so frustrated, and I still am. My question is, where did I go wrong? I'm setting the hook not too hard, not too soft, and yet whenever I get a bite I just can't seem to grab a hold of the fish. Thanks for the help
  10. Hey all, was wondering if anyone knows a way to rig a weedless darter jighead with soft plastics? Cheers
  11. HaydenO

    Landbased fishing with a 5ft 8 rod

    Ok thanks, I'll try my best and hopefully it will force me to use perfect technique for when I get a proper rod
  12. Hey all, I'm sorta new to fishing and I'm planning to buy a new rod soon, a 7ft daiwa aird x for those wondering. In the meantime, I'm going to have to use an extremely small rod, an iFish tacklerat combo. I'm planning to mainly go for flathead and bream, would it be hopeless on a rod this short? I've got a good line and leader setup otherwise, its just the rod and reel that are lacking.