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  1. I've got a large space under the rear deck on the port side of my boat and want to fill it up with a drawer/cupboard type arrangement so that I can have all my lures/skirts etc easily accessible yet out of the way. I spotted some by a mob in the states called Marine Blue or Plaztec I think but way too pricey and shipping is ridiculous. Can anyone point me in the direction of a supplier in Australia? was hoping to find a system that takes the Plano large type plastic boxes, otherwise I might have to try and make something myself but would prefer a commercially made thing made of PVC or similar. Doesn't have to be as fancy as the one pictured but similar layout would be good.
  2. Hit the island yesterday on a charter boat and joined the other 50+ boats at the north end of the island. Livies were very shy and we tried for around an hour to only come up with maybe 10 yakkas and a couple of slimies. So the boat in total took about 20 kings not one legal fish among them. I got close with a 60 something. Good fun but a bit disappointing as I am yet to break my duck on a legal king (next week hopefully) As I was on a charter they were only set up for bottom bashing (paternoster) and so caught the inevitable 20 rock cod, small flatties, a gurnard etc. The pros were dragging them in just opposite us on jigs as were most of the other boats and I saw a couple of very nice fish come up while we were amongs the flotilla. Have never seen so many boats in one spot!!! So once again it was the case of "you should have been here yesterday" but a nice day on the water just the same.
  3. That's good news I guess!! I've got overheads and stand up sticks (15kg) which will hopefully stop some of the smaller models. I'm hoping to go next weekend depending on the weather and hope they are still around, thanks for the info.
  4. My regular fishing mate has gone under the knife and will be out of action for some time. Therefore I am keen to find someone who is interested in hitting Montague Island and surrounds over the next couple of months. Mainly chasing kings (with little success it has to be said) and perhaps some beaky types once they appear. I have a relatively new 5.3 Brooker runabout with a Merc 80hp four stroke and all the gear. I can handle the boat single handed most of the time but prefer company as it just makes it more enjoyable. Accommodation is organised at no cost just split the fuel/ bait costs. Person experienced in actually catching kingfish would be excellent. I am resident in Canberra, accommodation is just south of Moruya leaving an early morning half hour run to the ramp at Narooma. Now the Kings highway has reopened I'm keen to get down there as apparently the kings are around!!!
  5. We were using squid on a double hook paternoster rig.
  6. Headed out with John from Narooma in his 8+ metre plate boat for a morning on the water. Took a while but we got onto some bait and filled the bait tank within an hour or so. Headed out south of the island and didn't find much, a bunch of small rock cod (gave up counting) and wrasse. Moved to another spot and got onto a few pinkies. Water temp was 17 degrees with a moderate swell.
  7. Saturday was a bit of a disaster weather wise so my fishing buddy (Peter) decided to hit it early Sunday. Woke up to about a 10 knot breeze but got out and within a minute of dropping we were both on to a couple of nice flatties. This continued while we worked the same patch over and over until we had our bag. Quite a few undersize flatties, two banjo sharks and the obligatory (for me) Sgt Baker and we headed back to pack up and get home before dark! Didn't see or hear of anyone catching anything else really and we were surprised at the constant stream of good flatties (avg size around 43cm) and virtually no rubbish fish. Can't wait to get back to JB for another session.
  8. Packing up the boat and heading to the Gold Coast / Moreton Bay this weekend for a week of r & r and some tight lines hopefully. Never fished the Goldie before so anyone with local knowledge want to share some secrets I'm all ears!! Palm Beach reefs seem to be a good place to start from the basic research I've done but any advice very welcome.
  9. Statistically the most dangerous sport in Australia is Squash believe it or not! Now it may have changed since I saw this stat but apparently 80 people die every year playing squash, might be time to ban that also, very dangerous.
  10. It's been a while coming but we are heading out wide of Jervis Bay this Sunday from sparrow fart. The plan is to drag some skirts around out at the shelf hoping to have a Yellowfin commit suicide (or anything else for that matter) and Plan B downrigging the cliffs around Point Perpendicular for some kings. Was going to hit the FAD but apparently it has moved/disappeared? Any suggestions welcome.
  11. I use a Downrigger shop unit and they deliver another 4lb bomb to my door for $33, hardly worth the bother to make one for that. I also am wary of playing with lead if it can be avoided.
  12. I have a downrigger but couldn't find the bomb, had to order another one!!
  13. Headed off to Lake Eucumbene for the day yesterday and had a great day on the water with my new fishing bud from Fishraider, Peter. Trolled around for quite a while and picked up a couple of rainbows on Pink Tassies. Picked them up early in the day and then basically nothing although we saw plenty on the sounder but suspect they were a bit deep (around 8 meters). Nice weather and other boats had more success running Tassies a looooooong way behind the boat. All round good day, heading to Jervis Bay probably for the next trip weather permitting.
  14. Im planning on some trips up the mountains from Canberra with my 5.3 Brooker. Fully equipped with downrigger all gear etc. I can load and unload by myself (my 16 year old has better things to do these days apparently) but is easier with two. Trolling is mostly what I will be doing. Comfortable tow car etc will be doing day trips (very early start) from Canberra. Also keen to have a stab at some kings at Jervis Bay. Please get in touch if interested in tagging along.
  15. It certainly has the long face but not sure about the spots?