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  1. Fatbastard

    Tragedy on the bar

    A couple of weeks ago my son and I went out of Moruya on a run out tide, with little to no swell to speak of. I was following a catamaran running on it's engine and we were were going quite slowly and everything seemed fine. I committed to going out and then all of a sudden a six footer appeared in front of us out of literally nowhere, followed by another couple. My boat is 5.30m and it wasn't a huge scare but was surprised at how quickly they appeared. Channel is narrow and only around 2 meters deep at low tide. We were both wearing PFD's. My condolences to the affected family.
  2. Fatbastard

    An end to carp?

    Where did you get the idea that I'm against the removal of carp? Make them into fertilizer, do whatever is necessary to get rid of them, but do it right, that's all. BTW I grew up in the Snowy Mountains and have fished inland waterways for the last 45 years.
  3. Fatbastard

    An end to carp?

    Well I am only repeating the concerns outlined by the CSIRO themselves, inoxia can occur in sections of a waterway, it doesn't have to be the whole waterway for their to be a major problem. As for a thousand kilos in three pools comment, no it will probably be worse than that. They can now predict to within a statistical error of 1% what the total biomass of a species is by testing the specific DNA of any species in a waterway and the results were a little scary in regards to carp.
  4. Fatbastard

    An end to carp?

    There is a major stumbling block to be overcome and that is that it may well be too effective. The kill rate will be over 90% which will cause a major problem for the water they are in. Huge numbers of dead carp will, unless removed quickly, turn the river/waterway anoxic (depleted or non existent oxygen levels) which would cause a total collapse of the ecosystem in that waterway.
  5. Fatbastard

    Batemans Bay

    I'd be interested to know how Snapper Island goes for reds and kings though
  6. Fatbastard

    Moruya fishing trip this weekend

    Will probably head north or out wide, I have seen the bommies on the sounder around Pedro Point and Congo but thought they were still around 10 metres below the surface, I might need to check them again.
  7. Fatbastard

    Batemans Bay

    The tollgate islands are closed to fishing because of the Marine Park as Iunderstand it.
  8. Im pretty new to fishing out of Moruya and am taking my son out this weekend. If there are any locals interested in coming out in my new Brooker 510xtd that can show me some spots etc you are more than welcome to come along. No need to bring, anything boat is fully equipped, maybe chip in for fuel/bait if you are so inclined.
  9. Fatbastard

    510 Brooker with 60hp?

  10. Fatbastard

    Members Boats.

    Christmas present to myself, my first new boat Brooker 510 with Mercury 80 four stroke, goes well!!
  11. Fatbastard

    510 Brooker with 60hp?

    I've decided to go ahead regardless of the issue with Brooker being no more. I can't complain about the price and have gone with an 80 Mercury 4 stroke which should be fine, thanks for the input guys. Going to Lake Mac/Port Stephens over Christmas hoping to put a bend in a rod or two!!
  12. Fatbastard

    510 Brooker with 60hp?

    thanks for the replies. The sales guy is telling me that the 60 Command Thrust engine would do the job fine and that is the engine he is trying to sell me but I'm thinking that maybe he just has one sitting on a stand out the back he wants to shift. The hull is a 2016 and has been sitting on the yard for quite a while. My other concern is now that Brooker have gone belly up will that have any ramifications down the track when it comes to sell/update?
  13. Fatbastard

    510 Brooker with 60hp?

    Looking at upgrading my current Stacer 429 to a new Brooker 510. The dealer is quoting me a price with a 60hp Mercury 4 stroke Command Thrust engine. To me seems a little light on for the size of the boat? Any thoughts appreciated.