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  1. Demetrios

    Trolling motor question

    Hey folks, I appreciate your comments. Being honest, I considered the 2 brands that I've mentioned, and yes, it's so hard to make a decision just based on the online reviews, as there are fans of both, and there are both positive and negative comments on both. The prices, warranty and stuff are approximately the same, for the same class, so this is not the choise of better value, etc. As long as I have got Lowrance, I believe I will pick a Motorguide trolling motor then.... Now, after I've read Mick's feedback on his Motorguide, I believe I will be satisfied with it...
  2. Demetrios

    Trolling motor question

    Hi folks, I was selecting a trolling motor for my boat, and I was wondering, which motors you find more reliable from your experience, Minnkota or Motorguide? I know that both are pretty much okay and people use both, and post reviews on both, but I need to select only 1, that's why asked. Thanks.
  3. Demetrios

    Electric motor

    As an option, you may want to add a motor bracket, if mounting that comes along with the electic motor is not enough.