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  1. yeah scooping up the dead carp is not a major issue here lol they will likely do systematic releases of the virus in selected systems followed by clean up efforts, they wont all die at once and turtles, foxes, yabbies and shitloads of birds also will take their share where we cannot clean. There would be some dead fish around but probably only an issue in still water, and yeah maybe one step back to many steps forward as Cod are easily bred and once the carp are gone restocking will happen really quick.
  2. Try longer casts, they are a finicky fish usually see you before you see them (just coz they don't swim away doesn't mean they are unaware of you) if you draw them out into the open and you can see them, they are sometimes too wary. I Had similar happen with some donkeys recently going for a 100mm bent minnow thrown for trevs, they followed and kissed it a few casts, can be frustrating haha
  3. Gday Hamish, ratio wont matter mate the poppers and plastics you'll be "working" them (stop, start, hop etc.) and as for divers well you wont want high speed your just doing a few jerks and winds and slow rolling whilst keeping it in the zone as long as possible. What you want to focus on is that the drag is smooth when set heavy. You may need to "lock it up" (for oyster covered pilons etc. that hold big ones) and you dont want it pulsing or sticky.
  4. @Jewhunter thanks very much mate your a legend!
  5. Hi raiders! Was hoping someone could help me to find some mid to large Giant Trevally around SE QLD. any help much appreciated! thanks
  6. Do Daiwa still make the Saltiga GT86? or is the new equivelant now the Saltiga Airportable C85XXHS ? thanks raiders
  7. have a look at the Daiwa shore game series mate.
  8. @PRED-ATOR yeah mate north helensvale, across the road from lake serenity. Meet up for a spin sometime if your keen mate. 0458 276 836 instagram - brettofishes
  9. @Marto im gonna try my darndest to catch my first tuna this summer mate, however upon testing my new setup ive had three 100% definate king strikes one was 1m+ so im trying hard at those at the moment but there hard up here especially where i fish
  10. yeah its one of those places theres definately fish there but hard to target lol
  11. and save up for your braid. fully research the highest breaking strain PE 3-4 you can get and the spool will hold 4-500m so you will need 500m or 1km, get it spooled by someone highly experienced or do it yourself under heavy drag (then before casting, do something like put a surface lure on and drift it out 100m and wind it back on so your casting distance braid isn't bedded in when you do your first cast causing loops to pull out and knotting etc on your first session.)
  12. I'm running that exact setup for Land based game, The one thing to note on the Demonblood 962mh is that the recommended cast weight is way off (50-120g) , it will cast from 30g - 90g nicely with the sweet spot being around 70g and casts 60-80g lure 60-70m. Awesome rod for the price though, the newer Version 2 is blue you should be able get the V1 which is red for really cheap.
  13. Itchy twitchy wont like the 8g lures. i dont throw over 6g with it but it will throw a 3-4g hardbody a mile you will be so surprised. Your catch rate will go up if you fish lighter, smaller and you will hook decent fish on tiny lures as well as the smaller stuff and if your into catch and release as i am, small fish on light gear=good times (not waiting for a bite finally - you will go out and bend your rod). The GB rods all fight fish really well, bagged near 40cm bream with the Itchy Twitchy 2 fine