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  1. Thanks for posting macca everyones entilted to a view and if thats how you feel then so bit it. A few descrepencies with your post. Firstly these crap pots are used nearly everywhere in Australia including nsw except brisbane waters been in place since world war 1 reasons unsure and lake macquarie reasons explained previously. With no reported problems no decline in crab stocks and sustainability havent altered in over 30 years studies have shown that where witches hats have been banned crab stocks have increased because mortality rates in these witches hats are high compared to release rates in round style crab traps is almost 100 percent. Of course they will have to be monitored even a 12 month trial first port stephens done it 2 years ago and best thing that has ever happened. We shouldnt have to solely rely on a handline to catch crabs when their is a safe effective eco friendly way to catch them in these pots
  2. Disagree totally why are they banned brisbane waters. Theirs no harm in using these pots their safe effective eco friendly now look at the witches hats most destructive trap on the market banned in several states yet their allowed to be used in lake macquarie port stephens had the change up their and was talking to the main guy behind it all and said its working a treat with no issues what so ever.
  3. Yeah thanks rick appreciate your feedback it just seems outragous their banned. Witches hats do more damage than any other trap yet they are allowed gets me scratching my head how they think.
  4. Also a break through on over turning the ban on round style crab pots in lake macquarie. I was informed today by fisheries manager that the dpi stakeholder consultation have approved the review for discussion was also approved by the dpi director now goes to the recreational fishing nsw advisory council for discussion at the next meeting in december. Keep you updated In closing I will say at least someone like myself has a go and stand up for whats right others shrug their shoulders sit back no nothing. Alot of support is out their for these traps among lake macquarie residents but very few actually speak up we all need a voice if you want to help speak up the more people thats heard the more pressure is on dpi to act next step is the media make even more people aware. Thanks for taking the time to read
  5. Some updated news from fisheries on why crab pots are banned in lake macquarie which to me is totally outrageous for a start its been banned for over 40 years safe navigational issues fish passage issues and past commercial fishing activities. Now I phoned fisheries many years ago and asked the question and they said its because of the turtles in the lake. The issues addressed above what about the witches hats set in navigable areas absolutely bombarded at times what about the fish both undersize and legal they catch what about ghost fishing when they just keep catching but their legal to use. Im not on here trying to ban witches hats just making a comparison. Thats up to fisheries how they see fit but nsw is about the only state left to use them. Cheers have a say please
  6. Well said everything you covered is spot on mate unfortunately the other gentleman what his saying is simply untrue sorry but it is i dont mean to discredit you or anything but if people want a say get it right your only harming the opportunity to use proper crab traps their the safest eco friendly crab pot used today australia wide if their supposedly so bad to banned in lake macquarie why are they used nearly everywhere except us its beyond a joke and for the dpi to say i dont honestly know why their banned being directed to 6 different departments and no one seems to know lol
  7. Who told you that its simply not true why is it then round style crab traps are used in nearly every waterway except lake macquarie. The only problem is people setting illegal crab traps often home made but their soon caught dpi keeps a close eye on it the risks of being caught are simply not worth it dpi take your boat car trailer issue huge fines and court. Theirs never been a problem with crab stocks hence why the dpi monitor the stocks. If people only realise the benefits of these pots take a look at port stephens they implemented change for crab pots and the sustainability has never been higher in crab stocks
  8. Hi All Just new to the forum and would like opinions from lake macquarie crab fisherman. Im a advocate for being able to use round style crab pots in lake macquarie which have been banned for no apparent reason even the DPI cannot give straight answers. Im not talking about large mouth crab traps which are banned in most states. Im talking about round style crab traps which are safe effective to the environment with turtle prevention. Yet these traps are banned where witches hats the most destructive trap of all are allowed to be used only making a comparison between the two. I had a meeting with econetworks port stephens crab network and their system is working like a charm 2 round crap traps 4 drop nets not a worry in the world. Across nsw and australia they use round style crab traps why cant we in lake macquarie im not saying change the laws im saying we should be able to use 2 round style crab traps 4 witches hats remain the same. The DPI seem to be wanting their picture in the paper for getting illegal crab traps however they never explain why their banned the round style crab pot is the most safest eco friendly trap on the market today. Even meetings with Lyall Blair minister of fisheries has no idea why, The Local DPI cant tell me why its a joke to say the least. Please have your say it would be great if people express their view the funny part is we can go down tuggerah use them their but lake macquarie no banned why?