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  1. I've experienced a cvt failure so I can share what I've learned. The car is a second hand Nissan Murano which had 80K on the clock. I didn't use the car for towing, but it had an tow bar fitted and with the rust marks on it, so I assume the previous owner towed with it. I first noticed the problem during steep hill climbs. It would rev very high for the speed I was going, and acceleration uphill from stop is abnormally slow. When I got out the car to examine things I noticed a strong burning oil smell from the transmission and I think I saw smoke coming from it or heat waves. After talking with a local mechanic he recons the transmission in the Murano are rubbish and this one is about to fail. And he reckons cvt should only be used on light vehicles and not for heavy load like towing due to the way it works.
  2. Yeah, when I get the clutch replaced I'll keep it at the back of boat where spray is minimal.
  3. Agreed, I've serviced the saragosa, it's got complete gasket seal which the stradic is lacking. Also around the pinion shaft where water got into the stradic, the saragosa is much better sealed.
  4. I rinse my reel after every use, inox bail arm rollers, handle joints every month or so. The other Shimano reel which I've had for much longer the Saragosa has been flawless. So I don't think it's maintenance related. I did contact Shimano for warranty, they said because I opened the reel up the warranty is void, I can't argue with that. Ended up ordering a new clutch to sent to me, hopefully this one can keep the water out.
  5. Had this reel (Stradic ci4+) for no more than 6 month for use on a boat. It started making a grinding noise that got progressively worse over the last 2 weeks. I pulled the reel apart today to find the clutch mechanism has rusted out. Compared to my Saragosa, there seems to be a lack of seal to keep water out. Which made me think is it just my bad luck or the Stradic is not intended as a salt water reel?
  6. When it comes to rig my vote is for paternoster fishing outside and running sinker in the harbour. One more I would add is the season, fish the spicies that's biting. At the moment loads of kings are around the entrance of harbour, mostly rats (for fun), and a few keepers in between.
  7. Hi Jim, got the trags on the bottom while going for snapper. All 4 fish from 1 drift. Mowie at edge of reef, then two trags from top of reef right next to the fad, then snapper as I drifted to the bottom of reef around 55m depth. Simon
  8. I did the same but a day earlier. Slept on the boat Wednesday night and fished the fad on Thursday morning. Different result though. Couldn't find any dollies, but got onto two trag jew instead. Simon
  9. MerryFisher

    boat sank

    Witnessed a boat sinking in Watsons bay last Sunday. The top of boat is sticking out of the water, and tied to a mooring. So take care if you are in the area
  10. Finally got a chance to test my boat out with 4 people on board. The new prop with slightly larger diameter and lower pitch performed better in the lower rev range up about 15 knots where the boat planes cleanly. This would be the prop I'll be using for high load and when it's choppy outside and you need that mid range performance. The 131/2 15P prop does however give slightly better cursing economy under flat condition. I'm getting 2.1 km/L with the new prop and 2.2-2.3km/L with the 15P for cruising at 18-20 knots. So is the factory setup is ok for cruising the harbour, it's just that I needed more midrange performance when things get rough outside.
  11. I've got a new prop. Yamaha OEM alloy 13 5/8 14P. Still waiting for a nice day to load the boat up for a test.
  12. I think there are still Solas distributors in Sydney, one in Mona Vale not far from me. As to motor height I can rule that out as there's no cavitation even on hard turns with the motor trimmed correctly.
  13. Will do, got a few days off next week, see if I can sort something out.
  14. BRAND: Yamaha HP (model): F115LB YEAR: 2017 BOAT DATA (length, weight): 5.8, 1080kg YOUR SERVICE INTERVAL: Yearly FUEL: 91 HOW LONG HAVE YOU USED THE OUTBOARD (hours on motor): 160 TYPICAL BOATING USE (boating, skiing, fishing etc): fishing offshore mostly OTHER COMMENTS: No issues so far, except factory prop not the best my boat. Fuel consumption: 4500 rpm/ 20 knots/ 18L/h