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  1. There's also 9 mile on the way to 12, not as consistent though.
  2. last year was very good in the harbour, even meter kings outside bantry bay in winter month. I was refer to more the usual trend of king migration.
  3. In that case the peak would be your best option(closest). When kings migrate from shallows to off shore reef around this time of the year, the first few weeks are the best, they will aggressively take jigs on fast jigs. later in the season you will have to try different techniques to induce a bite such as slow jigging. I think it won't be long until they show up there in numbers. In the mean time you can get flute mouth on slow jig at the peak.
  4. Think it was around 23, I only jig for kings. But the boat next to me did well on live bait while the kings are mid water depth in the morning. Then when the kings went to the bottom latter on in the day only jigs worked.
  5. We released all fish over meter IMG_6745.MOV
  6. fairway out, 20 miles NE direction
  7. Big kings are starting to show up around off shore reefs. Best of all jigs are working very well at the moment.
  8. I've experienced a cvt failure so I can share what I've learned. The car is a second hand Nissan Murano which had 80K on the clock. I didn't use the car for towing, but it had an tow bar fitted and with the rust marks on it, so I assume the previous owner towed with it. I first noticed the problem during steep hill climbs. It would rev very high for the speed I was going, and acceleration uphill from stop is abnormally slow. When I got out the car to examine things I noticed a strong burning oil smell from the transmission and I think I saw smoke coming from it or heat waves. After talking with a local mechanic he recons the transmission in the Murano are rubbish and this one is about to fail. And he reckons cvt should only be used on light vehicles and not for heavy load like towing due to the way it works.
  9. Yeah, when I get the clutch replaced I'll keep it at the back of boat where spray is minimal.