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  1. Lately been going fishing last week and week before that. Maybe 2 times in one week. Been going to usual spots around Sydney where used to get a lot of fish and also down South near Wollongong. With the usual spots where we usually catch has been a miss on numerous trips also the far trips down south has been a miss too. We usually fish from arvo till early mornings so we are usually there for the tide change also I occasionally check water pressure and try to go out normally 1008-1010hpa on bad days and on good days 1010-1014hpa lately since weather has been over the place lately. We also try all sort of frozen and fresh baits ranging from: Prawns, Squid, Yakkas, Chicken and Pilchards on a basic running sinker rig or a float rig. I do not know what we are doing wrong or something we don’t know? What could it be? Can anyone with experience help us find out? Also if anyone can post some weather tips it would be nice as I don’t know what weather condition etc to look out for when trying to maximize rate of catching fish.
  2. Armpits

    Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    Thanks for the info, my line I have 10 pound mono spooled on my new reel and 12 pound flurocarbon leader. I see a lot of people using braid, do you know what the difference? Pros and cons to using it and any info on them.
  3. Armpits

    Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    Back again, I bought the Daiwa Revros 3000 spinning reel and a Shimano 6.6 foot, 4-8kg rod to go with it. Mainly got this setup for Estuary and Pelagics fishing. Would a 4-8kg rod be able to handle rat to legal size Pelagics fish? I wanted something comfortable and light weight. The lightest gear possible. Also might just keep this short 6.6 foot rod for all land based and if possible for rock fishing. If it is too short for the rocks then I would need to buy another rod to suit the rocks. Does anyone know what is a good size for rock fishing? Also are there any light ones around or it will be heavier?
  4. Armpits

    Spinning Reel and Rod - Buying

    I was looking into more of Daiwa brands. Still don’t quite understand the rod weight rating. And lure weight where does it specify it and is this for the maximum sinker weight you can put on the rod? Where can I find this info? Complete newbie. What would be better buying as a combo deal or buying seperate? To barrow it down for you guys to help me: I will be picking a Daiwa reel but have no clue which size. I will be fishing most land based and occassional rock fishing when good weather, mostly Estuary and chasing Pelagics but not monster size. Mostly legal to medium size I want to catch. What size reel would fit the type of fishing I am doing? 3000? 4000? Or lower? For the rod, I am after a 7 foot spinning rod. What would be a good weight rating for the type of fishing I’m doing? Is the higher weight rating the heavier the rod will be? The heavier the rating the larger fish the rod can handle without breaking? Also I prefer light feel to the gear as it is more comfortable than heavier gear.
  5. Hey all, I’m thinking of buying a new reel and rod roughly want to spend $120-150-200 max. Got a few questions. -Will a 3000 reel size fit the fishing I do? Estuary, rocks and land based. What sort of fish am I able to catch? Kingfish and Jews? Is there a limit on how heavy? -Looking at the rods what would be a good length for above terrains and style? - Also what does the weight rating mean on the rods? Can someone explain? - Would it be better to buy in a combo or reel and rod seperate? Looking at Boating, Camping, Fishing or is there someone better to buy from?
  6. Armpits

    Why cannot find any bait fish and squid?

    So if you guys cannot see the bait fish how do you make them appear? I am new to this so don’t know much.
  7. Armpits

    Good all in one down South spots?

    Bream, Snapper or Pelagics
  8. I have been reading up alot on where good spots for bait fishing and squid and I see alot of people been saying Balmoral. So decided to go check it out and it was packed at the wharf at night but had a look around there was no sight of any bait fish as people have claimed. Also another place people mentioned was Kirribilli wharf. Went there at night and no bait fish around either. Also threw the squid jig in to see if any squid and not even one. Why are people saying these places are good when I have not seen anything there? People make a big hype so I had to check it out and couldn’t see one in sight? Besides the above, does anyone know a good spot around Sydney for bait fish and squid? That you are bound to atleast see and not end up wasting time for a no show.
  9. Will be heading down South towards Windang and Wollongong way also surrounding suburbs. Need to know where are some good spots that has all of these listed below to offer from just one location: - Land based fishing which include all of these at the location: Calm rocks, sand area or flat land surface. Also the spot must be good and all in one include for fishing, bait fishing and squidding. Please recommend some spots? - Also a different question: If the weather is bad tomorrow. Where would be a good all in one place to fish, bait fishing and squid where has a wharf so that we can go under and fish without getting wet? Thanks!
  10. Cheers. Are mullets swim in schools? Are they usually out during the day? I noticed that Yakkas are never able to be found in the day time for some reason. Also where do mullets like hanging around? Shallow water near a structure or something? Also what fish love to eat mullet beside Flathead?
  11. For those that are in the area Liverpool and close by suburbs. I want to catch some bait for my fishing trip which is on Saturday. I have never tried catching bait at Chipping Norton which is the George’s River. -Can anyone who has had some experience let me know what kind of bait fish can be caught there? -What is the best method, rig setup and bait to use to catch them? -Can they be caught any time of the day and night? -Are they easy to catch and a lot of bait fish there? I have caught bait fish in the past at a different location @ wharfs at night time but that was the only time. So would be appreciated if anyone had experience at the above area to give me some info. Thanks.
  12. Armpits

    Sydney Harbour - Balmain, Barangaroo

    Thanks for the info. So would this be the area they warned about? Towards The Star, Barangaroo and Goat Island? I noticed the sign has been up since like 2005 or something, do you know if the dioxin have increased or decreased since then?
  13. Hey just caught a couple good size Bream and Snapper today at Sydney Harbour. Was at Balmain and near Barangaroo side. Can I eat these fish? I have seen post and signs about toxins but this is many years ago. It says to not eat west of Harbour Bridge, what is considered to be west? Is my spot safe to eat these day? Anyone who has experience fishing here please let me know do you eat your catch and is it safe to eat now etc...?
  14. Anyone know a good land based fishing spot around Sydney that has active amounts of fish? Which also has access to rocks to fish from (nothing too dangerous more calm rock fishing would be more better) and also access to a wharf near by for when it gets dark etc....
  15. Armpits

    Soft Plastics - Newbie

    Well I am just starting out and don’t need to know the advanced stuff yet. I just want to know the basics. I know soft plastics are used with jig heads from researching but I also want to know if one does not have a jig head can you rig it up still? If so, how? Would I have to add a sinker or something? Can I just have a small sinker above the hook just like a jig head. Please recommend me a way that is what my question was, sorry if it did not make sense.