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  1. Thanks alot everyone, I will try to get up there soon and hopefully have some results to show. Cheers
  2. Mine is the opposite of yours: The green section is retaining wall/raised yard, so I only have the red part to get the boat onto the lawn, the driveway is also strongly uphill from the road so I drive up the driveway, unhitch the trailer and roll it back by hand onto the lawn. Then I spin it 180 and reverse it up the driveway (a little uphill here), reserve the car up and hitch it up to go.
  3. Damn thats getting heavy, it might be ok with the electric jockey wheel idea, does it grip on grass? My last boat felt very heavy too, what do you think that would have weighed? It was a 4.4m rear steer tinny but it was a big solid boat with welded in framework for the thick level floor and a 40HP merc, I read somewhere of a hull similar to mine being 380kg, would that be right? @ frankS - thanks mate @ Welster - thats a very god idea actually (towbar at the front) 😁
  4. Am I better off trying to get up there asap, before the October long weekend? Or after? Do they like colder weather more? Cheers
  5. I would like something like this: Im not sure how well it will park on the lawn, I will need a motorizes jockey wheel (at least). I like the semi pod transom and deep sides, what would something like this weigh? Cheers
  6. Actually the grass grows better under the boat ... OK boys, good discussion about the lawn but this is a hull recommendation thread lol ... Any pointers on hulls?
  7. Jockey wheel - absolutely, I replaced the solid jockey wheel with a pump up and it made a huge difference Lawn - maybe, but I think the missus would fillet me ...
  8. Good idea but the main wheels dont roll well on soft grass either, the 4.4m was an effort to push and a bigger boat will just be worse. Not greek but not far from it either .... Edited the previous post for you too (to clarify). πŸ˜„
  9. Thats just an example, I am happy to go a bit bigger but it will just be harder to get on and off the lawn, the harder it is to move the boat the less it will get used. Great ideas, thanks Also a great idea but we will lose half the lawn if we pave an area big enough for a boat.
  10. Thanks guys, yeah I was looking at a motorised trailer mover, but this is a bit over the top (and over $1000) 4.8 seems like a nice size too, just have to find the right boat now πŸ˜„
  11. Thanks guys, I have a small yard with access at 90 degrees to the single driveway, no way I can reverse a trailer onto there (that is my biggest issue).
  12. Guys, as a kid I grew up near the Georges River so my mates had tinnies and I had a tinnie, but that was a long time ago. Recently I bought a tinnie to get my grown family out on the water (4.4m, level floor, 40HP Merc), we had alot of fun but I found some things I didn't like (it was very heavy for a tiller boat, nothing like my previous tinnies, it wasnt very fast and I hated pull start and manual tilt) so we decided to sell and buy a front steer boat. So, I thought I would open this up for advice on what boat to look for. My main criteria are as follows: 1. Large enough to fit 4 adults comfortably - I really want a boat with a good back seat, I don't want back to back seats, I don't want 2 moulded seats, I want a decent actual seat 2. I want it to go decently - no 25hp runabout please, I would prefer a 4 stroke with EFI but I will keep my options open 3. Maneuverability - the boat has to be hand pushed onto the front lawn 4. Usage - mostly river cruising, fishing (river, Botany Bay, maybe some close offshore depending on what we buy) 5. Budget - The lower the better, the cheaper it is the sooner it will happen. Other than being sea worthy I feel that a good motor is the most important thing, so even a repowered older hull would be fine by me I understand that the above might not all work together, the hardest one is getting the boat onto the lawn, I considered getting a motorised trailer mover but they are very dear so stuff that. Anyway, I am open to suggestions so fire away. If you could include a pic of your suggestion that would be awesome. For example, I don't mind one of these: This example has a 40 4 stroke and they are asking $16490, too heavy for a few adults to push? Also, no thread crapping please. Cheers
  13. Hey Saladboi, how did you go with this? πŸ‘
  14. Thanks for the replies guys, its most appreciated. Re fishing season, I found this: Does that mean you would expect trout to be more prolific in the dam during the stream season? I suppose it will be crowded during the October long weekend (only a few weeks away now). πŸ‘πŸ˜„
  15. Hi all, I live in western Sydney and just started reading about trout in the Oberon area so I am keen to have a go at catching my first trout, hopefully at Lake Oberon. So, I have lots of questions: Is there any time when fishing is restricted? What is the best time of year to try for trout? Is there an area I will have a better chance (without giving away secret spots etc)? I have never fly fished and don't have fly gear, I am interested in fly but maybe another time. I read that powerbait works, is this right? Worth a try? What colour? Or better chances on lure? Do baits work better at a particular time of day? What is the best way to rig for trout? Do I need to go ultra light eg 2kg? Any spots better than Lake Oberon to try? Any help with this quest would be greatly appreciated. 😁