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  1. Hi all, my son is living in Melbourne for the next year for work, he has tried a few land based spot with no results. If anyone needs a fishing buddy or can share a spot or two then please post up or pm me. Cheers
  2. Have any of you had a confrontation with an above mentioned "irate, stubborn and sometimes armed" landowner? That might make a good discussion in itself.
  3. ok so this hasnt happened yet but I have some time off next week so we might go to Oberon then. Can anyone tell me how the recent and ongoing rain affects fishing at Oberon (and freshwater in general)? Will the dam be dirty/muddy?
  4. Thanks Dave, I appreciate the tips. Cheers
  5. Hi everyone, I will be in Batemans Bay for a few days soon and am hoping to wet a line as much as I can. I searched on here and most advice relates to boat fishing so are there any land based spots worth a try? I will probably fish the breakwall (its very close to our accommodation), has anyone here fished in that area? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Fantastic report mate, good stuff I have stayed at Boambee Resort and canoed on the river there, lovely place. 😁 πŸ‘
  7. Sorry to dig up an ancient thread I am also looking at used runabouts and just found a 455 Escape so I was googling for information and found this thread. The one I was looking at is also a 40hp so I really dont want an under powered boat. What did you end up buying night_rider?
  8. I would no doubt get an 18 footer but my house just doesn't have facility to keep it and no way am I leaving it on the footpath or road, only behind closed gates
  9. Sounds like a good trip, beautiful fish too.
  10. Thanks for the great replies everyone. On paper we are candidates for a larger boat: Usually three adults in it, lately the second youngest son is with us too and we have grand daughters but they havent been in the boat yet so Im not planning them into the ride (trade them for one son for a few hours lol). We will 99.9% be in enclosed waters, I would love to go out to the first FAD one day but I can wait until my son gets a bigger boat for himself later. Until then keep fishing everyone.
  11. Thanks Noel, why change to glass for a bit bigger? Yes rivers and lakes mostly, maybe an odd trip to Botany Bay for kingys. Im not planning to take it outside but that depends on what boat I end up buying.
  12. OZrevhead

    Mustang 1600

    I was going to ask FatBoy how he went with this but he disappeared off forum 7 years ago, so if a Mustang 1600 a good boat? πŸ‘
  13. Around 4.4-4.5m, give or take some depending on what I find. I was looking at an older Mustang 1600 for example, a Bermuda 455 and Stacer 429. πŸ‘
  14. Hi everyone, I am looking for a small runabout and can you guys tell me what there is to dislike about a glass boat? I know the basics (alloy is lighter, more easily repaired, glass can get water into it and make soft spots), I dont want google answers, I want to know what you guys think and prefer. What do you guys own and why did you choose alloy/glass? Cheers
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