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  1. arif

    Teaching refugee kids to fish

    Thanks for the replies i will approach the local mrc and see if they can take it on as a project then see about volunteers to work on the project.
  2. Hi My partner works with refugee students in the Liverpool area. She was talking about a particular young man who has been fishing in the river in Liverpool as his only real form of recreation and lamenting that the fish are no longer there as the breeding season has ended. I just wanted to run the idea of partnering some of these kids with experienced fishos to show them the ropes but also offer them the opportunity to get out and experience life in Australia from a perspective they do not get the chance to see. Any ideas, comments, suggestions, potential issues would be appreciated. Thanks Arif
  3. well done mate, thanks for the post arif
  4. arif

    55cm Carp From Parramatta

    Recently some very professional looking (lots and lots of really fancy specialised gear) guys from a coarse fishing club have been coming to the lake at Cecil Hills (near Liverpool) and catching lots of large often Koi carp, and releasing them. I have spoken to them about the destruction they cause etc, but they are adament that they do not cause any harm. Is this because; they are koi; they are in an enclosed lake not competeing with any natives; they like catching them and want to maintain the stocks in spite of the damage? would like to catch some but dont like killing things if there is no good reason, but dont want to release them if they are causing harm either ???? Arif
  5. arif

    Daiwa Vs Shimano Vs Penn Vs ?

    I have used all three you mentioned and ABU and been happy with them all, i seem to be drawn much more to Shimano recently but that could just be because of exposure, they seem to have a massive range and some of there range at any retailer that sells any type of gear. i have been trying to build up to buy one of the newer less known brands that sound to have very good specs but are much cheaper (Okuma) , bit scared though because i have learned on too many occaions you get what you pay for. would be interested to hear if anybody has had ood experience with some of the cheaper brands? Arif
  6. arif

    My New Baitboard For The Tinny

    Well Done mate, i just bought a tiny and really appreciate all the great ideas i see in relation to fitout. i think i will start on a bait board based on your design arif
  7. arif

    The Mexican Fisherman

    Thanks mate, excellent version of a very important tale. arif
  8. arif

    Which Raider Is The Smartest........

    Well, i had a fairly high opinion of myself, im all better now thank you Arif
  9. arif

    Live Bait Tank Help

    Thanks Mate
  10. arif

    Live Bait Tank Help

    Hi Guys Just a question abouth the sikaflex, is there a way of removing it, using metho or something like that? Thanks guys
  11. arif

    Marine Radio Course

    I would be intersted as well (time permitting also)
  12. arif

    Future Fishraider

    Congratulations mate
  13. arif

    How To Make Your Own Biltong

    Sounds great Roberta have been waiting for the recipe since you put up the first post thank you