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  1. PhilK

    New Zealand

    Thanks for that mate
  2. PhilK

    New Zealand

    Hi all, I'm planning a trip to new Zealand next year I was wondering who has been and could recommend a charter or charters over there? Mainly targeting kings and tuna and what not. From someone who has been over there would I be best to book a whole week with a well known charter or try out a few different ones over the course of the trip. Thanks for that I'm a bit blind about it all as I've never been there and there are a lot of charters on offer. Cheers
  3. PhilK


    Just Jews this time around mate
  4. PhilK


    Hi raiders, I normally fish for Jews south coast batemans Bay Area and surroundings. Have a few days off next week so I was thinking of trying somewhere different. I know there are a lot of spots around but I heard Illawarra has some good spots? Anyone fished around there? Could someone point me in the right direction? Only land based spots please. Cheers guys. Happy Australia Day
  5. PhilK

    Gold Coast fishing

    Nah mate I don't, just thought I'd head up north for a trip soon.
  6. PhilK

    Gold Coast fishing

    Champion mate just the kind of answer I was looking for. Thanks mate
  7. PhilK

    Gold Coast fishing

    Hi raiders, I'm canberra based but fish a lot on the south coast, I'm planning a fishing trip for myself for next year in mid January or somewhere there. I am heading up north most probably to Gold Coast, I have never fished that far north before but I've heard great things so I was wondering if someone could help me out on some pointers please? I will be doing some charter fishing but mostly land based game fishing, I lbgf on the south coast so I'm no stranger to it but if anyone knows some top spots that are known to produce some nice land based fish up there please let me know. I'd rather get a few spots and plan it rather than getting there and having to scout for them all. Thanks guys
  8. PhilK

    Jervis kings

    Hi raiders, I normally fish from a boat but I've been taking more of a land based approach lately. I'll be heading to currarong/jervis Bay Area on the south coast hoping to get onto a decent king etc. I'll be using live bait, was just wondering if a 12-15kg rod with 50lb braid and a 60 flourocarbon leader will be ideal? Joining the leader and braid with an fg knot? Any tips on how long I should leave the leader or any other tips in general? Thanks. Phil