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  1. Hey Big Neil We were with you on that trip, so you should now know who this is.
  2. Hi Has anyone on here been to Woolgarlo Leisure Resort on Burrinjuck Dam. Just wanted some info to see what you thought of the park, what the cabins where like etc. thanks
  3. I only fish in freshwater but I find 1/3 of the breaking strain is okay for what I do. I usually have the rod at the angle I would for fishing and then tie the line to the scale and then just pull until I get to the pressure I want.
  4. Hi This is a hard question as everyone will have different views on which one is best. I have only ever had Lowrance finders and have liked everyone of them. I think any of the four you mentioned would be good but at the end of the day it depends on what type of fishing you do and what you expect from your finder. I would suggest you go to a shop and get them to go through what each finder will do and make your decision from there. cheers
  5. I`d go with the Motorguide Xi5- very happy with mine especially battery life
  6. Thanks for the info dunc333 do you know if there is anyway to fix this problem? Thanks
  7. Hi While on a resent fishing trip I started to hear a clicking sound, it sounds like it is coming from the power isolation switch. I have heard that fish finder transducers can make a clicking sound Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or know what this clicking sound might be.. Any suggestions on how to fix this. Thanks
  8. Hi Spalms I don`t think you would need anything bigger then a 55lb electric. I like Motorguide so I would suggest a 55lb Xi5 but Minn kotas are also popular. I know of people with 55lb electrics on boats up to 5metres and they have no trouble anchor locking in strong current. cheers
  9. Yes thanks Donna that is what I meant
  10. Hi Kingie chaser Sorry I didn`t make myself clear , I am talking about charted waters maps that you put in your fishfinder. cheers
  11. Hi Fishraiders Has anyone used charted waters maps in dams such as Burrinjuck, Blowering, Mulwala etc. If so would you recommend them, did they help you find more structure/ fish holding areas. cheers
  12. Yes very sad to see something that could of been avoided and now the Griffith council has decided to fix the problem so it doesn`t happen again. Will be interesting to se if this action does go ahead . Trip to Port Stephens would be good and something that one day we might have to do. There are still places we can go to fish around here and of course there are also Blowering Burrinjuck etc. Burrinjuck is fishing quite well at the moment with some nice Cod coming out. cheers
  13. Hi Hoods Your friend was correct Lake Wyangan is down to very low water levels and there was a major fish kill in the lake. Heaps of cod, yellowbelly bony bream and carp, some of the cod were over a metre. Very sad to see this happen, especially when the local council could have stopped this from happening. Even parts of the Murrumbidgee here are very low at the moment, just an example Gogeldrie weir at the moment is down to 1.2m above the weir where at full capacity it is just over 6m. hope we get some good rain over the winter period.
  14. Hi Guys I have been having trouble with the soft plastics on my spinnerbaits bleeding into one another and also eating one another. just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with this and what people have found to be the best way to stop this from happening. thanks
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