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  1. no worries mate. I have never had a problem with any Abu reel I have bought, but by the sound of it there is something missing in the drag system. I don`t think you would have a problem with them replacing it. you can only go on your own experience with products, so hope things work out and your catching some fish in no time at all. happy fishing mate
  2. It`s all good. Thanks to ever one that replied. I ended up getting a good deal locally. Will let you know what |I think of it later down the track. tight lines ever one.
  3. Hi Taz They both look like they would do the job. Have a look at the Abu Garcia Revo 4x at dinga tackle which is a sponsor on here. They are on special at the moment with free shipping for members. these are a very nice little baitcaster reel.
  4. Thanks for the heads up guys but I`m not in Sydney.
  5. Hi Onearmedfisho Sorry for the late reply I haven`t been on here for a while. No I haven`t purchased a new motor yet, I`m looking at getting one between now and the end of next month.
  6. Thanks for the feed back guys I really appreciate it. I`m going to go with the motorguide , just waiting to see what they are coming out with in a few months time. Once again thank you to everyone that gave me some feed abck
  7. Hi guys sorry for not replying earlier but I have been very busy. thank you for your comments I will take them on board before buy a new electric.
  8. I am looking at getting a new electric motor with anchor lock. I currently have a motorguide 55lb 12v which I cannot fault but need to update to one with anchor lock. just wondering what your thoughts were on the motorguide and minn kota . which one do you think is the best and why. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I didn`t ask them anything about how I was going to use it. I`m not sure why they would say that they are not suitable. To me a deep cycle battery is a deep cycle battery, but as I said I have had no trouble with it and I normally do about 8 to 9 hours of trolling and working around snags in freshwater impoundments. anyway that is my take on giant deep cycle batteries ,the final decision is up to you mate . Good luck and happy fishing
  10. sorry for the late reply mii11x I have had my giant 130ah deep cycle for about 5 years now and not had any trouble
  11. I use a 130ah giant AGM deep cycle on a 54lb motor guide and find it to be a very good battery.
  12. Hey Doza48 As the others have said your transducer should be lowerand angled slightly forward
  13. Hey doza48 On the transducer cord near where it plugs into the finder there should be a silver tag that tells you the make of the transducer ( eg . hst-wsbl/hst-wsu) If this tag is still there, see what it say and select that transducer. If the tag isn`t there you my have to contact lowerance . hope this helps you mate.
  14. Hi Doza48 You couldn`t go wrong with either the elite 9 or hds7 carbon, they will come with a transducer. Make sure they are totalscan models where you get everything with the one transducer. Add the fish reveal update and away you go. you will be amazed at the difference between your old and new finder. good luck.
  15. Hi Kiwicraig I hope you have a lot of fun and good fishing when you get to try your new finder out. I have the Elite 7 Ti Total Scan and these units are just terrific. Make sure you add the fish reveal update as this feature is unreal. Hope you catch heaps regards yella king