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  1. Yes thanks Donna that is what I meant
  2. Hi Kingie chaser Sorry I didn`t make myself clear , I am talking about charted waters maps that you put in your fishfinder. cheers
  3. yella king

    charted maps

    Hi Fishraiders Has anyone used charted waters maps in dams such as Burrinjuck, Blowering, Mulwala etc. If so would you recommend them, did they help you find more structure/ fish holding areas. cheers
  4. Yes very sad to see something that could of been avoided and now the Griffith council has decided to fix the problem so it doesn`t happen again. Will be interesting to se if this action does go ahead . Trip to Port Stephens would be good and something that one day we might have to do. There are still places we can go to fish around here and of course there are also Blowering Burrinjuck etc. Burrinjuck is fishing quite well at the moment with some nice Cod coming out. cheers
  5. Hi Hoods Your friend was correct Lake Wyangan is down to very low water levels and there was a major fish kill in the lake. Heaps of cod, yellowbelly bony bream and carp, some of the cod were over a metre. Very sad to see this happen, especially when the local council could have stopped this from happening. Even parts of the Murrumbidgee here are very low at the moment, just an example Gogeldrie weir at the moment is down to 1.2m above the weir where at full capacity it is just over 6m. hope we get some good rain over the winter period.
  6. Thanks Berleyguts for the info
  7. Hi Guys I have been having trouble with the soft plastics on my spinnerbaits bleeding into one another and also eating one another. just wondering if anyone else has had trouble with this and what people have found to be the best way to stop this from happening. thanks
  8. Hi Berleyguts There are a number of different ways to tie the FG knot. I bought the FG Wizz tool and I use the method he shows on the website, which I find easy to tie and the knot works really well, you don`t have to use your mouth or leg to keep tension.
  9. Hi Will I`d go for the Abu Garcia Revo 4, their about $120 and a really top baitcaster for the money. one of the sponsors here Dinga should be able to help you out.
  10. yella king

    Fuel prices

    Hi Frank. This may help you work it out. There is an app you can get that`s called petrol spy Australia, it gives you petrol prices anywhere in Australia , you just have to put in a suburb or postcode.
  11. no worries mate. I have never had a problem with any Abu reel I have bought, but by the sound of it there is something missing in the drag system. I don`t think you would have a problem with them replacing it. you can only go on your own experience with products, so hope things work out and your catching some fish in no time at all. happy fishing mate
  12. It`s all good. Thanks to ever one that replied. I ended up getting a good deal locally. Will let you know what |I think of it later down the track. tight lines ever one.
  13. Hi Taz They both look like they would do the job. Have a look at the Abu Garcia Revo 4x at dinga tackle which is a sponsor on here. They are on special at the moment with free shipping for members. these are a very nice little baitcaster reel.
  14. Thanks for the heads up guys but I`m not in Sydney.
  15. Hi Onearmedfisho Sorry for the late reply I haven`t been on here for a while. No I haven`t purchased a new motor yet, I`m looking at getting one between now and the end of next month.