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  1. Jayds

    Kayak fishing

    Have sent a pm.
  2. Hey guys, Bought a new nextgen10 kayak. Would anyone be interested in joining me occasionally on fishing trip around port hacking or George’s river( woronora as well). Mine is a single kayak, so will need someone with their own. Jay
  3. Port Kembla!! Around 1.15hr drive from HURSTVILLE/ Beverly Hills
  4. Would anyone like to accompany me to Hills 60 for slimy mackerel tomorrow evening. I live in Beverly Hills n would be travelling their if I ll get a fishing buddy. No cost involved, just ur fishing gear n snacks if possible.
  5. Apologies PAPAFISH. I did prawning in LAKE DURRAS close to Batemans Bay n not lake entrance. But would love to go there to do some prawning with my son but don’t know any spots as I m not to familiar with the waters around lake entrance( especially after reports of tragedy that happened around 2 yrs)
  6. We were staying in lake sea park cabin so I was just prawning in the lake below the cabins. Its quite shallow around that area unless ones goes on the other side or towards the boat ramp. Yeah I do believe the were around that length ( I did measure the prawns using my finger length n later used this mark against the measuring tape). It was only my first time prawning so I don’t know much about prawns n I thought the prawns would grow bigger then that. ( so was thinking to take a trip to either entrance lake or Lake Illawarra. Do u have any report on these lakes? Dont know abt prawn pot but definitely we met a guy on fishing kaYak w esky who said that he had dropped some crab pots in the lake. He said he usually gets mud crabs n blue swimmer. My son was quite insisting that we should wait for him to see the crab but he didn’t turn up for more then an hour n we left.
  7. Thanks Regan!! I actually did some prawning by myself in Lake Durras last week on holiday. Thoroughly enjoyed it (Only drawback was that I was prawning by myself in the middle of the night with tide coming in. (As just wanted to do prawning). Caught little less then 1 kg in around 2 hrs but they were around 10 cm. (Not sure if they grow any bigger then that )
  8. Hi Guys, How is lake illawara prawning season? I'm planning to go in tommorrow. Any tips would be helpful and I have only done prawning once before and its my first time in lake illawara. ANy good spots you guys would like to advise to this amateurs fishosman !!!