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    Flathead atvMalabar
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    Malabar Fishing

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    Catch and release

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    Fishing club competition

    Here is another one going out in the small tinnies
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    Fishing club competition

    Guys we are the Malabar Boat Owners and we compete every four months against Bronte, The Banks pub, Coogee Randwick RSL, Coogee Fishing Club, Yarra Bay and Gordons Bay. Yarr Bay is needing members, fish off rocks or Boat and gave a few beers and schooners its a fun day every 4 months and you win $25 or best A class fish. we are needing members to join all our clubs, as we are all ageing and need to get it going, it's been around since 1954, we share the locations between the clubs check out the vid, it's called Eastern Suburbs Fishing Federation The Banks team always hires a deep sea boat so they go well next one in on May 20 at Yarra Bay, come down and suss it out around 12:30 is weigh in Contact or suss out our web at sponsors welcome lol!
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    Narooma Kingfishing

    Yeah it blew me away, first time I have ever witnessed this
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    Narooma Kingfishing

    Guys we went down to Narooma for ANSA comp, couldn't believe the boats st the live bait ground took this fun vid
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    Tinnie fishing eastern Suburbs

    You can fish off land or any form, even kayak next comp is may 20 2018 for weigh in at 1 stick your head in great day
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    Tinnie fishing eastern Suburbs

    Guys not sure if you guys know that Yarra Bay sailing club has a fishing club!! they compete against the boys at Malabar, Gordons bay, Coggee, bronte and the banks hotel every 4 months At Yarra bay membership is $2! But you need to be a member of club, then u can compete in Federation comps that have been going for 40 years!! Free beer and BBQ!! you can then launch your tinnie or yak off the beach ramp, have a shower and use the toilet they don't promote it much but they need some injection of new youth and Fishos, contact peter at the club or ask about joining the Fishos when u ring up
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    Rockfishing safty

    Here is the teaser vid
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    North Bondi Point

    Have you any photos of the murk? i used to fish there in the 80s trying to chase up photos
  12. Ben Buckler Barnacle

    Bondi murk

    Team im looking for some of your old photos from fishing at bondi murk, I have some good Rescue ones from the rescue squad and am putting together a YouTube clip about it for all us old rock hoppers if you have any of the old photos from Rosa Gully, the murk or the maddens please send I will acknowledge your photo ta