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  1. Plethora

    bilge pump or not to bilge pump.....

    I get a bit of water down there from time to time through the cable holes - as water can get down there, I actually fill it up on the trailer with fresh water to get the salt out using the pump. They are worth having
  2. Plethora

    boat license

  3. Plethora

    boat license

    JonD From the NSW Licences and registration page 7 • Drive any vessel, other than a PWC, at a speed of 10 knots or more: – Without the holder of a general boat driving licence who is 16 years of age or older being present in the vessel, or – Between sunset and sunrise, or – While the vessel is towing anyone.
  4. Plethora

    Turtle Reef Port Hacking

    GPS for it is -34.052907 151.099661
  5. Plethora

    Turtle Reef Port Hacking

    Turtle Reef is in Yowie Bay
  6. Plethora

    boat license

    Johnd - (WRONG) if a boat is capable of exceeding 10 knots it requires a licence driver on board -
  7. Plethora

    Members Boats.

    looks like a Pongrass Sea King (80s Hull with a later motor on it)
  8. Plethora

    Members Boats.

    The reason you don't need an inspection is because the Tare weight of the trailer is below 256kg - (if it exceeds the 256kg it requires an inspection and incurs a weight tax as well)
  9. Plethora

    Has anyone used a bait boat?

    Tried one of these a few years back (a mate of mine got it from ebay) used it at night for Hairtail - we caught a few (I Smiths Creek) but I don't know if they were attracted by this or the berley bucket on the boat we were sitting in ?????
  10. Plethora

    Silly things you've done when tired?

    Hooked up the boat, attached the chain and wire for the lights and did not lock it down on the ball and just drove off - In the next street it jumped off and dragged along the road behind the car- (Who else has done this be honest)
  11. Plethora

    Braked boat trailers

    YES - mine has brakes and I lowed the weight by removing the walkway and the spare tyre bracket so it is now 248kg, it was 280 originally now I have dropped my rego from 202 dollars to 67 (this is the second boat I have done this to ans my two mates have done the same. The best time to do it is well before your rego is due 1) you have the trailer reweighed - 2) take the paperwork and the trailer to an e-inspection place (one that can do BLUE slips - (They can change the RTA records) 3) when your renewal comes (it will not require an inspection and it will be a $100 cheaper)
  12. Plethora

    Braked boat trailers

    Boys - we are talking about trailer weight only - without the boat - if it is less than 256kg it does not need an inspection nor does it have the weight tax.