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  1. Plethora

    Braked boat trailers

    YES - mine has brakes and I lowed the weight by removing the walkway and the spare tyre bracket so it is now 248kg, it was 280 originally now I have dropped my rego from 202 dollars to 67 (this is the second boat I have done this to ans my two mates have done the same. The best time to do it is well before your rego is due 1) you have the trailer reweighed - 2) take the paperwork and the trailer to an e-inspection place (one that can do BLUE slips - (They can change the RTA records) 3) when your renewal comes (it will not require an inspection and it will be a $100 cheaper)
  2. Plethora

    Braked boat trailers

    Boys - we are talking about trailer weight only - without the boat - if it is less than 256kg it does not need an inspection nor does it have the weight tax.
  3. Plethora

    Braked boat trailers

    Jon, what is the weight of your trailer on the rego papers
  4. Plethora


    no good trying this weekend as the moon is too full, the best time to go is when there is no moon, or wind and the fog is right down on the water and it is bloody cold - Illawong bay and Smiths Creek is where I go and I have not gone this year yet as my fishing mate is laid up at present.
  5. Plethora

    Braked boat trailers

    What I also meant to say (the size of your boat governs what trailer is required) if the trailer alone is under 256 it does not require an inspection nor weight tax. - most trailers are 280 or 320kg if you have a 280 kg trailer and you can get it below 256 it is cheaper, a trailer of this size will have mechanical brakes
  6. Plethora

    Braked boat trailers

    Jon, You have it slightly wrong - if a trailer exceeds 750kg it requires brakes. if a trailer is over 256kg it also requires an inspection and has a $100 weight tax on it. (just because a trailer has a mechanical brake is not the trigger for the extra cost of your rego)
  7. Plethora

    Eastern Suburbs Spinning

    I go in the boat just of Little Bay, close enough to even cast from the rocks if you have a long rod and use Garfish for bait -
  8. Plethora

    Sydney International Boat Show 2019

    I got my boat at the Trailer Boat show in Homebush - far better for smaller boats and got a good discount than just romping into a dealer and purchasing (have multi able dealers all selling the same boats is an advantage)
  9. Plethora

    Members Boats.

    it has the mechanical brakes - I took off the walkway and the spare tyre bracket to lower the weight so that would not affect the insurance whats so ever -
  10. Plethora

    Members Boats.

    Length on Trailer: 6.85m
  11. Plethora

    Members Boats.

    The plate on mine is 6.4 (2016) this spec I got of the Stacer website (2019 model) looks like the new ones are a bit shorter
  12. Plethora

    Members Boats.

    Boat and trailer are under 1 ton and I have been towing it with a Subaru Liberty
  13. Plethora

    Members Boats.

    Also forgot to mention to speed on the flat with this boat is 36 knots - and has no trouble pulling me behind it to ski or a three person biscuit -
  14. Plethora

    Members Boats.

    Been a single axel trailer you can take a few parts off and have it re weighed (normaly 280kls) which in curs a $100 weight tax and inspection every year for you rego, get it down to under 256kls and no inspection and $67 a year instead of $203
  15. Plethora

    Members Boats.

    This is the spec on the Stacer 509 Sea Runner - Fantastic Boat specifications Beam: 2.22m Bottomsides: 3.00mm Depth: 1.13m Height on Trailer: 2.50m Length Maximum: 5.34m Length on Trailer: 6.85m Main Motor Weight: 203kg Max. HP: 115hp Number of People (Basic): 7 Topsides: 2.50mm Transom Material: 3.00mm Transom Shaft Length: L/S Weight (boat only): 495kg