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  1. if it had a 25HP Motor on the back it would not be a holiday hire boat as it would exceed the 10 Knots speed limit (unless you need a licence to hire)
  2. An exhaust valve is a valve that releases burned gases from a cylinder. The exhaust valve closes during the initial part of the induction stroke. The inlet valve usually opens a little before top dead center and the exhaust valve remains open a little after top dead center.
  3. it is a Stainless steel - Viper
  4. sorry do not know what prop - I will have too take a look (what ever it came with from the factory I guess)
  5. sorry could not tell you the RPM as I do not remember - as I normally don't run flat out as its too fast - with just my self and a mate and on half a tank on a glass flat surface (Port Hacking) my best speed is 42knots (too fast for me)
  6. I have the same 2016 115 Etec motor on a 2016 Stacer 509 Searunner and I have put a SE Sport 300 hydrofoil and now it jumps out of the water and top speed of mine is 38knots and has no Porpoise(ing), quite fast and very smooth ride on flat surface. (I trim around 48 on the gauge) only 77Ltrs of fuel on mine and hull slightly lighter
  7. The one on King Georges Rd Roselands is still open if you go that way
  8. Narooma would be about the worst bar on the south coast - we went down there a few years back and I took one look at it and turned around and fished the river -
  9. When does the restaurant open ???
  10. Nathan, around all the boats in Cowan Creek - use the ramp to the left you will find it quite easy
  11. On the weekend it was "CLEAN UP AUSTRALIA" and this was a meeting place - for Botany Bay Foreshore Clean-up
  12. I have one - a waste of money (no better than any others) have never caught anything on it
  13. Plethora

    Poor start

    Jon, Many years ago I did a similar dump thing bought a boat in an auction on ebay -(near new motor was ten years old with 200 hours on it) and the paint rubbed off when polished, trailer was in good nick but not 1 year old as described - I learnt my lesson from these con artists - The next boat I bought it brand new from a boat show (I now have a Stacer 509 searunner)
  14. Sorry not to dampen your spirit, their is not much that will go in 50cm of water - maybe a jetboat or a canoe
  15. Plethora

    Saving GPS marks

    You do not need to have a Raymarine Device on your boat to use this software
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