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  1. I have one - a waste of money (no better than any others) have never caught anything on it
  2. Plethora

    Poor start

    Jon, Many years ago I did a similar dump thing bought a boat in an auction on ebay -(near new motor was ten years old with 200 hours on it) and the paint rubbed off when polished, trailer was in good nick but not 1 year old as described - I learnt my lesson from these con artists - The next boat I bought it brand new from a boat show (I now have a Stacer 509 searunner)
  3. Sorry not to dampen your spirit, their is not much that will go in 50cm of water - maybe a jetboat or a canoe
  4. Plethora

    Saving GPS marks

    You do not need to have a Raymarine Device on your boat to use this software
  5. Plethora

    Saving GPS marks

    I use Raymarine Voyage Planner on the PC and save them on to a micro SD card them import to a Dragonfly 7 (Backup the unit too and go back the other way)
  6. I always use a trace when I fish Lilli Pilli
  7. you better talk to Graham at 2GB - he thinks he knows everything (The Garden Clinic)
  8. troll past it is the best method with small swell and no wind on the ocean side
  9. A hydrofoil on the engine should lift up that heavy arsed 'ol girl and get it up on the plane quicker.
  10. I was having the same problem with my 115 E-Tek and was told (don't put one of those on you could tip the boat over) Bull S**T, This was one of the best things I have ever done - it now go heaps better at low speeds and jumps up out of the water to plane quicker - and saves on fuel
  11. It looks like an old Savage Surveyor - they had two small rectangular windows in the front like that -
  12. Take it to Daiwa here in Brookvale - they have a very large spare parts section - or give them a ring (02) 8644 8644 134-140 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100
  13. I have been fishing at Brown Mt and I love it - (now addicted) and want more.....
  14. I want to be able to fish in deeper waters and looking for a max or 5k at present I was thinking about a Humminbird HELIX G3N - MEGA IMAGING Plus
  15. Yes to structure scan no to trolling motor compatibility - Budget is open for the right unit (thought about a 1kw device) but do not want to go overboard