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  1. I was having the same problem with my 115 E-Tek and was told (don't put one of those on you could tip the boat over) Bull S**T, This was one of the best things I have ever done - it now go heaps better at low speeds and jumps up out of the water to plane quicker - and saves on fuel
  2. It looks like an old Savage Surveyor - they had two small rectangular windows in the front like that -
  3. Take it to Daiwa here in Brookvale - they have a very large spare parts section - or give them a ring (02) 8644 8644 134-140 Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100
  4. I have been fishing at Brown Mt and I love it - (now addicted) and want more.....
  5. I want to be able to fish in deeper waters and looking for a max or 5k at present I was thinking about a Humminbird HELIX G3N - MEGA IMAGING Plus
  6. Yes to structure scan no to trolling motor compatibility - Budget is open for the right unit (thought about a 1kw device) but do not want to go overboard
  7. Hi All, At present I have a Raymarine Dragon Fly 7 Pro and I am looking to upgrade to something better for offshore fishing - what would you recommend ..... the features I wantedare (Navigation, Sonar & down & side vision chirp)
  8. I saw someone a the trailer boat show selling these, but did not have any for larger engines
  9. You should see Rosehill Gardens (Rosehill Race Course here in Sydney) the sprinklers go day after day in this hot weather were having....
  10. Seawall road Port Kembla
  11. serve them right for loosing their gear for been so stupid - they are luck you did not have to ring the westpac rescue for them and waste taxpayers money ..................
  12. Does anybody have a Fishing Hydrowave and if so do they work ? or just a waste of money
  13. I get a bit of water down there from time to time through the cable holes - as water can get down there, I actually fill it up on the trailer with fresh water to get the salt out using the pump. They are worth having