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  1. Hi, I'm heading to batemans Bay ( bate haven) for the weekend. Is anyone willing to share some tips and potential spots. Hoping for some flathead and also hoping to catch some squid never fished the area. Will be in the kayak. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys, I know it's late and don't like my chances of late advise. But thought I'd try. I'm a pretty novices fisher. Short story long. The wife is busy tomorrow and i have been give short notice. I know it's going to be windy tommorow but I've been chomping at the bit to test run my new hobie outback ( not sure if this is more suited to kayak section). Plan is to leave early get home early. Now the questions. 1) am I likely to be in trouble fishing with one other who I live with separate yaks. I wasn't planning to fish till the restrictions are lifted but my mat
  3. Thanks alot guys for your help advice it's much appreciated. I'll keep my eye out for a few more days if nothing newer comes up I'll probably go with the 2014. It seems like in great condition. Plus I'm sure it will be fine considering I'm upgrading for a $500 kayak so I'm sure it will be considerably better.
  4. Hi guys, Just after some advise. I am newish to the yak fishing world I purchased a cheaper kayak to see if I'd enjoy it and I've had a ball hooked up some pbs and love the flexibility. I recently sold my cheaper yak and want something more stable and peddle. My budget is max $1500. If any one has anything for sale shoot me a message also. I have been offered a 2014 hobie outback. For 1200 decent condition. I've heard the seat are really uncomfortable. And also not sure if i should save a bit and get something a bit newer. Questions 1 are they still a good yak although older? Secon
  5. More than happy swap it for other fishing gear of more use I kayak fish so no reel use for me. Haha pun intended
  6. Got it for free so no ccomplaints here
  7. This one seems to have a metal spool. The one you listen said made in Korea this has made in Japan. Rod it is attached to seems cheap.
  8. Reel seems solid and in good Nick. Is stamped made in japan so I assume it couldn't be too bad.
  9. Hi guys. Found a silstar tn34 in a deceased estate next door with some other fishing gear. Just wondering if anyone had any info on it can't find anything online. Are they a good reel worth keeping seems relatively old but in ok condition.
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