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  1. Nyxy

    Wyong river

    good luck mate. Stay dry
  2. Ill need to restock my plastics and jigheads soon so ill put some vibes and big plastics in the cart too. I usually fish the channels and flats off of Blackwall point as I have narrowed the best producing spots down to a few square meters. thanks
  3. I have heard of there being kings, ive caught some descent salmon on hardbody lures on the troll under the rip bridge. I'll make sure to pack my lures and do some live(ish)-bait catching the day before. yeah, he'll have a plan but is always open to my suggestions. Ill probably be the skipper this time as I've got my licence. thanks
  4. i've had many days without a single fish in Brisbane Water, I could only ever link this with the tide as I have noticed days where fish have been hyper-effected in feeding tides. thanks for the offer but my parents are still big on "online stranger danger", give it a couple of years when i'm "independent" and ill chase you up.
  5. Nyxy

    Activity up the Parramatta River

    I have seen surface action near gladesville which is usually only in summer. it does make some sense that tailor could have been into some fish on the surface near Ermington and gotten fired up.
  6. Hello fellow raiders, In the October holidays i'm planning on fishing with my grandfather around Blackwall point in his tinnie. I will target mostly flatties and bream as for me they are a consistent catch. I will have a 20lb setup and one maybe two 6-8lb setups. I know some spots that I will definitely drop a line at, but I was wondering if anyone had some tips or suggestions for me. I'm happy to answer any questions, but I will probably reply tomorrow as I am still in Highschool. Cheers Nyxy and happy fishing
  7. Nyxy

    disappointing point

    too tru, too tru
  8. Nyxy

    disappointing point

    i had a an 8foot with 20lb on a daiwa sweepfire 4000 2b incase a hungry school swam past.
  9. Nyxy

    disappointing point

    Hi fellow Raiders, this is my first report and will not be the last as we are going into summer. I went up to shoal bay on friday (which was a challenge in its self as the fires had closed the road) with my family for the weekend. On sunday i went to tomaree mountain down on the old torpedo wall emplacement with my dad and a friend of his. on the walk down i spotted a meter or so dimond back python in a bush. we started fishing just after the top of the tide before lunch which turned out to be a bit too late as what we found. i chucked a prawn on my light spin rod, had a few casts and on the third retrieve a few small kinggies decided to give chase with no hook up. i threw the prawn back infront of them which lead to a short lived hookup as my hook knot gave way. i quickly tied o n another hook without a sinker while my dad was trying his luck with a pilchard head. one prawn later and I was fighting a 50cm+- rat. after five minutes of turning its head with 8lb line it decided to double back and spit the hook😭. After that we only saw a few schools of kinggies, some held a few 70cm+ members . My dads friend caught a nice 30cm leatherie, just before i got a tiny pekkerhead of a bream. after an hour of disappointment we headed back to camp. Hope this helps someone catch their next fish🙂.
  10. Nyxy

    This Saturday... (3/11/18)

    Yeah, the salmon usualy start to make their presence know about now. I usually run into some schools bustin' up near cockatoo island, under the harbour bridge, shark island and north head. I find that 5-15g metal spinn lures work the best on a medium-fast retrieve. sometimes hook a bonito which are real fun epecially on a light spinn outfit. Hopefully getting out sometime soon as i need to fiber-glass some deep scratches in my dads boat. Good luck fishing everyone.
  11. Nyxy

    Best Time Of The Year For Jewfish

    Yeah its true. So if you are fishing at night try to use a jig with glow in the dark patches. Next time I go down I'm going to use by lure as a teaser and then sight cast to the squid.
  12. Nyxy

    Best Time Of The Year For Jewfish

    No probs, in going down soon to catch a feed of cephalopods. They like vibrant pink colours I've found.
  13. Nyxy

    Best Time Of The Year For Jewfish

    This could have been a squid, as I have seen quite large ones follow my lure(homemade) while fishing there. I hope this clears that up a bit for you.