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  1. Ive been targeting kings for a while now and have noticed that over the past couple months the kings have been more peckish and not hooking up properly (probably user error). The ones that actually get in the boat have been smaller and the fights deceiving. going out tomorrow to chase kings in the harbour and will post a report regardless of outcome. hope this helps
  2. That cuttlefish looks evil, can't get over the colour of its eyes.
  3. Nyxy

    3D printed lures

    a whole reel of PLA ( which is what i use) costs between ten bucks and fifty depending on where you get it from and the quality. so the cost of the individual lure is only a couple of cents
  4. Nyxy

    3D printed lures

    Thankyou and me too
  5. Not sure whether this goes here or in The Workshop, correct me if i'm wrong but here it is. For a while now I've had a 3D printer but never really put it to good use. The first thing I printed was a small diver minnow. I didn't end up using it as turning thru wires didnt go so well for me, i kinda gave up on printing lures after that cause i didn't want to use 3D printed line ties. Since corona virus has grounded me i decided to give it another go to give me something to do. During isolation the first lure I printed was a popper with a separate middle section that had fins to force it to spin (picture 1). Is this already a thing or have i got some type of intellectual copyright of this? This worked well but due to the layering of the print (I printed it vertically), when I really put some pulling power into making it "pop", it broke where the "head" connects to the "shaft". I printed another one but horizontally to negate the layering problem but i made it too dense and it was slightly sinking but still too fast for me. The next print was a slightly different version of my first diver and it swam well but was very sensitive to the positioning of the thru wire. I tried a completely different design for another diver trying to make it as simple as possible to design but it was too back heavy and sunk "tail" first. I also had a go at painting it with spray paint and nail polish🤦‍♂️. After thinking some more I decided to have a go at printing a swim-bait. cause why not? I decided on mimicking a whiting which took a lot of shapes and negative space to design. I decided to try to print the joint to see how it would work. The joint worked well but had a similar layering problem to the popper, but i discovered this when my dad misses the pool and it hit the wooden deck and split a layer. I decided to use even more wire to fix it and also be able to attach hooks but it ended up looking a bit special (picture 2). It ended up swimming almost as good as when I first tested it but the joints were slightly insecure and sometimes made it spin. While typing this I printed another more simple popper, which should work. I am yet to catch anything on these lures but as soon as i do i will be sure to post an update. Has anyone else on here had a go at printing lures and if so how did it go? Suggestions and ideas are welcome.
  6. nice fish. I went out in the harbour yesterday with my dad to catch my brother some kingfish. only caught a few squid in the morning and the kings didnt seem interested in eating anything and they only picked the squid apart. had a few hookups but the hook didnt set properly.
  7. im a bit late to the party but heres my two cents worth. In the past ive caught some legal kingies over the artificial on the downrigger and the biggest kingie being 72cm about 5-6 years ago. north head I usually troll lures for pelagics and occasionally get sargent bakers or a rock cod (areas C and B).
  8. I have some knowledge on the creek/beach but as I only visit there once a year in January it is fairly limited. in the creek ive found nippers or SPs to work best. at the beach try to find a hole and use some mullet, nippers or worms. Best of luck.
  9. I haven't been fishing at Clarkes Point in a year but I am going down this week with my scout group to do a fishing night. im going to use prawns/mullet on my 6lb setup and then lures on my 20lb setup. havent got any experience catching kings from there but i do see the odd school on the surface round there. ill add more to this post later after i get home from school.
  10. sounds about right but i personally, having never specifically chased bream, would go for 4lb fluro, i dont have kayak but i have used my surfboard to get around before.
  11. you could try launching from simmons point as it would cut down the distance and you can see the ferrys coming.
  12. this might be a bit far away but, the north east point of Goat island often has Kingies. another spot further away is Bottle and Glass point but you have to be careful of getting snapped off on the rocks after getting a hookup.
  13. as what was said before, you should try around lane cove river especially Linley point to Cunninghams reach. theres good water movement and decent channels and flats. ive caught a couple 35cm flatties there on SPs. if you throw around the bridge pylons i'm sure you will get onto something. i live in Ryde so that's my usual go to for a couple hours of fishing. ive just finished my preliminary tests so for the next couple days ill go down and post some reports. hope this helps