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  1. I have some knowledge on the creek/beach but as I only visit there once a year in January it is fairly limited. in the creek ive found nippers or SPs to work best. at the beach try to find a hole and use some mullet, nippers or worms. Best of luck.
  2. I haven't been fishing at Clarkes Point in a year but I am going down this week with my scout group to do a fishing night. im going to use prawns/mullet on my 6lb setup and then lures on my 20lb setup. havent got any experience catching kings from there but i do see the odd school on the surface round there. ill add more to this post later after i get home from school.
  3. sounds about right but i personally, having never specifically chased bream, would go for 4lb fluro, i dont have kayak but i have used my surfboard to get around before.
  4. you could try launching from simmons point as it would cut down the distance and you can see the ferrys coming.
  5. this might be a bit far away but, the north east point of Goat island often has Kingies. another spot further away is Bottle and Glass point but you have to be careful of getting snapped off on the rocks after getting a hookup.
  6. as what was said before, you should try around lane cove river especially Linley point to Cunninghams reach. theres good water movement and decent channels and flats. ive caught a couple 35cm flatties there on SPs. if you throw around the bridge pylons i'm sure you will get onto something. i live in Ryde so that's my usual go to for a couple hours of fishing. ive just finished my preliminary tests so for the next couple days ill go down and post some reports. hope this helps
  7. im guessing that you got the salmon near the rip bridge? im starting to get excited for the holidays. cheers
  8. good luck mate. Stay dry
  9. Ill need to restock my plastics and jigheads soon so ill put some vibes and big plastics in the cart too. I usually fish the channels and flats off of Blackwall point as I have narrowed the best producing spots down to a few square meters. thanks
  10. I have heard of there being kings, ive caught some descent salmon on hardbody lures on the troll under the rip bridge. I'll make sure to pack my lures and do some live(ish)-bait catching the day before. yeah, he'll have a plan but is always open to my suggestions. Ill probably be the skipper this time as I've got my licence. thanks
  11. i've had many days without a single fish in Brisbane Water, I could only ever link this with the tide as I have noticed days where fish have been hyper-effected in feeding tides. thanks for the offer but my parents are still big on "online stranger danger", give it a couple of years when i'm "independent" and ill chase you up.
  12. I have seen surface action near gladesville which is usually only in summer. it does make some sense that tailor could have been into some fish on the surface near Ermington and gotten fired up.
  13. Hello fellow raiders, In the October holidays i'm planning on fishing with my grandfather around Blackwall point in his tinnie. I will target mostly flatties and bream as for me they are a consistent catch. I will have a 20lb setup and one maybe two 6-8lb setups. I know some spots that I will definitely drop a line at, but I was wondering if anyone had some tips or suggestions for me. I'm happy to answer any questions, but I will probably reply tomorrow as I am still in Highschool. Cheers Nyxy and happy fishing