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  1. thefriendlyfisho

    Beach Worming .......... How I Do It At Forster!

    Roberta - fantastic read and couldn’t agree more. My grandparents have lived in Forster all my life and that’s where I developed my first love for fishing. I was lucky enough to be born with a worm whisperer for a grandfather who passed on the skill. My party trick on boomerang beach is pulling a couple of worms out with my toes! Tight lines ?
  2. thefriendlyfisho

    Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    Hi Damos, Great to heat you had a cracking arvo with the hardbody. I own a couple of double clutches, never had an issue with the trebles but then being said I haven’t caught any decent sized flatties on them as of yet. What was the water depth you were fishing out of interest? Cheers!