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  1. If you can find bait where you are fishing and it is something the fish can’t normally get. Example if the is kungee about and you can saw it open the fish go ballistic. Or if you can find beach where there is pippies you literally do the pippie shake and find the pippies with you feet while you wait for the next strike. Otherwise pilchard and worms are the staple.
  2. Try darling point the wharf holds squid and yellow tail, either side of it has either man made rock walls built on a rock shelf where you can land anything the Harbour has to offer.. I have fished the western point of Clifton in low tides it’s a shelf that drops straight into the shipping and ferry channel. (Don’t get caught out there afterhalfqay to high tide like I did as the shelf becomes surrounded by the rising tide well before it is anywhere near submerged. Another alternative for an all nighter is head towards Bundeena, once in the National Park before you reach bundeena there is a mark
  3. I got this obese 90cm Lizard this morning. Sorry I don’t have better angled pics, it’s girth was phenomenal. He jumped on a pilchard I had out on a floating rig, Which I set up in preparation for the livies I was busy pursuing for My assault on the Kingies terrorizing the Harbour presently. In fact I forgot all about it! I caught my first yellow tail and turned to where the float was last, no where to be seen(ffs)! To my surprised delight This species typical lazy fat lizard had ambushed the Pilly and taken rig, kingfish worthy float and all backdown to his sunbaking sp
  4. They are good eating. straight off the beach into the foil with butter, salt and pepper on to the fire. finish with a squeeze of lemon. (assuming you have all those things in your tackle box )
  5. Hey mate I’m keen as if you are still looking I fish the harbor every day and it is boiling with activity right now. I’ve seen kings as far in as Pyrmont in 3 foot of water, but only hooked one. Really keen to find someone with a boat to getnin on the action. Cheers james 0447129883
  6. Hey mate, I’m a keen as I fish the harbor land based at every day of the week. But keen to get out on a boat or refine my skills by fishing with someone else. im based in Pyrmont but happy to meet wherever. I work fifo so when I’m in Sydney I am available 24/7 to drop a line. Currently in Sydney till feb2018 cheers james
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