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  1. masterfisho7

    Tailor migration

    I fish the Parramatta River there has been a lot of Salmon but I have not seen any Tailor for weeks in the harbour .
  2. masterfisho7

    Jeremy Wade is back!

    Any idea when it will be on
  3. masterfisho7

    What herbs do you use with fish

    I think that Herbs takes away the taste of the fish
  4. masterfisho7

    Jeremy Wade is back!

    That is the best news love the shows
  5. masterfisho7

    Fishing - aged care facility

    I live in a retirement village and can fish from my back door I love the idea that older people can still love what they loved to do and still do it
  6. masterfisho7

    A new technique in Photoshop for me

    I will have to get into Photoshop so much to make your photos come to life
  7. masterfisho7

    Salt and vinegar chips crumbling for all fish

    Have to give it ago sounds great
  8. masterfisho7

    Quiet but fun weekend

    Great report nice work love the photos
  9. masterfisho7

    woronora river.. worth a fish after all this rain??

    Me and a mate fished to day in heavy rain and got fish so I think the rain is nothing to worry about just go fishing
  10. masterfisho7

    First cod

    Some nice Cod well done all my Cod I got came from fishing snags
  11. masterfisho7

    Night Time Luderick and Surgeons

    Great report I fish for luderick but I have never tried at night but I believe nippers would work
  12. masterfisho7

    Removing black gut lining

    Yes I find it better
  13. masterfisho7

    Luderick solo session.

    Well done looks like you had a great time top report
  14. masterfisho7

    Removing black gut lining

    This is the way I do it for the blackfish
  15. masterfisho7

    Berkley Powerbait Trout Bait

    It works great for trout rainbow love it the browns I found will take but they are not into it like rainbows