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  1. masterfisho7

    Kings in Parramatta River Drummoyne

    More from today 21-5-2019
  2. masterfisho7

    Kings in Parramatta River Drummoyne

    Sure is been going off
  3. masterfisho7

    Kingies still in the harbour Dollies outside

    Great report Pickles
  4. 20 - 5 - 2019 at Drummoyne the Kings where chasing bait every were a mate a I seen schools of 20 fish from 65 cm t and over mtre hitting the baitfish up and down the walls for over a hour hard to get with lures as they looked but turn there heads at them but we got three and also had bust ups great day we will try again today hoping they are still there
  5. masterfisho7

    Look before you cast

    I was fishing also and see this also and think who do they get it there what they don't know who to cast or they are just that bad
  6. masterfisho7

    First report in awhile

    Any time out fishing to me Richard is better than staying home mate nice report
  7. Well done got some fine fish to eat
  8. masterfisho7

    Hawkesbury and Pittwater/broken bay 17/5/19

    Well done top report Fisho
  9. masterfisho7

    Record flatty

    Well done nice feed of Flathead
  10. masterfisho7

    Cowan Saturday

    Well done nice little Soupy
  11. masterfisho7

    Cuttlefish live attacks

    Nice video Ricardo
  12. masterfisho7

    Clarkes point reserve - woolwich

    I live near there top spot mate
  13. masterfisho7

    Ramsgate Beach 16/5/19

    Top stuff Keith some fine Luderick there
  14. masterfisho7

    First Fishing Report - 10/05/2019

    Nice report well done
  15. masterfisho7

    Sydney Kings still around

    They have been around for a while great news