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  1. masterfisho7

    Prymal Bucket

    You did all right with the deal I think
  2. masterfisho7

    Outside Port Hacking

    Mate that sounds not good I have never heard of them but at least the day was not that bad igot fish and squid
  3. masterfisho7

    Camera orPhone

    I know this one is older but I got it from a mate for $50 Pro Hero 2 Silver
  4. masterfisho7

    Camera orPhone

    Jon I have seen it on You Tube and it would be the one I am thinking of getting but all the prices are well over $500 . $ 545 up to $600 . Maybe B BAY cheaper .
  5. masterfisho7

    Camera orPhone

    I have now turned my attention to Go Pros just looking at with one to get seen them on You Tube camera and chest mount for fishing
  6. masterfisho7

    Camera orPhone

    Thank you Jon D for your advice
  7. masterfisho7

    Camera orPhone

    An other thing I was looking at is also do you use your phone for video work as I have never just wondering at what video from a phone will be better than camera
  8. masterfisho7

    Camera orPhone

    Hi just a quick question what do you guys use for your photos when fishing camera of phone. I have always used a camera but I have been told that I should use my phone as the photos are just as good do you find this is right.
  9. masterfisho7

    Impromptu session

    Sounds like your day was not that bad a bit of fun Mike
  10. masterfisho7

    Boomerang Beach

    well done some nice whiting top feed Ryder
  11. masterfisho7

    Storm last night

    I live in Sydney not far from the city we got thunder and lighting some rain and that's all nothing to right home about today sun out and you would of known it rained at all last night just a bit over cast
  12. masterfisho7

    Chipping Norton Lake

    I would try hard body and soft plastics lures
  13. masterfisho7

    March Jindabyne Trip

    Top report Gordo and great photos well done
  14. masterfisho7


    Great report Toby top photos would have been fun getting 16 kings well done
  15. masterfisho7

    Harbour help

    Hi mate I would try Watsons Bay sheltered and to get something to eat and not a bad fishing ground