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  1. masterfisho7

    Umina Beach fish

    well done nice morning for it
  2. masterfisho7

    KIwi Kingies

    Well done the king is a beast
  3. masterfisho7

    Unusual catch

    Well done your one up on me I have never got mullet on sp
  4. masterfisho7

    Botany bay rat kings wed 16/1

    Nice report they are great lure for the kings
  5. masterfisho7

    Boat burns in Sydney Harbour

    It was on the news
  6. masterfisho7

    Flatties on the bay including 76cm model

    Man there some great flathead well done
  7. masterfisho7

    Lilli Pilli

    Well done fine fish Yowie
  8. masterfisho7

    Sydney's Top Fishing Spots

    Top stuff a great way to look for places to fish
  9. masterfisho7

    Port Stephens- Rack em up!!!

    Well done lads looks like a top day top stuff
  10. masterfisho7

    Burrill lake

    Some fine fish Paul that's one top whiting
  11. masterfisho7

    How To Catch Livebait in Botany Bay Info video

    Nice video well done BBF
  12. masterfisho7

    Took my brother Inlaw for a fish

    Well done some fine fish there and good eating also
  13. masterfisho7

    Fish ID

    Its a small Queenie
  14. masterfisho7

    Broken Bay Flatties

    That's a fine feed of flathead well done Craig
  15. masterfisho7

    Rock Rat

    Well done not a bad king for the rocks Steve