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  1. masterfisho7

    Beach fishing budgewoi!

    Great to see that Tailor are there top winter fish
  2. masterfisho7

    Beach fish. Central Coast.

    Well done nice report top photo of the Thai Salmon Cakes only way I will eat Salmon must give it ago
  3. masterfisho7

    Arvo blackies

    Some fine Luderick well done Rick
  4. masterfisho7

    Salmon pickled South African style

    Salmon to me are not one i like to eat only in fish cakes but your post mybe makes me think there are other ways to try them
  5. masterfisho7

    A quick flick for salmon

    Well Jon great report and top photos
  6. masterfisho7

    Central Coast Creek bream

    Well done some fine bream Reelaxation
  7. masterfisho7

    shark swollowed whole

    Top stuff Mark
  8. masterfisho7

    Garie Beach school holiday

    Nice report great work
  9. masterfisho7

    Chowder Bay, No fish.

    I fished the Parramatta river today all so for no fish you get days like that we cant get fish every day just keep at it is what i say James
  10. masterfisho7

    Bonito Kokoda (Coconut Raw Fish)

    Looks so good will have to try
  11. masterfisho7

    Eastern Suburbs Spinning

    Some good advice there
  12. masterfisho7

    Port Stephens snapper

    Nice report and some top fish Peter
  13. masterfisho7

    Whales and Flathead off Sydney

    Nice report some top eating fish there top effort
  14. masterfisho7

    Some Fishers are Just Too Good

    Thats one great photo Koalaboi they are a nice looking bird and top fishers
  15. masterfisho7


    Top photos and great fish Jon well done
  16. masterfisho7

    Winter kingfish in middle harbour

    Great work theres some top Kings there
  17. masterfisho7

    Haikus Anyone?

    Love your work Baz
  18. masterfisho7

    Smoked By Kingfish Chasing Bream

    Great report top photos of the fish and great video
  19. masterfisho7

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Well some good eating there or great baits
  20. masterfisho7

    Winter Fatty

    Nice fish Jonno well done
  21. masterfisho7

    Lostock Dam Winter Session

    Top stuff nice video JA
  22. masterfisho7

    Wyangala Report

    Well done some top cod Trav
  23. masterfisho7

    Lake Mac 30/6/19

    That's one top fish well done
  24. masterfisho7

    Wanda/Green hill beach tailor

    Well done some real nice Tailor
  25. masterfisho7

    watsons bay blackfish

    Top stuff some top blackfish well done Oli