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  1. Sounds like you had a blast love the photos
  2. Some report love the photos looks like super country
  3. Nice report love the photos top effort
  4. Man there is some great fish there love the photos
  5. Man you have some top flathead there they are top eating all so
  6. Well done some fine eating fish there
  7. Nice photos top stuff
  8. Well done some top fish there
  9. Top stuff that.s one impressive shark from a kayak
  10. Well done some solid fish there
  11. Every time i went fishing with this person i would bring lunch for the two of us he would not even bring a drink
  12. Well done love the photos some top fish there the bream and bass
  13. Well done some fine eating fish there
  14. Top stuff nice feed of blackfish
  15. That,s a nice looking fish top report
  16. Man that,s one top report well done great photos
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