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  1. Jon that looks nasty mate but great photos
  2. Top photos Jon you just keep on doing it
  3. Flathead best eating fish there is i think
  4. Well done that,s one top fish on fly mate
  5. Nice report looks great must give it ago
  6. I have fished both and they both hold trout Wallace is one nice trout steam got my biggest trout there with a bit of work and luck you can get trout at both
  7. Well done fished there years ago top spot
  8. This is sound advice by Jon and worth tacking into advice Will
  9. Unreal footage
  10. Well done top stuff Greg
  11. Great report great photos top stuff
  12. One of the best Blackfish posts I have read top work
  13. Bass hard of sort plastic lures trout Tassie Devels
  14. Well done some great fish love the photos
  15. nice fish well done Josh