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  1. Wow - awesome effort on this post - very informative well done
  2. I am eating the top one not the bottom one
  3. Looks like a juvenile bar cod but also could be a totally protected black code juveniles often have the bars
  4. Awesome Post champ love reading yours and seeing the photos. the watsons leaping bonito are such a pretty fish and great sashimi
  5. skin and fillet the Mowies and they are excellent - just need to get rid of the gut line and the iodine in the skin. - crumbed and cooked in olive oil - delicious
  6. Sorry mate only just saw this - this is land based but boat would be better - there is a small boat ramp at the end of the road have a look around there for a spot but its a very fishy spot
  7. We were throwing back Kingies in the 80"s they were a pest and opinion was why would you eat one of them when you had Snapper, Pearlie's and Spanish Macks. Coffs Harbour in the 80's was awesome
  8. Blackmans Point near the entrance to the Maria River - Jeweys at night
  9. If you head up anywhere of Malabar in 30-40 metres of water it is pretty much all reef pretty rough in patches, and if you head up just north of Maroubra beach there is quite a lot of reef in the same depths - certainly some good patches where you can catch snapper, mowies, and even the odd Pearlie. Also worth trolling a lure past Magic Point, every chance of a Kingie, Bonito or Salmon. If your feeling adventurous 60-70 metres of water straight out off Waverley Cemetery can hold some monster blue spot Flathead and there is also a few patches of gravel out there which hold some reef species as well. Good luck
  10. That snake photo is awesome - good luck
  11. Hi mate nice catch suspect though that's not a Bonito but a striped tuna
  12. Hi Sam, I notice there is a Pigfish but whats the other Red fish it looks like it has the head of a smaller groper nut the colour is way different and its not a Pig fish
  13. The Mowie prepared the right way is beautiful - simply fillet and skin - do not scale or gut - once filleted and skinned remove the rib cage and all of the black stomach lining. Dunk the fillets in egg wash ( I squeeze fresh lemon in the egg wash and mix) then dunk in some anchor bread crumbs then pan fry in olive oil - delicious.
  14. Looks like there are two Pearl Perch as well right at the back - so maybe only 22 snapper. What a great catch though, have not seen anything like that since the late 80's in Coffs Harbour. Lots of meals there.