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  1. blairy69

    Aus Geo finalist again

    That snake photo is awesome - good luck
  2. blairy69

    Fadtabulous Port Stephens

    Hi mate nice catch suspect though that's not a Bonito but a striped tuna
  3. blairy69

    Northern Beaches Bottom Bash

    Hi Sam, I notice there is a Pigfish but whats the other Red fish it looks like it has the head of a smaller groper nut the colour is way different and its not a Pig fish
  4. blairy69

    Botany Bottom Bash

    The Mowie prepared the right way is beautiful - simply fillet and skin - do not scale or gut - once filleted and skinned remove the rib cage and all of the black stomach lining. Dunk the fillets in egg wash ( I squeeze fresh lemon in the egg wash and mix) then dunk in some anchor bread crumbs then pan fry in olive oil - delicious.
  5. blairy69

    Crowdy Heads Reds

    Looks like there are two Pearl Perch as well right at the back - so maybe only 22 snapper. What a great catch though, have not seen anything like that since the late 80's in Coffs Harbour. Lots of meals there.
  6. blairy69

    Any Ideas,(Pearl Perch)

    Pearl Perch 100%
  7. blairy69

    Wooli - Spanish Mac with video

    Hi Scratchie I was in Port Stephens for a wedding last weekend no fishing though - went for a drive with the better half headed out to Anna Bay and checked out Boat Harbour while doing a lap low and behold what do I see, a boat in then driveway with the un mistakable Markings "Scratchie" I could not stop laughing all this time reading Fishraider articles and there your boat was, nice rig by the way Blairy