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  1. It did exactly this! I released it quickly and it stayed at the surface upside down and drifted away from the boat. I felt bad and didn't want it to do to waste, so I started my boat and drove over to it. I turned it back up the right way and gave it a gentle push and it darted off to the depths. Thanks for the replies all.
  2. So after a week of googling like crazy I couldn't find it (so I posted here). One last try and I found it! Full set of diagrams with part numbers for 25 / 30 / 40 hp tohatsu can be found here. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.tohatsu.de/media/docs/uploads/partslist/document-document/2013M2530HJETMX2530H002-21025-9.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiPn7uu8-TiAhVJX30KHaNxC-IQFjAOegQIBRAH&usg=AOvVaw0PjPqt09Ty6iNN4Iehbx_0 Hope it can help someone!
  3. Hi Raiders, I am trying to locate a parts diagram for my outboard, Tohatsu M30h. Specifically, the diagram with parts numbers for the tiller handle assembly. Has anybody got this page or know where I can get it? (or a full set of diagrams) Thanks, Jarrod
  4. Any body know the name of a jet black fish that is often caught while fishing for Luderick ? It's not a drummer species, and its not edible. Also not kelp fish / kale. Its all black.
  5. Sorry couldn't attach photos they were too big. The glue was called 'Cylinlock 844' and the manufacture was Hernon. Red 50ml bottle, green coloured glue. It was just 13bux from my local bearings specialist (the loctite equivalent is around 50 if you can find it)
  6. OK, I completed the job this afternoon. I included a photo of the glue, it's especially for these things. As others have said, I also scored the surface using a punch so that there was more friction between the race and the hub - this worked very well and may have been enough without the glue. But I had the glue anyway so in it went. I also realised, (phew!) that when I was driving the race in glue dripped down onto the larger race on the other side - something I'm glad I realised before it set and I'd have to replace the large race again.
  7. Thanks for replies everyone. The bearing race numbers match, I even took the new one out and put the old one in - both driven all the way in. The old one is spinning inside there now too! I checked with a torch too and there is absolutely no gap - they can't go in further. I'm using the mother of all brass drifts (it's about 20mm wide) and a large block hammer. This is around my 5th time doing bearings so I have a fair idea. I have done some more research and loctite make a product just for this problem, additional guides say to use a punch and score the final mounting surface to add some friction can also help. I called the local bearing place and they have a much cheaper loctite alternate - after I pick it up this afternoon I will take some photographs of the problem and the solution for all to see in the future. Thanks for the help everyone!
  8. Hi all, I just hammered in an outer bearing race (into an integrated hub wheel) and the race is spinable inside the hub - I can turn it with 2 fingers. Is it likely I got a little too excited with the hammering and the race has stretched the hub? It doesn't make sense to me that this is possible. The last bearing race was snug. Is it safe to tow (just a tinnie) like this? What should I do? Thanks
  9. Thanks for your reply, Birkenhead point fits the bill! Is it safe to leave boat unattended there?
  10. Hi all, Trying to find public wharfs that are good to stop and have a stretch and a coffee/beer on Sydney Harbour. I found the one at cabarita marina yesterday and thought it was great - the pontoon was even padded so it didn't knock the paint off my boat. Excellent spot for a coffee too. (attached photo of my boat on said pontoon) Is there any other similar on the harbour? My boat is a 30hp 14 foot tinnie so not really interested in super yacht parking. Thanks!