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  1. @dunc333 Mine almost certainly doesn't comply. But it was only 50 bux delivered, and will be fit for purpose (having a play with). It can also be programmed to normal CB radio freqs too so its not entirely worthless.
  2. @motiondaveAU Falcons are legendary, I know because I follow the FB page "AU Falcons doing incredible things". You're keeping a legend on the road. Ramps in wealthy areas are the worst ! My experience is people telling me I need to back my trailer in further - I always say "you just wait mate, this will blow your mind". And then I pull the pin for the hinge on my tilt trailer. I give them my best cheshire cat grin and they shut-up right away, I do agree, do what is sensible and safe - one only needs to read the cars book and note the towbar's capacity.
  3. I've been towing boats with small fwd cars for years. I have never had any issues at all. All my boats have been right on the limit of unbraked, and I often would take my boat from Sydney to Port kembla. Never have I cooked the brakes on mount ousley. I have never ever had slippage issues pulling the boat out, and I don't shy from any ramp. Being front wheel drive, like others have said - your drive wheels are further up the ramp. My current boat is a 4.3 savage kestral mk2 with a 30hp - being a deep wide body (similar to a quintrex dory). I was towing it with a 2005 lancer a
  4. Hi All, I bought a chinese VHF portable handset. It comes without channels pre-configured, but its easy enough to do with opensource software called CHIRP. I have found a list of channels here https://www.acma.gov.au/vhf-maritime-mobile-band-channel-allocations But I am thinking I only really need a few of those. Which ones are essential (besides 16) ?
  5. thanks for the replies raiders, much appreciate the photo too. Its a 2011, doesnt appear to have adjustment at the linkage point. Also I think there might not even be a problem. I was checking if it was in gear by selecting forward on the shift lever, then spinning the prop clockwise (aka the way it would spin when in forward). This does not turn the engine, the lower unit just ticks. When i put it in reverse on the gear select lever and then turn the propellor appropriately it does turn the engine. Is it possible the prop shaft has a free-wheel type feature (like
  6. Hi All, Changed my water pump impellor tonight on a Tohatsu m30h (30hp 2 stroke tiller steer) - which of course means the shift linkage was seperated and lower unit off. After re-assembly, when i click the shift lever into forward it seems fine, but then i spin the prop the lower unit makes a tick tick noise and does not turn the motor. Neutral and Reverse appear to function fine. Any ideas ? i was careful when I put it back together and the shift linkage was almost perfect lined up before slipping the spring pin in.
  7. Hi All, I have a stubborn roll pin which I'm having trouble removing. Im cautious of tapping it hard with a hammer because i dont want to bend the linkage shafts. It's difficult to support the shaft while striking (photo attached of pin position). I keep spraying it with penetrating oil and leaving it - plan on attacking again soon. Does anyone use and recommend a tool like this ?
  8. It did exactly this! I released it quickly and it stayed at the surface upside down and drifted away from the boat. I felt bad and didn't want it to do to waste, so I started my boat and drove over to it. I turned it back up the right way and gave it a gentle push and it darted off to the depths. Thanks for the replies all.
  9. So after a week of googling like crazy I couldn't find it (so I posted here). One last try and I found it! Full set of diagrams with part numbers for 25 / 30 / 40 hp tohatsu can be found here. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.tohatsu.de/media/docs/uploads/partslist/document-document/2013M2530HJETMX2530H002-21025-9.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiPn7uu8-TiAhVJX30KHaNxC-IQFjAOegQIBRAH&usg=AOvVaw0PjPqt09Ty6iNN4Iehbx_0 Hope it can help someone!
  10. Hi Raiders, I am trying to locate a parts diagram for my outboard, Tohatsu M30h. Specifically, the diagram with parts numbers for the tiller handle assembly. Has anybody got this page or know where I can get it? (or a full set of diagrams) Thanks, Jarrod
  11. Any body know the name of a jet black fish that is often caught while fishing for Luderick ? It's not a drummer species, and its not edible. Also not kelp fish / kale. Its all black.
  12. Sorry couldn't attach photos they were too big. The glue was called 'Cylinlock 844' and the manufacture was Hernon. Red 50ml bottle, green coloured glue. It was just 13bux from my local bearings specialist (the loctite equivalent is around 50 if you can find it)
  13. OK, I completed the job this afternoon. I included a photo of the glue, it's especially for these things. As others have said, I also scored the surface using a punch so that there was more friction between the race and the hub - this worked very well and may have been enough without the glue. But I had the glue anyway so in it went. I also realised, (phew!) that when I was driving the race in glue dripped down onto the larger race on the other side - something I'm glad I realised before it set and I'd have to replace the large race again.
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