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  1. I was fishing jb over the weekend and managed to get a good number of decent flathead and squid. I also witnessed someone fighting a marlin around 140kg of the tubes and then ran into them at Callala boat ramp awesome fish.
  2. Johnnypro

    The Peak

    It’s going off mate, get out there with your livies and smash em.
  3. Hi mate you can have a crack at some kingfish of point perp, downrigging, micro jigging or live baiting and also try a bit of burley around longnose point for some snapper. There’s also a few squid around Murray’s beach.
  4. Hi mate I’ve been fishing there with a charter company and had a ball. Good luck cheers Johnny
  5. That’s a horse dude awesome job!!!
  6. Hey mate, I have a holiday house down calalla beach and fish jb quite often, it’s an awesome place. I have a quintrex 610 offshore which I launch off Callala Bay boat ramp and I’ve never had any dramas whether it’s high or low tide yet. If your new to the area it might be wise to have some help with you because the wharf is a little high off the water level even at high tide. Good luck and tight lines!!!
  7. Thanks for your time and insight guys I appreciate it.
  8. Thanks for your reply and there’s nothing wrong with the performance of the rig. i just thought maybe I can get a little more performance out of of her besides the standard prop. Cheers
  9. Hi guys I was wondering if anyone has had this experience before and I’d willing to share the result. I have a 2005 quintrex 610 offshore with a 150 Yamaha four stroke and I was looking in getting the prop changed to stainless. Would anyone have any ideas as which one would be the best for my rig. Thanks guys.