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  1. Hey Rory, sounds good mate if u sling us a inbox I'm happy to tell u all I know of the river, it's not like any of my mates down here listen there all jb this jb that haha although this might interest u,, lately there has been a lot of big kings in close around currarong at the big and little bombies, Jim
  2. Hi raiders, Does any body target/cook mullet? I remember as a kid my uncles fishing for them on fixed lines on poles with dough bait and everybody(in nowra) was doing it (early 90s), I got thinking about it after talking to my neighbour, He was raving about how good they are smoked so I wanted to see if I could catch us some these holidays, any tips? I never see anyone keeping mullet but ALWAYS see them cruising around so what's the go? Why doesn't anybody chase them anymore? i know there not a trophy fish but it's holidays and the river is chock a block with boats, wake boats and jet skis included, so I thought I'd take it easy and try something "simple" hahaha cheers jim
  3. Hi Rory, When your making a trip down to the river,let me know if I can't put you onto the fish I can aatleast show you where to collect some live bait and point you in the direction of some deeper sections of water And Hi Pete would love to hear any of your stories or observations, I grew up in nowra and bought out here 3 years ago and have been fishing from the break wall to the fork of the shoalhaven in a boat on the reg thoughts on weather or not you think much as changed from th3 n until now would be much appreciated jim
  4. Hi all, ive just signed up to fish raider after many years of reading the forums as a guest(learnt a lot here, thanks guys) just curious if there are any Raiders located in the shoalhaven like me? It appears a lot of you are Around Sydney an further north Just looking for some more fishing buddy's that are keen like I am, and are happy to share what they've learnt, like I am ,and any body that would just like to chat about the shoalhaven system and their experiences, my fishing focus has become mulloway lately after becoming proficient (enough) with the bread and butter estuary species, I now only fish for jew with soft vibes and the good live baits(yakkas squid small slimies, tailor and occasionally mullet) have fished the same steep channel edge (a known spot)high and low day and night to no result(bar a couple of 85+ flathead) the chase continues jim