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  1. JimC


    The old local fisho was out in his boat all day and had never got a bite. Up comes this 40ft cruiser and 8 people drop their lines in. Suddenly there were 8 fish hooked. This went on over and over again with fish coming in everywhere. The old fisho up anchored and headed back to the ramp, followed by the big boat. One of the guys asked the old fisho if he had caught anything to which he sadly shook his head. He then asked what they were using for bait. Licorice was the reply. He looked puzzled and asked what they catch on licorice. Allsorts was the reply
  2. JimC

    Removing black gut lining

    That's what I like about luderick. The iodine weedy taste, especially the skin. Leave it in and enjoy the unusual flavour. YUM.
  3. JimC

    Flathead in the bucket

    Many years ago I was fishing for luderick using weed. Imagine my surprise when I landed a good sized flathead.
  4. JimC

    Boat identification

    I have recently acquired a tinny 3.8m long. Having to have an id number attached it is actually 3.86m long .Wow My quandary is that no-one knows the manufacturer. It is a very old boat with the sides being pressed from a single sheet of aluminium. Photos attached to help.
  5. I grew up 2 minutes walk from the road/ rail bridges. Pulled many a luderick out of there but I think it is all sanded up there. Is there any depth around there now?
  6. JimC

    I am lucky!

    I have checked a few different manufacturers and average weight fr 15 hp is too heavy for me to lift with my medical problem. I am getting what they call a lightweight 9.9 Around the same weight as my old 6hp. New one is a Tohatsu at around $1800 or so. I could have picked up a used Merc for $1700 and it was a 15hp but I couldn't lift it off the floor. Getting old isn't always easy
  7. JimC

    I am lucky!

    I have a 3.9 m tinny for which I have been searching for a new motor. A 15 hp would be good except it is too heavy. for the boat and me. I have just found a 9.9 two stroke long shaft to suit at a greatly reduced price. Reduced because the manufacturer is giving discounts to deplete their two stroke stock. Apparently two strokes are being phased out due to pollution and 4 stroke will be the norm. Seems I got in just in time.
  8. JimC


    Completed mine two days ago!
  9. JimC

    Boating disasters, your best or worst!

    5 K from my wharf at Sussex Inlet and the outboard dies. OK so I drop the trolling motor, pull out the starter battery from the back and hook up to motor. It is fun navigating from the front of the boat through the narrow waterways to home with other boaties staring at you. Worse problem is that I had to go back 4 k to the nearest boat ramp with similar stares. One good thing was that the battery held ok.
  10. JimC

    Wooden boats

    No particular kit at the moment. Just a thought process
  11. JimC

    Luderick troubleshooting

    These are my favourite fish too. Maybe they are too well fed.
  12. JimC

    Parramatta River

    Please do not eat fish caught west of the Sydney Harbour bridge. The river has been toxic for years with chemical runoff. It is cleaner now but it is advised to throw the fish back.
  13. JimC

    Rechargeable lure

    I was given one of those rechargeable lures that vibrate .Anyone tried these? I suspect it is a bit of a gimmick
  14. JimC

    St.georges basin

    I can remember many years back when i was a youngster there was a book called "Fish and fisheries of Australia" written by T.C.Roughley. A beautiful colour plate book of Australian fish. This was around 1950 or so. In it he states that St Georges Basin was one of the biggest breeding grounds for snapper on the east coast.
  15. JimC

    Thankyou Marine Rescue

    I, too, was towed in by Sussex Inlet Marine rescue after my water pump destroyed itself. I was told that they are not allowed to charge for rescues but I gave them a donation and have joined the rescue group as they are always on the lookout for more volunteers.