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  1. JimC

    Night Fishing Flint And Strel

    I saw a boat at Sussex using a red and green glow stick for nav lights
  2. Surely any infected prawns should be taken off the market
  3. JimC

    Snapper in St Georges Basin

    Went out again today and they were conspicuous by their absence. Returned 4 but kept a 47cm flathead and a 35cm snapper
  4. My cousin and I went up to the Basin this morning just after sunup. No breeze and as I usually drift I decided to "teabag". Chaos reigned as we had a hook up just about every bait. Double hookups were common and we returned most of the snapper as they were undersized. We had 2 keepers at just over 30cm and a little over 1lb each. At 9am they stopped biting. Luckily, as we had 2 pilchards left. Fun was had by all and we had returned over 20 fish, all around the 27cm mark. Jim '
  5. I fish St Georges Basin in water 5-9m deep. What puzzles me about my sounder picture is this. If my boat is moving forwards and my sounder is showing the bottom, how do you relate the boat speed to trace speed?Surely the boat is nowhere anything showing on the screen because the trace speed is not matching the boat speed. thought. What speed do sounders run at. Mine is a Lowrance elite4 chirp. JIM
  6. JimC

    Safety and First aid kits on boats

    Less than 2 months
  7. JimC

    Safety and First aid kits on boats

    I have just completed an advanced resuscitation course with Marine Rescue and they teach 2 breaths to 20 compressions. They did say that if facial injury prevents breathing then compressions only as some air does exchange due to chest being compresses
  8. JimC

    Re wiring LED lights on tralier help

    Do you have a 12v test lamp or meter? If so put plug in and turn lights on and work towards the lights . Jim
  9. JimC

    Sussex inlet

    I have found them to be almost non existent this year. Other years they have been everywhere, channel and Basin.
  10. JimC

    Boat ramp

    Lots of good ideas. Thanks all
  11. JimC

    Boat ramp

    My boat is a 4.3m Quintrex aluminium. Too much marine growth to leave in water. I will probably try hardwood runners, maybe a small dolly under boat. I have the wheels so a bit of construction required.
  12. JimC

    Boat ramp

    I was thinking along the lines of some sort of composite plastic stuff that will not rot, but not sure of supplier. Jim
  13. JimC

    Boat ramp

    I have a concrete ramp on which I use my trailer to get boat out of water. Because of medical problem winching onto a tilting trailer, then winching the trailer up the ramp is difficult as trailer tips high when boat coming on. I want to construct a low level retrieval system such as wooden slides and rollers mounted onto the concrete. What suitable product could I use for the slides. The concrete goes half under water at high tide. Suggestions please. Jim
  14. JimC

    Sussex Inlet & St Georges Basin - Family weekend

    I have been coming here for over 50 years and now live here. We went through a period where the Basin was netted commercially, and catching a good sized fish was difficult. Since netting stopped the fish stock have been building up and now good fish are around. My old style fishing was to drift, using nippers. But as nippers are in short supply, I have had to change fishing style, using other baits. I have tries soft plastics with little success whilst others get good results. I cannot remember the last time I came in with a good mixed bag. OH WELL! Maybe I should fish more
  15. JimC

    Sussex Inlet & St Georges Basin - Family weekend

    Hi Colin. Weather a bit ordinary this weekend. The Basin can become treacherous in a strong n.e. blow. This is bad on the south end but calmer in the top end. Around 90% of Marine Rescue work is in St Georges Basin due to wind and other factors. We have had n.e. for most days for the last few weeks. Occasional southerly, but makes fishing challenging. Jim