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  1. Researching further. The non gps epirbs can take from 90 minutes to 5 hours to be detected and then within a 5 km range. the new gps type can be detected within 20 minutes to an accuracy of 120 meters. The difference in time is because of the frequencies used and the availability of satellites
  2. The older type of EPIRB, whilst sending a distress signal did not accurately pinpoint your position. The rescue vessel would be directed to your general vicinity and then would have to start a search pattern. The new type indicates your exact location.
  3. If anyone is carrying an older type epirb it would be better to update. The new type transmit your lat. and long position and cuts a considerable amount of time off finding you .
  4. JimC

    Weather conditions

    Look on the BOM website and go to Marine forecast. It will give wind direction and speed plus swell size and direction. Often there are two swells running different directions which makes for interesting times.
  5. According to the regulations you must hold a radio licence before you can legally use a marine radio. Also you must have a marine radio fitted in your boat before going outside. Here is the quandary... If you must have a radio but cannot legally use it if unlicenced you are breaking the law if you fish outside. Seeing the majority of boat users are not licenced what are the authorities able to do? Marine Rescue pleads with boaties to log on for their own safety. Many do not, and here is where our problems start. If a boat gets into trouble and we don't know it is out or where it is where do we start looking? There are a number of great action photos on here of you fishing outside WITHOUT wearing life jackets. Please please wear them. They are your first line of protection. We do not like looking for bodies
  6. I am in Marine Rescue at Sussex Inlet and have taken over the task of teaching radio procedure together with the LROCP course. All our MR operators must have the LROCP qualification as well as being assessed on Base radio procedure. Sussex will be running a short basic radio procedure for boaties in the not too distant future. Seeing most Boaties are not licensed this will be a basic overview of procedure only.
  7. JimC

    Outboard problems

    Finally I have victory. The two metal flapper valves had lost their tension so were not closing. So after I retentioned them so they held closed at normal away she went. The manual says to replace the pump every 3 years but as there is only the two diaphragms and the two valves I fail to see why. Maybe it is because the valves lose their tension. Thanks all for help with suggestions.
  8. I stuck my transducer inside the yak with Selly's water seal product. Works great and easy to remove if necessary
  9. JimC

    Outboard problems

    Ongoing saga. Having check the fuel delivery from the tank to the engine all is ok. Fitted a new diaphragm kit in the fuel pump and motor still runs out of fuel because the pump is not working. I have tried all over the net to get information on this motor but nothing. It is a 2011 30 hp 3 cylinder 2 stroke yamaha. Cant find anything. The pump has 2 diaphragms and 2 flapper valves which are a flat strip which is slightly bent to close off fuel ways. cant see a problem anywhere but no fuel coming through with engine running on fuel in carbys. Not sure how the pump runs but I think vacuum off the motor. Wished I could find a manual!
  10. I have developed strong hand muscles from pumping fuel. It is about the only exercise I can do 🙂
  11. Out in the boat 2 days ago in St Georges Basin. Motor starts losing power and stopping. I found that the fuel pump was not working properly. Being a mad fisherman I bought length of hose and sat the priming bulb near the throttle leaver. Now all I have to do is squeeze it every 30 seconds and I am off fishing. New pump diaphragm ordered
  12. Last year I got the surprise of my life. Motoring slowly up the channel at Sussex Inlet I was amazed to see thousands of sea blackfish congregating in schools over the sand patches. They were waiting to do their thing when the females spawned. Of course they had a one track mind and were not feeding. Two days later they were all gone. This species did not look threatened. It was an incredible sight to witness.
  13. I suppose that I am fortunate in that my boat is on the ramp behind my house. I can launch and fish without seeing anyone, yet I am hesitant to go out. I could not be exposed to it by my fishing activities but I think the uncertainty of life at the moment takes the gloss off fishing. We are playing a waiting game where the whole of life seems surreal. Maybe a good time to service the boat and gear.
  14. JimC

    Outboard problems

    I have a recurring problem with my outboard which this time I hope I have fixed. The problem is clogged idle jets. Having paid $400 to have the 3 carbies cleaned the problem was fixed. There was gunk in one of the idle jets. However a few months later the problem returned. In between I had drained and washed the fuel tank, checked the fuel line for deterioration and fitted an extra fuel filter in the line. The fuel filter on the motor was spotless as was the inline filter. I cleaned the jets and the problem was gone. However it has returned again. This time I cleaned the jets again, both filters clean. I also dismantled the fuel pump which the tech had not done the first time. The pump had a lot of solidified white crystals in it. I have cleaned this and hopefully the problem will disappear. My research shows that this crystal forms when using Ethanol fuel which I do not do. Is this diagnosis correct, because if it is then my servo might be selling E10 as unleaded. I hope not.
  15. Years ago when I was teaching my daughters to fish, I took them out in my boat. My eldest caught an octopus inside a glass bottle and my next daughter caught half a bream. A tailor chopped it on the way in.