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  1. JimC

    Advice on old tinny

    Years back I had a tinny with a leak under a frame, near the keel line. I drilled it out and inserted a blind aluminum pop rivet. Packed it with 2 part epoxy. Never leaked again
  2. JimC

    boat license

    Direct quote from RMS Handbook. Anyone driving at 10 knots or more must be licenced. paraphrased. As far as boat rego the following applies Powered vessel with engine of 4kw or 5 hp Vessel over 5.5 m long must have rego Any vessel on mooring or a marina berth must have rego
  3. JimC

    New kayak fisher

    Named my yak yackerty-yak
  4. JimC

    New kayak fisher

    I have holidayed here for over 50 years and now live permanently. I think I know my way around the basin by now
  5. JimC

    New kayak fisher

    My mate has a 12 foot hobie and he was drooling! Comes with a sail but no electronics. Oh well. I survived for a long time without a fish finder. Used my instinct
  6. JimC

    New kayak fisher

    OK I have gone and done it. Picking up a Hobie P14 today. Should fit the requirements. Now to wait for this gale to drop. Thanks for advice. Jim
  7. JimC

    New kayak fisher

    Thanks. I am at Sussex Inlet if that helps
  8. JimC

    New kayak fisher

    Thanks. My condition necessitates that I have two forms of propulsion. Legs and arms. An electric motor would be cheating as I have to keep my strength up. I would need a kayak at least 3 plus metres long. and I certainly would not be standing up
  9. JimC

    New kayak fisher

    Hi all. I am considering getting a kayak for fishing. If I am honest it is that I need the exercise. I don't want over the top expenditure as I am on a pension and have a muscular problem and have to live on prednisone to function. I am also 105 kg, hence the need for exercise. I would consider a pedal model and if possible a small sail. What kayak would you recommend for a novice? I am a keen fisherman hence my membership here. Maybe someone here might have a serviceable but older model they might like to part with. Jim
  10. JimC

    Night Fishing Flint And Strel

    I saw a boat at Sussex using a red and green glow stick for nav lights
  11. Surely any infected prawns should be taken off the market
  12. JimC

    Snapper in St Georges Basin

    Went out again today and they were conspicuous by their absence. Returned 4 but kept a 47cm flathead and a 35cm snapper
  13. My cousin and I went up to the Basin this morning just after sunup. No breeze and as I usually drift I decided to "teabag". Chaos reigned as we had a hook up just about every bait. Double hookups were common and we returned most of the snapper as they were undersized. We had 2 keepers at just over 30cm and a little over 1lb each. At 9am they stopped biting. Luckily, as we had 2 pilchards left. Fun was had by all and we had returned over 20 fish, all around the 27cm mark. Jim '
  14. I fish St Georges Basin in water 5-9m deep. What puzzles me about my sounder picture is this. If my boat is moving forwards and my sounder is showing the bottom, how do you relate the boat speed to trace speed?Surely the boat is nowhere anything showing on the screen because the trace speed is not matching the boat speed. thought. What speed do sounders run at. Mine is a Lowrance elite4 chirp. JIM
  15. JimC

    Safety and First aid kits on boats

    Less than 2 months