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  1. How is it possible for a running outboard to upset a gps compass? I went out with my mate in his new runabout. I opened the compass app on my phone and noticed the red end of the compass pointed nearly south. When he shut the motor down the red end swung around and pointed north' as it should. The only explanation I can come up with is that the electronics on the outboard generate a radio interference on the same frequency that the gps compass uses. Any other thoughts? Jim
  2. Growing up in Coff's Harbour we would regularly meet an old lady whilst we were fishing the run in of the creek at night. She would sniff the air and say that there were jewies on the beach. She fished with a handline and beach worms and never missed catching some
  3. What a waste. Tossing all the flesh on the backbone and the skin. Nothing nicer than crispy skin. I will stay with my old method.
  4. JimC

    Outboard oil

    Tank drained and refilled with 2 stroke outboard. $54 for 4L
  5. JimC

    Outboard oil

    Looks like I am back to yak fishing till I can drain it. Put wrong oil by mistake
  6. JimC

    Storing a motor

    Yes 30hp Yamaha with 3 carbies and oil injection
  7. JimC

    Storing a motor

    When storing a motor after use and having flushed it should you run the motor dry of fuel to stop carbies getting clogged
  8. JimC

    Outboard oil

    Ok. Here is the problem, I have a 30HP Yamaha 2stroke oil injected outboard. I have filled the oil reservoir with some 4 stroke oil. Any problems here?
  9. I occasionally get Gurnard in St Georges Basin.
  10. I bit my split shot for years. Maybe explains why I am like I am! Lead levels are normal.
  11. JimC


    Who gets leg cramps from peddling and how do you overcome them?
  12. JimC

    Advice on old tinny

    Years back I had a tinny with a leak under a frame, near the keel line. I drilled it out and inserted a blind aluminum pop rivet. Packed it with 2 part epoxy. Never leaked again
  13. JimC

    boat license

    Direct quote from RMS Handbook. Anyone driving at 10 knots or more must be licenced. paraphrased. As far as boat rego the following applies Powered vessel with engine of 4kw or 5 hp Vessel over 5.5 m long must have rego Any vessel on mooring or a marina berth must have rego
  14. JimC

    New kayak fisher

    Named my yak yackerty-yak
  15. JimC

    New kayak fisher

    I have holidayed here for over 50 years and now live permanently. I think I know my way around the basin by now