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  1. SquidgyBoi

    Hard body lures

    hey mate I live in Sydney to, get a atomic crank or vibes/blades.
  2. SquidgyBoi

    Fishing goal this summer

    a nice bream and flattie on SP
  3. SquidgyBoi

    Breakfast Point / Lures

    Hey mate What hard body would be the best a atomic shad 50, or a fathead crank 38, thankss
  4. SquidgyBoi

    Breakfast Point / Lures

    G'day Raiders Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day. I live in Chiswick,Sydney so I am central, I love to fish at rose bay but that is a bit to far for my dad to take me. I was wondering if breakfast point along the rocks is a good spot for bream, snapper, flathead and the usual. Can you guys tell me how deep the water is and what I should use their (bait or lure). I was thinking of using soft plastics and casting them along the rock wall, these are all of my soft plastics: ZMan Grubs 2.5 motor oil and bloodworm Gulp Shrimp 2' Banana Prawn, Pepper Prawn Gulp Minnow Watermelon Pearl 3inch Squidgy Wriggler 100mm Squidgy Prawn Wriggler 95mm S Factor Can you tell me if they will be good for bream along the rock wall and if hard bodies will be good there or is it to deep???? I also just got a tt switchblade 1/8 and a few others like chubby and atomic cranks,will that be good along the rock Wall or will plastics with scent be better??? ( can you tell me specifically what to use in the hardbody category or SP??) cheers
  5. SquidgyBoi

    Breakfast Point, Sydney

    Hey mate nice catch, I am not new to fishing but I'm new to lures and thats what I'm learning to use, you can fish hen and chickens bay for flathead or you can go to Drummoyne wharf, thatsnot to bad, got a 33cm and a 40cm bream there. I live in chiswick which is very close, is breakfast point good, do you fish of the rocks or of the point??
  6. SquidgyBoi

    Bream lures for the flats

    zman grubz 2.5 inch motor oil and bloodworm Jackall chubby Atomic cranks go for green or brown colours mainly
  7. SquidgyBoi

    Fish species?

    hey mate, that is a anchovy, I just got a tt switchblade 1/8 do you think I can catch a bream on that in Hawkesbury
  8. SquidgyBoi


    Thanks for all the help, the first time I tried my hard body lures I went to rose bay and caught 4 tailor and 1 flattie on a prawn. just came back I got 1 bite with the grub but no fish but my bro caught a 35 cm bream but we chucked it back I'm still happy because I've went fishing once now with SP. thanks for everything
  9. SquidgyBoi


    thanks a lot man, that was very helpful indeed, Do you know if I can catch at night time with my vibe and soft plastic at 8-10pm and if you don't mind where are some spots in Sydney where I can use a chubby
  10. SquidgyBoi


    Hey mate, it is a 1/8 for around 3 meter water?? and if it is too shallow will it be good for 6 meter??
  11. SquidgyBoi


    Hello, I am new to fishing with hard body lures, I have only went once as I got my new lures and I caught 4 tailor. I got this red and black tt switchblade and I was wondering how deep I can use it, can it goes 5 meters deep??? and is it good for bream??? I also bought some man grubs 2.5 inch and a squidgy wriggler 100mm silver fox because they didn't have bloodworm, can you give me some techniques on how to use the switchblade and if I can use it a wharf like Balmain wharf??? and can I use a jackal chubby at a wharf where it is 2 meters deep thanks
  12. SquidgyBoi

    juno point flatty!

    Hey mate, what did you use to catch the flat tie
  13. SquidgyBoi

    Brisbane Water Flatties

    Hey mate, Great sized flatties, I'm gonna buy some zman grubs 2.5inch for bream and flathead, iim thinking of getting motor oil and blood worm , what colour did you use and is 1/8 jighead fine??
  14. SquidgyBoi

    SP’S Around Sydney

    Thanks for all your help, this spot in your video is worth a shot, Do you know where I can get cheap lures online ?. Unlucky st the start when you lost the fish.
  15. SquidgyBoi

    Fishing Port Stephens

    Wow, me to I’m staying at corlette, I’ll be there for 3 days 25,26,27 Jan Australia Day and I will be fishing of the rocks at corlette and fishing at beaches for flathead