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  1. Is there any good spots for flathead and squid up at dunbogan?
  2. kyle

    St.georges basin

    here are the results, certsinly didnt dissapoint me thank you all for the help and advice ill definitly be going down there again
  3. G'day all i was wondering if anyone knew of any places to pump for nipper or (salt water yabbies ib st georges basin. Preferibly around sanctuary point
  4. kyle

    Middle harbour

    Thanks mate, do you think whole pilchids with no weight would work
  5. kyle

    Middle harbour

    G,day all im looking for some good fishing spots in middle harbour im targetting mainly kingfish and tailor. Im using whole pilchids
  6. G'day all i just bough a couple of suga penns and was wondering where are some good spots to do surface lure fishing near sydney.
  7. kyle

    surface lures

    thank you for the advice
  8. kyle

    surface lures

    whiting more than anything
  9. kyle

    surface lures

    g'day all, I would like to know your opinion on a god surface lure for the estuaries
  10. I went to there website and looked around but they did not have anything in my price range im looking for anything that is $130 and below, thanks for the help though!
  11. G'day all, Im looking to buy a bait caster combo that is between $90 and $140 does any one have any recommendations or websites I could look at?