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    Stolen boat

    Hi all... Please can you help share the below info... If we can get this around on facebook would be great... Please note the boat has no original decals Boat STOLEN last night from Kingscliff, NSW. Quintrex 475 Legend name WOLFPAK, rego IAR754N, with 60 HP 4-stroke Yamaha on a Dunbier Trailer. Please help me find these bastards.........
  2. Hundgie

    Shellharbour great day

    Yep thanks for clearing that up Scratchie...understand now.
  3. Hundgie

    Shellharbour great day

    Yeah its alittle confusing. ..bag limit of 10 so 10 per person, and 20 in posetion??? Does that mean max of 20 onboard no matter how many anglers are on board??
  4. Hundgie

    Shellharbour great day

    Great catch...well done Just a heads up about new bag limits that were bought in on 3rd Nov I would think not many people know about this as i was told buy a friend and have seen no advertising for it at all. Josh
  5. Hundgie

    Boat screen

    Lexan is Polycarbonate...thats just the brand...The polycarb will be the strongest but has poor chemical resistance, so be carefull what you wash down with.
  6. Hundgie

    Kurnel Drummer fishing

    Royal red prawns, pick them up in the frozen section of the supermarket, or at a fish market, drummer love em.
  7. Hundgie

    Bibs for lures?

    These Guys will be able to supply you... what you want is polycarbonate sheet, just figure out how think you want it its really tuff so you would need to grind it to shape, then if you want to bend it, it can be heated and bent hope this helps.
  8. Hundgie

    2 stroke trolling speed

    Hi all I have 2001 560 coastrunner with a 115 merc 2 stroke My trouble is a cant seem to get the correct trolling speed for pulling marlin and tuna lures its either a tad too slow or up on the plane. Can the carbs be ajusted to allow the 2nd stage to come in a little later or would a hydrofoil allow a slower plane speed with less engine revs Any advice would be great. Cheers
  9. Hundgie

    buying a downrigger

    Never had any probs with my Canon Easi-Troll...Would work fine in the lake and inshore reefs. Got mine from the US online, saved a heap and never had any issues with delivery.
  10. Try the Manns stretch +5 in the grey ghost colour.... one of the best all round divers i've ever used.
  11. Hundgie

    Gold Coast weekend away

    This prob goes against the rules of the site, but i cant see it hurting any sponsers of the site from down this way Try Seaprobe fishing charters or Fish the deep charters, you may have trouble getting a booking at short notice.
  12. Hundgie

    Skip baits

    Hi all Can anyone help me with some illustrated diagrams or video footage of a simple a quick method of rigging skip baits. Am heading out on the weekend and i have some whole bonito in the freezer that i thought may be an alternative to just pulling lures. Cheers Josh
  13. Hundgie

    Port Stephens - 30/01/11

    Gday guys, sounds like you had fun despite the lost fish. Do you mind if i ask a few quick questions about switch baiting? Do you slow down from your trolling speed when feeding the bait back? And do yakkas work ok if i cant find any slimies? Cheers Josh
  14. Hundgie

    Eastern Suburbs Rocks

    Sounds like an ideal time to start squid fishing, with one those heavy duty spikes you use with pillies.
  15. Hundgie

    Led Bell Type Submersible Trailer Lights !

    Mate i had those exact lights from whitworths, and they lasted less than 12 months(complete rubish). Ended up fitting the narva lights with normal globes(from repco) and they have been great, one thing i did do was to silicon the rear of the light where the wires enter, just to be on the safe side.