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  1. T.R

    Narrabeen Surf Fishing

    Mate I agree with what short and big Neil recommended. I was running a 12ft rod with a size 3 Star sinker running a paternoster rig. The height of the rod kept the line from being washed by the waves. Good luck out there. Tight lines!!!
  2. T.R

    Narrabeen Surf Fishing

    Sam bros had an awesome time out on the water but as expected picked up your regular bread and butter species not luck on a Jewie though lol. Gotta few whiting with a monster 43cm and a lot of bream released majority of my catches just took enough for a feed.
  3. T.R

    Narrabeen Surf Fishing

    Omally thanks mate, I’ve been fishing the lagoon a lot and getting some 40cm+ whiting taking live worms so I’m hoping the surf will be produce bigger specimens. Hoping to hook into some monster flathead and some good sized bream.
  4. T.R

    Narrabeen Surf Fishing

    Thanks Sam bros I’ll definately take that into consideration. No worries if I hook into some good fish I’ll take a few snaps and post them for you mate.
  5. T.R

    Narrabeen Surf Fishing

    Heading to Narrabeen Beach next Friday for a bit of surf fishing late afternoon through out the night hopefully, I’ve fished the lagoon quite a bit and hooked into a lot of fish. Just wondering if anyone has fished the beach lately and struck gold!! Any raiders with any info will be appreciated. My guess is I’ll get the same species that I get in the lagoon is there any other species I should target?? Other than your bread and butter species. Thanks raiders tight lines out there.