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  1. Miketheangler

    Blue Spot Flathead

    Excellent catch mate! Check out my page I have written up a large guide on catching flathead on soft plastics. Happy fishing!
  2. Miketheangler

    Big shark Botany Bay

    Was meant to be drifting around Mollie pt on the yak sak that now I'm back to the harbour ?
  3. Miketheangler


    I have caught a 42cm whiting and a 33cm whiting, and a 33cm bream all from Huntley's both my PB's pretty good spot when its firing. P.s. live nippers is the gun bait on a light sinker.
  4. Miketheangler

    Zman plastics

    Keep em in original packaging away from direct sunlight. Store the packaging somewhere sunlight can't get thru like a tackle bag or I just use a school pencil case.
  5. Miketheangler


    Try fishing off rocky headlands or deep water near weed or break walls for kings, while there can be kings cruisin up estuaries they much prefer what I stated up there ^. P.s. stickbaits might work better as a surface lure for kings.
  6. Miketheangler


    Need someone to tag along with me this weekend probably a Sunday morning (if I do go) targeting kings off the kayak at molineux point (botany bay). Would be good if u you have your own arrangement of bait otherwise we can squid for an hour. Probably will drift with squid strips down 4 meters off the bottom around Mollie pt. Thanks ?
  7. Miketheangler

    Sunday king with my daughter

    Great day mate, been to the same spot, casted a weightless pillie out and they swam up to it but didn't bite. Gotta try some fresh prawns next time.
  8. Miketheangler

    How to fish Sydney harbor moorings for kingfish

    Thanks mate your a top bloke.
  9. Miketheangler

    How to fish Sydney harbor moorings for kingfish

    Search up Kayak fishing botany bay. Same guy on YouTube most of his vids at Molli pt. He pulled a 109cm from there.
  10. Miketheangler

    Attaching a SP or HB

    Defs not for bream bro they too picky (as in seeing the snap) (your snap swivel technique) but your right does not affect retrieve and works a treat for other species e.g flathead, Trev's, on squid jigs, kingfish lures. I would advise using hiddenweight systems as well but they arent necessary. They will often get u more bits. They are used to let ur plastic slowly flutter past structure. But if u just want your plastic to sink so u can double hop go the normal Jighead.
  11. Miketheangler

    Buying first kayak!

    I no good up getting my first kayak a 2.7meter, stuff that your ass just hurts after collecting livies haha. Go the 3.6m with the nicer seats, all brands are the same and might bump up loading weights by a few kilos in the description its all bs. Get a 3.6m and you'll just have 100% more confidence in your gear and if u have that confidence that's already 60% the way to successful fishing.
  12. Miketheangler

    Attaching a SP or HB

    When fishing off a boat you need to be stealthy, turning off the engine a prior 50m before your intended area of fishing and throwing on the electric makes a big difference. Trust me. When fishing moored boats and sinking lures (soft plastics) cast at the middle of the boat. Use light Jighead to make the plastic slowly flutter. Try matching the hatch. Fishing in the georges river means using a crab plastic or hardbody. (Crankacrab lures). Parramatta river is full of baitfish. Using zman slim slimz is good. Stick to 1/8 or lighter higheads. Matching Jigheads to actual weight is good. E.g baitfish are light, so use a light Jighead on similar soft plastics. Same go for prawn plastics. In clear water I'd advise 4lb fluero and natural colours. (Slow roll pauses here and there) Most fat and short divers should work. (Atomic fat cranks). Use divers suited to water depth. (Shallowwater) Sugapens work a treat as these imitate a fleeing prawn. (Walkthedog lures). Again use natural colors. Other places you can concentrate your lures are weed beds with drop offs near by work, wharfs pylon structure with current flowing near by should hold bream. Pm me for some spots.
  13. Miketheangler

    Bream lures for the flats

    P.s. short fat lures distinctly. Prefer atomic cranks, soft plastics are good too in case you don't pickup any bream u could get some flatties.
  14. Miketheangler

    Bream lures for the flats

    Go the sugapen for a walk the dog lure.
  15. Miketheangler

    Georges River

    Running Ball sinker -> swivel -> 50cm 10lb or less trace (preferably fleurocarbon) -> Size 4 hook (use the Palomar knot simple and strong knot) Go to baitmaster Beverly hills to get fresh prawns or the local fish market, live yabbies and tube worms are good as well, just remember fresh is best I wouldn't bother with the frozen packets at servos. This will do ya well for flathead bream trevally tailor etc. Should also handle a small jewfish if one hits the fresh prawn. Cast near sand pockets around weedbeds. Try casting near structure and shade during the day. Good luck.