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  1. The entrance. sorry, ocean rocks in the central coast is very very vague mate
  2. Hi all, in the central coast this weekend and want to do some land based quid fishing. Potentially have access to kayaks. Any reports on squid action in the central coast? thanks
  3. Hi all, in the central coast this weekend and want to do some land based quid fishing. Potentially have access to kayaks. Any reports on squid action in the central coast? thanks
  4. Thanks rickmarlin62 and thanks Captain Spanner. Great advice. Really looking forward to this trip.
  5. Thanks Baz, yes that's the exact location. We're all pretty experienced in fishing for flatties and whiting and have an extensive soft plastic collection, so we will use that. I've always wanted to fish out some live beach worms of my own. I've just never got around to doing it. From what i've seen, pillies and sand in an old stocking, drag it in arcs along the edge of the water and get a particular kind of plier/tweeser type device to gently pull them out when their head pokes out? Thanks again! HB
  6. Hi Fishos, my mates and i are heading up to Jimmy's Beach (NSW) first week of December. It's a new area for us all to fish at, so i was wondering if anyone had any advice on spots to try and species to target. We're intermediate experience and mainly fish salt water, whether its of the estuary, beach or rocks. We do not have a boat or kayaks for the weekend, but if there are spots that are too hard to ignore that require one, im sure we can arrange to hire one. Advice on rig/bait/lures will always be greatly appreciated. Thanks all! HB
  7. I had a feeling it was just a bad spot with little nippers. I did catch some nice snapper with it though, which is a first for me. I do like the material ZMan is made from. Very strong. I stick with Gulp though as for me, it's tried and tested and works alllll the time. I've still got original Gulp from a few years ago that have a few teeth marks and no tail, but still catch fish. Others are completely in tact and a few years old and still catch fish. What colours do you use in the ZMan nutsaboutfishing and dirvin21? I've tried the ghost/pearl. Looking forward to getting out again to give the Aquas another crack. Thanks everyone.
  8. Amazing! Well done mate. We always fish the entrance lake with rewards but never confident that we know what were doing or where the gutters are at the beach there. Again, well done.
  9. Hi fishos, So i went on a fishing trip around Swansea last weekend with the guys, mainly for Bream, Squid, Flathead and Snapper. In the lead up to the weekend, i did a bit of research on catching bream, as lately i've been focusing on targeting and mastering Flathead. After extensive research, the name that kept popping up was Ecogear Aqua. So i purchased the pepper and the Aussie Prawn colours in the 40 size, bought a few 1/32 size 1 jigs and off we went. I must say, very ricky compared to the Gulp Minnow softies i use for flathead. These are very very soft, very small and slippery little suckers. Yes they attracted fish, and i caught mainly undersized snapper, but damn they're very soft! First one i had trouble getting on to the anti-slide barbs on the jig and tore that one to bits, then from then on, the smaller bait fish just gnawed at the to the point where there was nothing left but the jig! Am i doing something wrong here? I love fishing with soft plastics. Love the longevity vs bait fishing and love nailing a technique that i know works for that species, so would love to keep using them (the right way). Thanks, Nick
  10. Thanks guys. Just went to the local tackle shop. I was keen to try the Platypus Platinum after the recommendation. Especially considering it's Australian made, but the smallest size they had was 10lb. I saw the Trilene XL and the Trilene Sensation. I've read up some very very good reviews on the XL so i was confused when i saw both of these. Store guy didnt know the difference, apart from the fact that the XL was 2.22mm and the Sensation was 2.20 or something to that effect. In the end i saw the Sunline Siglon and thought i'd give that a try. As i mentioned before i use Sunline all the time and love it. In comparison, the 6lb was significantly thinner as well at 1.65mm and they also had the 4lb. Was tempting, but i thought the 6lb at such a thin diametre would be fine. I might chuck this on the spare reel and have a play between straight main to lure or using speed clips. Will let you guys know how i guy and hopefully be able to post some pics of fresh trout! Thanks again so much for your help guys. Nick
  11. Never heard of hybrid, i'll check it out. Is the Trilene sensation hybrid? I use Sunline braid and leader and love it, it's the best ive used and will stick with it, so i'd be inclined to try Sunline hybrid or mono. What hybrid line do you use exactly? Never seen those clips either haha. It's just amazing how many variations of products there are these days. I watched a quick video of them and they look the goods. I'll definitely give them a try. I use to use the Normal speed clips, but they became a bitch to open and particularly get in to smaller lures. Also started bending over time. Thanks connico
  12. Hi Fishos, taking a trip to the snowies this weekend for some trout fishing. I normally fish saltwater with a fairly whippie rod and light gear (4-6lb braid main with approx. 3-4m of 6-8lb Fluorocarbon leader). I've got a few spare reels that i'd like to rig up with mono to fish the surface for trout and use the braided rig for divers. Reels range between 1000 and 2500. Can anyone suggest a good quality mono line? Also, would it be best to stick with a flurocarbon leader or would throwing the lure straight on to the main line be ok? I was thinking of some kind of small speed clip that i could easily rotate lures when required. I was thinking of playing with a few creative combinations, like a double hook with a fly and lure or even straight fly. Thanks!
  13. Big Orange Snake = branded online stores??? Haha thanks mate
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