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  1. GrahamC

    Fiberglass boat project - opinions wanted

    Thanks gents, will do. In the next few weeks when there's some progress I'll post something up. It'll be something to read / laugh at my mistakes at the least
  2. GrahamC

    Fiberglass boat project - opinions wanted

    Hi Frank, It didn't cost me much, $200 for the hull, not too worried about it needing a lot of work as I'll be doing it all myself. I have reasonable experience working with fiberglass, not so much with boats but I figure it's all just time. The trailer I got for free as a salvage project that was going to the tip, repaired over a few weeks for $500 in parts and steel, including the brakes! Too long for the boat but I can modify it. Took lots of time and some work with the MIG, but I enjoy working with my hands. This will (hopefully!) be a similar thing. Thanks for the thoughts on the stringers, I didn't think they looked quite right... that gives me something to go on
  3. Hi, I recently bought a project boat that needs a lot of work - an old Derben Oceanette 15ft. I’m looking forward to fixing her up and getting her going again over the course of the year! She needs a new deck, stringers, transom ect but unfortunately, someone before me already made a start on the repairs, so I can’t measure some of the old rotten wooden parts as they were disposed of years ago. It appears to me that someone may have replaced most of the stringers running lengthwise. They appear to be sound when you knock on them. I’m worried that they have been replaced with ones that are too small, they don’t seem like they really achieve anything? I don’t know if I should leave them alone, rip them out and put something stronger in there or leave them there and put bigger ones beside them. Currently they measure 25mm wide by maybe 12.5mm high. The transom sounds a bit dull in places, so I'm going to replace it. Instead of having the small bit of wood just in the center, I was going to make it a full height bit of ply. Also, for the ribs, transom and deck I was thinking of using 15mm CD ply. I'm really interested to hear any thoughts or opinions of anyone who has some experience in things like this. Cheers, Graham