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  1. Gday Raiders, just a quick big up review for the Daiwa Demon Blood 17 stick, purchased one a month ago (shout out to Dinga) to try something different and it has blown my mind! I Switched over from an older model Yamaga Sniper that has definately been through the mill a few times, and the results were awesome. Casting distances upto 100m with a tail wind using 65g metals, i literally have never seen that much line fly off the spool before fishing with lures, it loads up like a dream and releases like a missile . For long sessions spinning (3-4hours) averaging about 60m each cast with minimum effort, this stick has some beef whilst taking alot of pressure off the angler, im now in range of the local bommies off the headlands here and my hookup rate has gone up twofold! Pics to come soon after the next part of my trip To sum it up if you looking at buying one of these id highly reccommend it! Tight Lines!
  2. CJay

    Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    Hey Derek atm ive got a 6500 hi speed slammer 3 , spooled up with 500m of 50lb Tasline (breaks way over 80lb), i tried a couple Cabos and smaller Saltist reels but the balance wasnt quite right
  3. CJay

    Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    Id go the Demon brother but ive never handled a Nitro, I like the Japanese sticks hey, the Saltist dont seem to have that backbone like the Demons do which is what you want if your tangling with Hoodlums trying to brick you on reef/bommies
  4. CJay

    Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    Hey guys sorry took a while been pretty wrapped up atm , I run a 6500 hi speed slammer 3 with 50lb tasline, breaks well over 80lb and managed to get just short of 500m on the spool thanks to Taslines super thin diameter, casts poppers and slugs a mile and knocked over some solid Gts easy up the coast. Also just acquired the four piece heavy popping rod thats replaced my temple reef stick and ive coupled it with a dog fight on 32kg WTF thats getting tested up North in a couple weeks il keep yous posted!
  5. CJay

    Hook Island

    Hey Guys My time off of work is just around the corner at the start of May and me and the boys planned to head towards 1770 for a fishing trip, Our plans changed yesterday on a vote with the crew and we have decided to head over to Hook Island just by Fraser and take a crack targeting Pelagics around the headlands/reefs , Do any Raiders have any suggestions on other islands to visit/spots to wet a line , we plan to take the water taxi over but not sure on the camping permits etc will we need one for each island we intend to visit or are prices per person per night? Cheers Raiders
  6. CJay

    Trip Dilemma + Live Bait Hook Set

    thats strange brother how big was the yakka ? ive had mullet livebait do this but due to being chased by something with teeth! As berley guts said above, livies can hook themselves up and do all sorts of crazy wraps with the line Normally for livebaiting id use circle hooks with a sliding snell rig and set my drag just below fighting pressure, if using sinkers your leader should be long enough (about 1m or more) you dont need to worry about the fish feeling resistance and getting spooked they normally smash livebaits pretty hard
  7. CJay

    1770 Pelagics

    G'day raiders! So ive managed to score a few weeks off work inbetween jobs and Ive decided to head on up to 1770 campsite at Agnes Water on May 15th for two weeks. Any raiders out there have any info on what Pelagics will still be around this time of year? , seen reports and photos of big model Spanish and the odd GT still knocking around and the waters still pretty warm , was thinking to hit the Catwalk, Round Hill and Bustard with the metals and poppers and if that fails grab the tinnie and get out to the reef for some Reds action? Any advice would be a solid ive never been up those ways and ive heard so many fishos rave about it for Landbased Pelagics, Urangan pier also looks like it could be worth a few casts too? Tight Lines!
  8. CJay

    plan B pays off

    one of my favourite ways to fish brother, i grew up fishing like this stalking brown trout in the shallows! Never gets old and the bigger they get the smarter they become, its surprising the size of these fellas in small bodies of water , they will happily travel over gravel bars and runs with their backs sticking out sometimes! Awesome shot of the Browny there with the leaves and log backdrop Tight Lines!
  9. CJay

    Best GT Fishery ?

    Oman Islands brother check out Fishing Prodigy on youtube Flynn is over there atm smoking huge GT 40kg+ and also home of the dogtooth and giant yelowfin
  10. G'day Raiders! Im looking for a fellow salty seadog who is keen to get stuck into some toothy critters offshore! Currently based in Brunswick and more than happy to pay for fuel ,gear,bait and snacks (no bananas) Ive been off the tinnie for a while now due to a wrist injury (cant cross the bar safely) but would love to get out on the water in the next week or so, Can travel and WILL travel a large distance to get some tight lines! After all its always worth it! Happy Fishing!!
  11. CJay

    Cape Byron Busting!

    The past week has been absolutely firing up in the bay, meter long kingfish spotted hunting the shallows under the lighthouse along with larger model GTs and even the odd Queenfish! Maybe Global warming is playing its part here or something as Queenys dont usually show up round these parts and theres even Amberjack around that have been caught from the stones! Any ideas why these fish would be here? The water is still running hot 25+ and some decent ground swell around the bommies , anyone close that wants to get stuck in? Good reports from the local fishing club too , a little choppy on the way out but the Spanish are still getting around as are the bigger longtails Tight Lines!
  12. CJay

    Penn Quality Control

    G'day guys, just some food for thought so here we go.. I recently received two of the Penn Slammer III 6500's one in Hi Speed for my land based Spin and one normal for offshore , spooled one with the 50lb Tasline and the other in mono. Spooled the mono first and had no problems at all the reel was silky smooth and had no knocks or grinding noises at any winding speed and felt solid like a Penn should. Here comes the twist... The Hi Speed felt really different like almost sluggish/resistance in the handle not like a spinning reel should feel but i figured its sealed pretty good so might take a few spins to spread out some grease . As i was spooling the braid on the high speed the main spool shaft started to gain play and was almost stalling for a split second on the way down. It felt like something barely clipping the spool and making a metallic whirring when cranked at a faster pace (this made me think the main shaft was loose maybe the locknut) , i slowed down the wind speed and the grinding seemed to stop and also the stalling. By this time id knew something wasn't right, so I stripped the braid and took off the spool to check the lock nut to see if that would help... but to no avail, there was movement from the housing below.. So I went to take the side plate off and found that the screws were only just fingertight! I opened her up and the whole thing was absolutely gunked in blue grease and i mean packed with the s*#t total overkill , then i notice to my horror that the whole mech inside was basically sliding around in the housing groove i could see the tracks in the grease and by a good 3-4mm, now theres my problem!! Upon further inspection the scraping sound I could hear and feel from the handle turn was from the big brass plate wheel that was located maybe half a mm from the edge of the housing! Which i thought is a pretty strange design, then i noticed that the bottom of the pinion actually has no washer/protective seal it almost just bottoms out onto the frame which is pretty crude considering the price tags, After this id seen enough and swiftly returned it for a replacement. Overall I cant say i was too impressed with Penn for this one, i mean its not the most expensive gear but could definitely improve on a few things , it seems they sacrificed a few things to cut some corners perhaps, i mean whats the extra price of a couple more bushings these days haha maybe its time for them to up the quality control, Awaiting a replacement so il keep you guys posted on the outcome! Tight Lines!
  13. CJay

    Penn Quality Control

    headscratching designs everywhere! Although i have to say This reel has impressed me for the price, id even choose it over the stradic now! Ive stripped her down and added a couple bits and pieces here and there perfect line lay and holding just under 500m of 50lb tasline, first smaller kings landed at the weekend and the drag on this thing is great!
  14. Found this little fella washed up after the big swells must have been dislodged from the near by reef
  15. ive been diving out in the Bay here at Julian rocks and seen so many juve fish i have no idea what they are!
  16. CJay

    Fishing goal this summer

    Video coming to Youtube soon brother just got to finish editing fish have been firing up this way!
  17. CJay

    Fishing goal this summer

    Land my first landbased Cobia with no gaff
  18. CJay

    Fishing goal this summer

    Should come up my way Ric plenty of Spanish around here atm! If you want your Jew ballina been pumping out some 30kg monsters the past couple weeks!
  19. CJay

    Penn Quality Control

    Yeah that sounds about right they had some issues with line lay in the past for sure, but even if the line lay is spot on I dont let any shops spool my line anymore as they never seem to get it tight enough and ive experienced line dig and wind knots like never before! I use the beesknees spooler these days and crank on with about 10kgs of pressure to prevent any dig ins/ twists to cause wind knots. Im using Tasline 50lb and it casts like a dream easy 85-90m with the metals and zero wind knots yet! I totally agree thats one heavy reeel to be spinning with on a long session, my replacement slammer 3 6500 hi speed is perfect this time completely silent on the crank and even the line lay is spot on too, i must have got a super dud from the factory it felt like it had been thrown around like a football from the factory to the doorstep. i think the Salt 600 weighs maybe 100g less the the slammer 3 which is quite alot considering the sizes etc but i guess being fully sealed with grease and especially with the jig handle its sort of expected , whats your line capacity for the salt?
  20. CJay

    Penn Quality Control

    It seems to be the way these days big brands producing their gear in china and indo to cut costs but unfortunately at our cost :/ received another and gave it a whole strip down and everything seems schmick so fingers crossed it wont catch fire or anything haha!
  21. CJay

    Smell from plastics

    I use the plastic takeaway containers or the snaplock bag but the ones with a double seal , I normally dont bother with the liquid but soak them in anise or tuna oil
  22. CJay

    Fly casting lessons/help

    If your looking for a good technique you can watch some of John Wilsons fishing videos, hands down one of the best fly fisherman there is , wet or dry flies his technique is so accurate , best to learn a good side cast if fishing from the yak id think, what size rod are you running? I grew up fly fishing small rivers and lakes and most of the time a side cast is necessary due to trees/snags etc
  23. CJay

    Looking for Crew for saturday

    Ah no worries brother im based in Byron Bay so not sure when il next be around maybe in a month or so il let you know for sure!
  24. CJay

    Dinga sale

    Too easy thanks guys discount sorted and super fast delivery zero damage to gear and all rigged up for the Kings! Tight lines guys...and fisherwoman
  25. CJay

    NSW Pelagic bust ups

    Hey mate sorry ive been smashed with work too but hopefully getting a couple weeks out soon! The swells bumped here pretty hard with heavy northerlys and some solid ground swell, good reports from last week before the front hit us , glassed out and Spanih out in force! Let me know when you two are free and we can work something out for sure!