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  1. Hey raiders Arrive at the boat ramp at 6am met by a very strong 15-20 knot westerly wind Getting bait was very difficult in these conditions managed 2 squid in 40 mins decided that would be enough as we have frozen squid from previous trips what a hellfight it was getting over the the king grounds with some easily 3ft wind swell from the west arrive at point perp.. and there is no land swell just the wind but heaps of bait and could see the kings following on the sounder was a pleasant day fishing wise horrible wind wise but we managed to catching a total of 14 kings only 2 of that were legal one going 73cm and the biggest one in the photos below going 65-66cm , a sneakey bonito smashed a stickbait on the surface bigger marks under neath the smaller ones but guessing but couldn’t get deep enough before the smaller ones snapped the baits up back to the boat ramp with beers in hand can’t complain with that cheers TdogZ tight lines 19C751DE-E861-440D-A7AF-F9B9A17A703C.mp4
  2. Hey raiders sorry for the week late report been busy so you’ll get last weeks and this weeks report today! So was no plan to fish had I didn’t have my normal fishing buddies with me but the boys said they would be keen to go out so that was enough for me get to the boat ramp and the whole of jervis Bay was like a lake not a whisper of wind shoot over to couple of the yellow bouys(bait grounds) bait was everywhere but not taking anything then I saw about 30 quick silver flashes fly through it was school of bonito smashing them managed 2 yakkas between the wave , straight back out for livies and within minutes one of the boys have a bonito in the boat decided it was a lost cause so headed straight over to king grounds as had frozen squid from last trip we were met with heaps of bait on the sounder so squid strips down and the first rod goes off my 4000 stradic with unstoppable force! The boys are in disbelief then my other mates rod goes off and he barely holds on as it starts running mind you he had never caught a fish in his life! 63cm king surfaces and he’s stocked! the look on his face when I tell him it has to go back was priceless .. 10 mins later smoked on the stradic again! Then mate catches his 2nd fish and a 43cm snapper comes up! 5 mins later he’s starting to get seasick and boom over the side he’s out within seconds haha me and my other mate keep fishing and manages a 75cm kingfish not one fish caught by me but personal best for both the boys Unfortunately have to come in some of the calmsest conditions I have ever fished due to sea sickness Cheers TdogZ tightlines!
  3. Tdogz

    Jb kings & snapper - 17 & 18/3/18

    Cheers mate definitely took some time learning the ropes was very familiar with the good donut for long time cheers to all the other boys also!
  4. Hey raiders friday arvo -noticed on the drive down there was no wind and very little swell .so by 6pm we were at the boat ramp stocked with squid from the frezzer from the last trip boost over to the king grounds to find there was bait everywhere , squid strips down and the first rod goes off like a freight train! Expect to see a rat king but instead we are met with a 60cm snapper with much excitement I managed to snap my other light outfit by stepping on it, this was followed by 4 other snapper then back to the boat ramp by 7:30 very happy with a hour and half fish Saturday morning- Morning start as usual at the boat ramp at 6am chuck the boat in as I was parking up the car apparently the water all around the boat erupted with splashes, I arrive at the wharf then they pick me up drive about 10m from the boat ramp get the light outfit out with a soft plastic vibe within 5 mins we have 2 bonito on board, dads fish and barely sorted we head over to the bait grounds within 10 mins we had 20+ yakkas the proceed to head over to squid grounds within 30 mins we have 8 squid on board so within a hour we are heading to the kings stocked with fresh bait After a hour or so we found the kings are in quite close to the cliffs every drift we would hook up to some decent models and then boost away into deeper water only problem with this is that we knew the first 4-5 we hooked up to where the bigger kings that unfortunately we would loose the the local seal once he was full we started stocking the the 3 hours that followed we managed 4 just short of legal kings and 6 in the 70-80cm range keeping 4 and releasing the rest the boys very happy they smashed there pbs cheers Tdogz tight lines
  5. Hey raiders about to invest in a Stella 8000 to tackle these big kings that keep busting me off looking to suit it up to a zeikel bloodline or the 2 in 1 rod just wondering if anyone’s has any reviews on these rods Also what PE rating would be best suited to my Stella 8000 spooled with 50lb braid PE 2-4 or PE 4-8 Cheers Tdogz
  6. Hey raiders about to invest in a Stella 8000 to tackle these big kings that keep busting me off looking to suit it up to a zeikel bloodline or the 2 in 1 rod just wondering if anyone’s has any reviews on these rods Also what PE rating would be best suited to my Stella 8000 spooled with 50lb braid PE 2-4 or PE 4-8 Cheers Tdogz
  7. Tdogz

    Jervis bay kings 3-2-18

    hey Raiders 8 weeks till I have to give up the house to start renting out so will only have about 4-5 trips left As usual me and 2 other mates on my boat but this time 2 other mates came down in there boat Launched at 6:30am told them to catch the squid and we would try catch yakka for the first time , found that most other boats would head straight west from Murray beach boat ramp to a bouy so did the same and bait was everywhere! Sorted! We had roughly 20 live yakkas in 10 mins so we boosted back over to meet the boys they had only caught 2 squid so we joined them and within 20 mins we had 12 in our boat and 6 in theres we then boost over to the king grounds we we meet 15 other boats but no markings what so over! Tryed everything soft plastics, jigs , live yakka , squid.. nothing this continued for about 2-3 hours then I decided to do a lap see if I can mark anything then BOOM! found the bait fount the kings then all hell broke loss everything getting smashed Ended up with 6 legal fish only taking home 2 between the 2 boats as that’s all we needed biggest going 78cm cheers Tdogz tight lines!
  8. Tdogz

    Love the full moon in Sydney

    Wow awesome stuff! Looks like outside the hacking is starting to produce the kings We’re the kings caught between jibbbon and Marley or further south?
  9. Tdogz

    Jervis bay kings 4.2.18

    Little help on where to pick up the slimeys boys?
  10. Tdogz

    Jervis bay kings 4.2.18

    Hey raiders Started fishing on the Saturday morning at 6am within minutes have squid flying in the boat so looks like they have bounced back from all the holiday traffic had 9 within a hour and half Then decided to head over to chase some kings had a quick slow drift past but the swell and wind was to big so called it so headed back for more bait for Sunday 20 squid total on Saturday Sunday same start time geared up with the squid from Saturday thought I’d flicked a squid jig while mate parked the car scored 2 lives then headed straight out to point first two baits down and within minutes two massive hits nethier hooked up 8 rats followed that 2 at 64cm being the biggest all returned decidded to call it a day until we saw something huge chasing a flying fish then we saw the bill of a marlin or swordfish.. have never thrown out lure faster in my life trolled for 20 mins then actually called it a day cheers Tdogz tight lines
  11. Tdogz

    Hacking kings 19.1.18

    Cheers boys just got stick at it then
  12. Tdogz

    Hacking kings 19.1.18

    Hey raiders me and a mate dedicided to take the Friday off work and jump on the water in hope of some kings so as normal 6am on the water cruised out to cronulla drifting for squid , first cast was on the a perfect bait size squid and 3 others shortly followed down the coast we headed first slow troll past wedding cake rocks and around the headland into marley with not a single mark or touch , much the same on the south side of Marley then slow trolled all the way till south side of watamolla eith not a single nibble so decided to boost back and tryed one troll past jibbon bommy with a 50ish cm rat bit of excitement for the day but not ideal would highly appreciate any advice or spots to try for the legal king as I would love to nail a legal king in local waters tight lines boys!
  13. Tdogz

    First legal kingfish!

    cheers boys, the fish tastes amazing! Fished were pulled from 20-40m of water at Jarvis bay can agree with you boys there no idea where they go when they reach the magical 65cm!
  14. Tdogz

    First legal kingfish!

    Had a couple people down the south coast house over the Chrissy break and once everyone had left we had one thing in mind.. catching some kings So on this day we woke up real early 4am start On the water by 5.30am But 8am we had what we thought would be plenty enough squid for the day.. little did we know as soon as we arrived at our spot the first squid was taken in seconds Excitement through the roof And once agian it’s a little rat By they were firing so eventually After 2 years of teaching ourselves from online videos and knowledge from page such as this one , putting in countless hours , hundreds of dollars on both tackle and fuel , how to catch squid , how to catch yalkks and most importantly learning where and when the kings will be And going through RAT AFTER RAT! me and my best mate Finally broke our first legal kingfish And it was all worth worth the wait catching a total of 18 kings 3 legal total 1-70cm 1-68cm 1-66cm Now it’s time to land a legal king in the hacking Cheers tdogz