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  1. Hi gang, The tackle shop owner suggested I use 2lb fluoro leader onto my 8lb braid mainline for chasing bream in clearer water in Middle Harbour. He suggested 2 rod lengths. Any thoughts? Did he just unload old stock or was he on the money? What are you guys using for bream from the kayak? cheers Bernie
  2. Hey guys, if the weather looks good I’m heading out in my yak this Wed arvo to catch the top of the tide before dark. Will leave from Tunks and paddle to Quakers Hat Bay. If interested look for a Blue Camo Nextgen 10 around 2pm at the ramp.
  3. Hi Jim, I started kayak fishing around 6 months ago and have been loving it. I bought a Kayaks2fish Nextgen 10, which is paddle only. It weighs about 25kg and is fairly easy to load on the roof of my car, has good stability and seems to work well in the Hawkesbury and Middle Harbour. There are the usual rod holders, a comfortable seat and rudder straight from the store. If you are looking for an entry level yak that will let you know if you want to stick with the sport I would recommend the Nextgen 10 as its only $700. I wouldn't take it offshore, but it is great in quieter water
  4. Great fish on light tackle, especially from shore. Even better that the guy came back with the net and didn't steal your car! Well done mate.
  5. Great fish, Nice yak as well. Thanks for sharing
  6. Hi, Your video was great. I really enjoyed it and felt like I was playing it in. Well done mate.
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