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  1. Thanks Baz. I'm not upset becaue I didn't catch a fish. I'd be quite thrilled if I see others land big catches. But no one did. Honestly, the entire morning, I didn't even feel a bite or see the rod bend. The palm sized flathead were caught while reeling in the lines with 20oz sinkers on them Thanks for your comments. I will PM you for some recommendations.
  2. Hi All, Just wondering what everyone's experiences have been with deep sea charters. I went to one on the weekend. 5 hours morning session, departed from Sydney. It was my first charter experience. I was extremely excited and had high hopes. Long story short, they took us to 3 separate spots, virtually the entire boat had no decent catches. The best catch was a ~20cm flathead from a lady holding her rod upside down. At the very last spot, we were getting lots of palm size baby flatheads. Needless to say, I was extremely disapointed. The crews were friendly. But I can't help feeling I've wasted by time and money. I coud have had a much productive morning doing landbased fishing. I understand fishing is like that. Just wanted to hear what others have experienced. Thanks, A
  3. Hi guys, I'm hoping to get some tips from everyone for fishing at Pier2. I went there for the first time last Saturday. Bought squid and some large yakka for bait. Tried various methods - whole squid, yakka fillet, butterflied etc. I also tried different rigs - various sinkers on paternoster, runninng sinker, floatand also no weight at all, letting bait free fall. Spent 5 hours didn't get a single bite. Any ideas? Thanks, A
  4. Good point. Good'ol gumtree. Just didn't think the stradic is within my budget Thanks for the tip.
  5. You're liking the Daiwa? Sometimes I try to match the reel with similar calibre, but may not be neccessary? i.e. I suppose there is nothing wrong with getting a $50 reel with a $200+ rod. At the end of the day with that class of fish its not going to exceed any reel/drag capacity?
  6. Thanks for this. Maybe not the Anarchy, but the avenger felt really light lol
  7. Hi guys, I’m looking for reels to match the below rods; NS black hole avenger 7ft 6-12lb Shimano anarchy 7ft4’ 4-8kg I suppose these will be for light-med eatuary fish - bream, whitting, flatty etc. I’m sure the Shimano can tackle heavier fish if happen to hook them. I’m not looking to spend too much on these reels. Budget around $50-$100. Thanke in advance for any tips and recommendations.
  8. I should add, looking for cast weight at around 60-120g.
  9. Hi guys, I’m looking for a rod to go with my BG5000. Im looking for something 10-12ft. Can be used for the occasional shore jigging as well as bait fishing at night on piers. So far I’ve looked at prevail, demon blood etc. but they just don’t feel 100% right for what I want. Any other suggestions? Or am I being unrealistic with my requirement? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I've recently started fishing with lures. Mostly flatties and breams so far. I'm really hoping to catch my first kingfish on lure over this long weekend. I'm a novice when it comes to lure fishing for pelagics. Any tips on gear/lure/spot/time will be appreciated. I will be fishing from the land. Prefer less challenging enviornments. But I will go where the fish are Thanks in advance.