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  1. Hello guys ! What are your opinions about Mustad Hoodlum 10827NPBLN fishing hooks as Assist Hooks ?
  2. Multicolor braid is available from 0.6PE 13lb
  3. yeaah guys. I will choose fluo yellow braid from the shore then. Thank you for help guys !
  4. If I understand you correct. So in general fluo yellow better from the shore and multicolor from the boat, right ? I mainly use metal jigs from the shore and soft baits.
  5. Hello everyone ! I`m doubting between 2 colors of a braid Duel Hardcore x8. Fluo yellow or multicolor. Do you guys really think that multicolor is so worth of using it ? I fish from the shore. Isn`t multicolor better for fishing from the boat ? What do you think about it ? Mb some of you used multicolor and can say a word if it is so helpful or not.
  6. kAs-09

    Shoregun vs MC

    thx too !! Now 100% sure that this one is for me. of course out of stock xD I have to wait ;p
  7. kAs-09

    Shoregun vs MC

    ok nice. good to know that ! thx I`d love to ask you an additional question about this rod. Is this rod fine for using soft baits with jigheads or dropshot ? I`m asking because today hit my head an idea that mb other models of shoregun for twitching would be better for these methods I` ve just mentioned above... and which reel are you using with SFSGS-993SS ? Do you enjoy this rod? No more questions from me ! ;P
  8. kAs-09

    Shoregun vs MC

    Yeah that is right. Thx mate ! The price is lower from 100 to 72$ ! on Ebay now lol. That is the sign !
  9. kAs-09

    Shoregun vs MC

    lol what a lucky shot Even you are using the reel I want to buy nice I was looking at digitaka shop. There are Daiwa BG reels but there is no 3000 in the offer. Is this a different model ? They look similar... https://www.digitaka.com/list.php?category=8&series=SPINNING REEL&item=BG
  10. kAs-09

    Shoregun vs MC

    hahahaha KIA So you mean PALMs rods are just better. I want to have a better stuff. ok im choosing BMW ! I have read a lot of good opinions about Daiwa BG SW 3000 Reel like good quality for a good price. or mb Palms rod quality is too high for this reel... you know like with computers. Why should I buy a very powerful graphic card when the processor is very weak... t_T; One of the main place I fish, the depth is around 20 meters with lots of mackerels. Currents are not so strong but you can stil feel it. As I mentioned I use there jigs 30-40g. You know... I don`t go fishing everyday but I still try to be at the water around twice per week About the long casts... For me it is always better to have possibility to have long casts. This is a place where I stand on the bridge which is right above the water (0,5m). There are a lot of anglers so of course it is better to cast in the places where other anglers cannot reach Sometimes the water is boiling in places a bit further and I have no clue what is there under the water ! I have to catch it ! I think about this the whole winter... so yes. long casts are welcomed
  11. kAs-09

    Shoregun vs MC

    @xerotao I don`t have these rods here. The only way is to order them from another country.... :/
  12. kAs-09

    Shoregun vs MC

    @Berleyguts This MajorCraft is in 2 pieces. Palm Shoregun and Majorcraft are japanese brands. MC is well known as the best price/quality and Palm quality. It is mainly shore jigging. This can interest you http://www.palms.co.jp/en/blog/ @EnOz43 would you write a word why you prefer Palm then MC ? SFSGS-103H+ and Evolution KGS-962MH are quite similar it is actually a very nice example to say a bit about the differences you feel between them @Short yes but the question is. Is it worth paying twice more for Palm... If Palm and MC would cost the same I would take Palm of course
  13. Hello everyone ! I`m writing here because my head is really exploding right now I hope guys you can help me The spring is coming and I`m buying a new rod. Can you help me with a choice ? I am very between two shore jigging rods. 1. MajorCraft New Crostage Shore Jigging Series CRX-942SSJ - about 100 Euro 2. Palms ShoreGun Evolv SFSGS-992 SS - about 180 Euro What do you think about it ? I read a lot about that MC is the best quality/price. Do you think it is worth to pay twice more for a shoregun ? (I`m ready to pay more too) P.S. I hunt cods (not so big.. ;P) and mackerels 30g-40g jigs. With mackerels I prefer sport fishing without any fishing rigs. Just one by one to have fun and play with them Is there Anyone with experience with these rods ? Best regards