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  1. Rock hopper

    South Avoca Rocks

    Blackfish, Yeah work sucks. I'm lucky enough to have Wednesdays off to spend time with our little girl but having a throat infection the wife wants me out of house so bub doesn't get it. Feel like I'm in quarantine. Thanks for id. That's another for the species board. Don't work to hard Cheers
  2. Rock hopper

    South Avoca Rocks

    Morning All, Went to south avoca rocks today to see if crowds have gone. Arrived at first light and there were only 6 or 7 people on the ledge. I fished near the angel ring today instead of the front ledge. Floated pillies for nothing. Then spun for a while using an x-rap long cast shallow for one hook up which resulted in a pulled hook. Then did a bit of light line wash fishing which was the most productive. Caught an eel, leather jacket, some small tailor and I think a baby rock blackfish ? Can anyone advise. Nice morning out. All fish released. Cheers
  3. Rock hopper

    Crowdy Head weekend

    Well done. Big effort and worth the travel time it seems. Lucky you found licence.....could have made a good day a day to forget. Good luck next time
  4. Rock hopper

    Rip bridge

  5. Rock hopper

    Rip bridge

    G'day Mother in law is staying a few nights so thought I'd sneak out in the early hrs this morning for a local fish. Hit the wharf just before 5 and surprisingly had the wharf all to myself ( except for one bait thieving cat) and second cast landed a nice flattie. Then pestered by baby snapper till home time. Was nice warm morning, a little wind but was head on so not to bad. Heaps of bait in the water about an inch long. Snapper on mackerel and flattie on whole yakka. Funnily enough snapper would not touch yakka pieces only the mackerel. Also managed to catch someone else's rig by the hook. Couldn't believe it. Home by 7 to a very happy outlaw.
  6. Rock hopper

    Intro and a avoca report.

    Maybe I need to start using more squid as bait. This year I'm looking to catch my first kingfish. Just love salmon turned into fish and chips. Yummo
  7. Rock hopper

    Intro and a avoca report.

    Time28, Well done. I could not catch a break yest. I know it produces but will probably steer clear until the rush dies down. Did u keep the salmon ? I find it hard to convert squid into bait....just to tasty. Mrsswordfisherman, Was a great fish, went back in. Much to the dismay of the bloke next to me cheers
  8. Rock hopper

    Intro and a avoca report.

  9. Rock hopper

    Intro and a avoca report.

    I can't wait. Hope she loves fishing as much as she loves being at the beach. She's turning into a real beach bum.Tans and all. Try to get some more pics in soon. Here's one of a flattie from near half tide rocks 2 weeks ago. Nice to be part of the fold.
  10. Rock hopper

    Intro and a avoca report.

    Hi, new to forum. Quick intro. Fish mainly central coast area, sometimes Sydney harbour and hawks river. Bit of everything really. Away from fishing for a while as we now have a little baby girl. our first. Getting a few leave passes lately so thought I'd start to share my trips. Have read so much on this site so time to give back. Went out to avoca rocks south for a spin and to float some pilchards, arrived at 530 and the place was shoulder to shoulder almost and got worse as day went on. Managed one tailor on pilchard. Back in drink. Saw one bloke land a small bonnie. Guy next to me was fishing live yakkas that didn't even get a sniff. No luck with squid or metals. Out by 730 home for a swim. Happy Australia day to all.