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  1. Hi All, I have been looking into a powered skiff. The model I was looking at is a Power Fish 14 made by Stealth. They are not being brought into Oz anymore. Does anyone have more information or know a way around this or any other alternatives ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards
  2. It is a great spot. very beautiful. nice coastal walk also. I have caught a few fish there in the past. Salmon and tailor and heaps of squid all around this time of year but this year nothing.........the curse of 2020 perhaps? πŸ€ͺ Cheers mate
  3. Afternoon All, Went bait fishing at the point, 7 to 11 this morning. Not much of anything to report. Port Jackson sharks out wide on frozen squid and pilchards Tried for some squid but they have been a no show for a while now. Tested out some new jigs. Anyone else had luck at this spot for squid ?? Several spear fishermen around.......didn't see a fish landed Beats working 😁 Cheers
  4. Gold, I laughed out loud also. I'm sure if we are honest most of us have had a similar experience. Top work mate. Set out with a goal and U nailed the target. Good luck in the future.
  5. Good on you getting out. I never have much luck with floats. Nice bream.
  6. Just ate the squid with home made fried rice. Went down a treat. Just rice flour and salt and pepper and fried in good oil. Yummo. Sure does beat working. I take as much time off as I can.......to fish of course 😁 And thanks, pics came from go pro strapped to chest. Does alot better than I do at recording the moment. πŸ˜„ Cheers
  7. Hi, Fished the rising tide today at putty beach off the rocks, with the aim of getting something decent for dinner. Landed a squid in 30 mins and then used the head and guts for baits and landed a stingray and wobby. Nothing decent to take home other than the bait πŸ˜‹
  8. Morning, With bub in bed early last night the decision was made to head out to putty beach and soak a few pillies. Got there and was set up by 9. Didn't check the weather forecast. I knew it was low tide around midnight but didn't know swell or wind conditions. Was nice in carpark but very windy on the beach. Luckily it was at my back. Within 10 mins I had an enquiry and brought in a small octopus. He went back in. Then the next 2 baits got smashed. First was a very decent flathead around the 80 cm mark that put up a great fight. Hooked neatly in the corner of the mouth.
  9. Thanks for the heads up connico. Don't think I will bother if they were as small I come across. πŸ™„ But always good to know. Thanks for the advice. Good info. I suppose it could turn a poor day into a successful one. Cheers.
  10. Yeah I was thinking about crab traps but will have to go further afield as I'm based in Brissy waters and U can't trap. Yeah Burley log is a good idea and I do use them for stock but these are a bit old for that I think. πŸ€” Was thinking more about actual baiting with them, maybe shark baits as has been suggested. Just wondering really and was curious to see what others do and have experienced. Love the idea of leaving in a tackle bag.......we all have one of those friends. Hahahaha Cheers
  11. Cheers guys. thanks for the info. And yeah heat is a killer lately. Southerly has just cooled things down her near Woy Woy. I suppose wrasse is a generic term I use for the little fish you catch around the weed off the rocks. Don't really know if they are good to eat. Like these things among others.
  12. Hi, Headed out at midday today, armed with leftover frozen prawns and some soft plastics to see what was around. Hot hot hot in the sun but to be expected. Landed a couple wrasse and what I think is a baby grouper ? Can anyone shed some light ? Cheers
  13. I try to use all my fish caught from tip to tail where possible but sometimes things slip through the cracks. ( Literally for me ) Like finding old frames or heads at the bottom of a freezer that have fallen out of the basket I use in my trunk freezer. Just found some flathead heads. Have people used flathead heads for bait and if so what have they caught with them ? What are flatheads predators ? Any info would be interesting. Cheers
  14. So after questioning if we should go, The decision was made. You won't catch anything sitting at home. Got to rocks at 430pm and set up to catch some squid. Fished just at the bend on the way around to the deeper ledges. Mate was the first into one and quickly dispatched him and kept at it but other than another guys across from us getting 1 really small squid no more came out to play. So I did some spinning with 40 and 60 grams metals with no takers. Fresh squid won out. Landed a poor man's lobster, lots of pesky eels, Palma and a wobbygong that was it for us. Swell stated to pick up. No
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