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    They often steal teh first battery nicely by just throwing it overboard. nowing your going to replace it with a brand new one in a week or so and come back. yes we have been pillaged last year but have a surprise if they come back which I hope they do, Stainless bar and a couple of padlocks so it will take an effort next time and we know someone was on board having a look.
  2. It will generally be solid so the surface rust is no big deal. Give it a bang with a hammer and the noise it makes will tel you if it is solid or hollow. If you are enthusiastic wirebrush on a small angle grinder and then prime before painting will have it lasting years. Surface rust is not a reall issue even on the u-bolts ules sthere is real depth to it and the metal is losing a % of it's thickness. If you wanted new ones look on the net and measure it up accurately as per the guides and get a gal one as there are some pretty standard sizes and check bearing type. Axel only or all the way hub to hub.Trailer and caravan spares people will be able to help and if you aren't confident they can fit pretty fast. TMC would have them as a stock item and courier one to you?
  3. You are a rare person to rinse off at launch and isn't really a chance to do that when solo as boat would be hogging a spot at pontoon. Yeah warm water and detergent under pressure or sponge seem to remove salt the best and quickest. Doesn't take much time or water which is something most people don't get the idea of. The whole cottage thing and lease was a joke. They didn't want commercial leases in parks and all that crap an now they are running their own commercial leases and businesses. The whole benefit of having a person down there at a shop would have added to security etc etc. Spent more time and money demolishing, remeadiating and suing people than fixing up what was there before it was left to rot. The problem is always the idiots wrecking it and then the people who look and do the same as the idiots because they got away with it. Downward spiral to lowest IQ of behaviour. I don't even believe in NP fees as we pay enough tax , petrol, income, gst and the more people that experience nature I hope the more people who want to preserve it but it has very much become a user contributes society. We have already paid for it and continue to do so with tax and yet they want fees that actually discourage everyone going to parks. The fee for the full deal will be like private ramps in QLD and the Berrys Bay disaster planned or even the Rozelle one and the fees are huge , they don't want trailer boats or access they want the other end. We have police that should patrol more often in these sorts of areas already and it would help is people actually reported all the theft and vandalism as unfortunately only squeaky wheels get attention or smooth the stastics. I don't know the answers are but dispelling a few wives tales can't hurt and to place a bit of blame on the idiots that make the noise and cause damage would be good.
  4. Do they qualify as a "chart" in regards to safety equipment??? Especillly if you are just ducking out the heads but staying within 2 miles?
  5. The abuse of the water down there and the noise from people flushing was unbelievable at all times of day and night. The park opposite was just a noisy place listening to swearing and motors flushing for 8 hours on a weekend as people flushed with one hose and then did a full detail wash of boat and trailer with another until the next person in the queue got the shits. . Just flush and rinse at home with an exhaust plug in and where you can use detergent to get salt off the boat and trailer is the solution. This crap about wanting to flush motor as soon as getting off the water is bull as most folk go out and then stop and anchor of drift so if salt build up is happening it it is also happening then inside the motor . Take it home and do it properly, use a exhaust plug so the neighbours are happy or the flush port if it is a recent model. The jokers down there have it draining straight into the harbour so any detergent , grease , oil etc is going straight where you don't want it so hopefully they have the brains to stop people washing boats with detergent or using flushing detergents. As for trailers people launch and then leave trailer with salt on it for 8 hours while they fish and then when they retrieve and have a urgency to wash it off for fear of corrosion. Yeah that makes sense!! Quicker and simpler to just have a flexible bag tank and on return use deckwash pump to give boat clean final rinse and all the rest done on the water with salt water for cleaning off blood and guts. No queue to wait, no being sprayed by some other idiot, no stress and all good. Just drive it home and use the pressure washer and detergent and do it properly Car and boat parking spaces are pretty expensive landscaping and the price of a ramp and pontoon lighting etc ain't cheap to maintain. Vandalism as it is open and empty all week . Only in the last few years have they got any help in funding from other sources via grants. Same space with 10 BBQ and kids playground would be far more profitable and less hassle for them I would guess.
  6. Only hope there is a trebble you forgot somewhere in it and he somehow gets it lodged up their clacker. Sometimes you want them written of or recovered undamaged so it is over and done with - the inbetween is just a pain in the clacker. Have lost cars , bikes and even same boat twice over the years and only had the pleasure in catching one bloke , seeing him convicted and then noticing in the court his mate who we couldn't catch on the day but pointed out for the police to arrest was a pleasure. Imagine turning up to court to see if your mate was going to dump on you when you have warrants outstanding. Police didn't persue him on our case as the warrants outstanding put him away and they had already ticked the case solved box. What a system. I won't even mention the insurnce side of it
  7. Flowcoat is waxed gelcoat. That is a gelcoat that will cure in contact with air. Gelcoat will not cure and will remain tacky if being used as a topcoat paint as it is designed to be used in moulds.
  8. Don't forget to archive to DVD all photos . Store them in one area on the computer and dump them all to DVD ASAP. 2 copies - one to the safe and one to parents or family members house. We also copy to a portable drive . Harddrives don't last forever and don't forget to test the GVG works before you store it away. Use archive quality DVD's and recopy them every 4 years as they can get fungus etc and deteriorate. Last thing you ever want to do is lose your photos and most people I know do nothing and they have a crashing computer or virus and them - all gone.
  9. Google like so many other sites has security issues now and no doubt in the future. We have banks who currently can't keep their sites and accounts secure even using biometrics and dongles. To place all your personal details in one spot is in my opinion asking for trouble and allowing other access remotely to that data is dangerous especially in regard to identity theft. To do it on a website that is not controlled fully by an entity iin Australia under Australian law would worry me more. It can be the site, your pc , the pc you are using or any other number of security issues. Like facebook and all the other things on the net they are good if used as intended but so few people are literate enough to read the conditions and limitations and use them properly. For example - If that section of Google is later sold off and a life insurer or a company who supplies a service like the CRA ( credit reference association) that data may possible be used to discriminate against you in regards to insurance premiums of possible insurance , access to some care etc etc. I think the government system will be a big enough issue in regards to privacy and security without tempting all your info to a outside party. That will be one to watch to see if there is really huge gains in care and effeciency and if they get the protocols on who can access/ edit the info correct ( that is doubtful) There is programs on freeware or buyware avaliable that allow all data to be placed into it that can be kept secure on a PC or deleted after printing and they are also used for house insurance and so on. Haven't looked for ages but am sure they still exist. Just pointing out there is 2 sides to personal data online and as you have probably guess I am not a supporter in most cases.
  10. Forget the guages upstairs. Get a electronic temp alarm with a piezzo screamer and set it at a reasonably low temp to prevent damage. You will hear it anywhere on the boat and it will give you a back up if you aren't looking at the guages which are usually pretty poor and rely on a constant eye. Look them up in go-cart shop or small machinery suppliers. Some have dual independent electrodes ( thermocouple probes) per unit so you can do exhaust and heador waterjacket. They are digital, accurate and work fast as they have electrodes rather than a sender or you can get sender ones. Think where to put them as often exhaust manifold temp is first one to rise with a loss of raw water and is near instant as opposed to . Great on old smaller 2 strokes without alarm systems built in as well.
  11. Hi Craig mate not seriously haveing a go at you and I know where your comments are coming from but teh councils are usually a reasonable judge of teh community in that if it is just a whinging resident they have ways to seem like they are doing something but not really do anythig. In other cases they take action as there is regular disturbance and so on and it looks like that is what is happening. I many years ago specifically gave up fishing wharves as they were easy picking for the sorts of knobs who leave rubbish ,threaten peopel, drink piss ,make unneccessary noise and I didn't want to be associated with them or there fishing. To think of all the enjoyable nights I had as a kid and tenager out late having a fish on a wharf or just going for a walk along the foreshore and the quiet canny local old blokes who showed me a few tricks and made it safe by just being there. All that will be lost as the Police fisheries and Rangers are not prepared to enforce the law against offenders and instead we have a Council who sees it as a easier ( cheaper , less time consuming , less resident anger , more votes) to ban the decent peopel and never catch and fine teh scum who are not being part of a community. It's a community and crap behavious should be banned / enforced and people respect places a bit more and respect others rights as well. Guess that education starts at school and home and if not there should be enough Police and Rangers to protect the rest of the community not restrice everyone just because of a few. Lodged a email to the council as teh survey is a bit lame and doesn't carry a lot of weight. Hope fishing retailers and clubs do teh same Maybe the banning of alcohol on the foreshore is more appropriate after dark as the first step?
  12. Not many places left in sydney Harbour that can easily hold a boat ramp ( one exists there) and it was expressed that a public access one was going in early in the ideas for this area---well we have been screwed- no ramp - this is not right Instead we get another expensive marina taking up a bay and a drystack for those that can afford it. What happened to the public ramp should be asked of Maratime and politicians??. What the $%^& is the boating industry associations going to do when trailerboats can't access the harbour , they won't be selling any more boats. Queensland's Meridien Marinas to redevelop Sydney's Berrys Bay 'Berrys Bay' Meridien Marinas NSW Maritime Chief Executive Steve Dunn today announced Meridien Marinas Pty Ltd as the preferred proponent to redevelop the western area of Berrys Bay into a revitalised a maritime precinct. NSW Maritime and the State Property Authority own a four hectare land and water area at the western shore of Berrys Bay on Sydney’s Waverton Peninsula. 'The area to be redeveloped comprises the vacant former BP land site and dolphin wharf, and the existing site leased by Woodleys,' Mr Dunn said. 'Following an exhaustive analysis of proposals from an open tender process, I am pleased to announce that Meridien Marinas has been short-listed for negotiations to enter into a Development Agreement for both sites. The aim is to revitalise this important maritime precinct. 'The project will upgrade boating facilities, as well as provide for offices and ancillary businesses. There is also the requirement for the redevelopment to have public foreshore access, as well as parking for the precinct and surrounding maritime areas.' Meridien Marinas’ proposed $40 million capital investment at the sites includes: • Capacity to berth 92 vessels ranging from 12m to 30m in length; • Vessel sewage pumpout and refuelling facilities; • Berths for visiting and pick-up / drop-off vessels; • A 60 vessel dry stack storage facility; • A 1150 square metre covered vessel maintenance facility; • Maritime workshops, offices and ancillary businesses including a café; • Launch area for small craft such as canoes and kayaks, with storage space; • Parking for 140 cars; and • Foreshore access and retention of the heritage convict-era bund wall and original seawall. The Queensland based company has extensive experience in constructing and/or managing similar developments on the Gold Coast, Airlie Beach and Port Douglas. 'The development will provide badly needed vessel storage on the northern side of Sydney Harbour and will modernise and revitalise maritime service facilities in the area, as well as providing public access along the site,' Mr Dunn said. 'This Berrys Bay maritime precinct is part of a network of such locations around Sydney Harbour being established to support the recreational boating industry, which turns over more than $2 billion a year in NSW and employs 14,000 people.' It is anticipated that the development will be staged and fully operational by 2012. by Neil Patchett 4:18 AM Wed 26 Aug 2009 GMT
  13. Even if you don't do a whole formal report please just spend 5 minutes and call the local cop station and tell them that thieves are working the ramps and bays as otherwise they don't know. They will hopefully ask a car to specifically drive past now and again and at least be seen about. It isn't kids as it is happening in school hours and after midnight in my case. Saw a spare on a trailer the other day hanging by the padlock and the bloke said someone had removed the nuts before they saw the padlock or maybe they were after the whole bracket - that was daylight as well. The wheel stealing or letting tyres down at ramps in QLD was a ploy to get the people to unhitch the trailer locked to the car and then when the owner went to go get a new wheel they would simply put wheel back on, pump it up and steal trailer , electrics, safety gear from unattended boat or whole boat and trailer package. Have a good look at who is about and leave someone at ramp. I would seriously pay a old bloke to just sit at a ramp and watch the cars as over the years between mates we have had windows, wheels , , mud guards?? they left one of their old one for us haha ?? winch, tools , rollers and lights. Can't believe they risk a criminal record for $20-100 but I guess they know they are unlikely to get caught. Cameras would be a nice deterrant and would stop some of the other hoon activities around ramps and people might be a bit more courteous late at night with noise etc. Can't rely on cameras working and there is always blind spots.
  14. That method and data is crap. How did they assess how many people went fishing? Just multiply by number of fishing lic and add 20% for all the kids? . I can tell you crap in crap out. Where are the bycatch numbers? The peer reviews all refer to the process not the data. That is not a good process for what they were trying to achieve. An actuary or statistician would have pups laughing at the conclusions. No egg anywhere. Sorry in advance to anyone who believes those figures. Why don't they just add up the fish obituarys in the paper or interview teh fish?