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  1. Kracka

    Any Tackle Organisation Tips?

    Depends what works for you. Some prefer one large multi-tray tackle box, others like to pack super light...particularly when flicking plastics or trying to locate the fish on a large rock platform for example. Personally, I have about 7 smaller boxes - each for a target species as I like to pick a species or location and pack accordingly. For example One box is just for blackfish which has a few floats, barrel sinkers, swivels, FC leader and hooks. The others are for bread n butter species such as bream, then a surf box, rock fishing box, pelagic box and a shark box. Also have a lure/SP box. I used to have a big single tacklebox which had everything in it but found I was always more tempted to target something else if my luck wasnt up with those species. Plus I would always end up exhausted from lugging around kilos worth of tackle I would never use when walking fair distances. Having said that... You will lack the versatility doing what I do. Entirely your call with what works best for you and your style of fishing.
  2. Kracka

    Saltwater fly reels

    Hey Waza. As always a wealth of knowledge. Thank you. I'll steer clear of the fly reels. I saw the UK reels but always thought they were designed for freshwater and will be prone to rusting up quickly. Just checked out one on eBay the cyprinus monarch. Looks nice n not too dear. Might try out a South Pacific n see how it goes. It's hard to make a decision when no tackle stores stock them. Can't get a physical feel of the reel. Btw thanks so much for the info RE white rock. Took the Mrs and we both managed a few blackies on the last of the run out. Kept two - 42cm and the other, which was my Mrs first ever blackie went 40cm.
  3. Kracka

    The entrance

    Nice flattie. Salmon can be pretty good on the chew if looked after. Bled and kept cool by burying in cool moist sand until you leave or better yet a salt water ice slurry. Fillet and de-skin when you get home. Marinated briefly in a little chilli flakes, light soy, ginger, garlic, sesame oil n chuck straight on the BBQ. Top with some coriander and a squeeze of lime and fried shallots... Mmmm. Simple is great as well... Salt pepper and a touch of butter on a really hot grill (wrap in foil).
  4. Kracka

    Saltwater fly reels

    Gday raiders, I've been looking at a few fly reels and centrepin reels to use on my blackfish and bream sessions around Sydney. Namely the Alvey 475CP - which I've been looking at for a while now to upgrade my 475B. Then I stumbled across some pretty fancy looking fly reels by South Pacific which are similar in action to the alvey. Has anyone had any experience with the SP brand of reels? And do they deal with wear and tear as well as the alveys do? Looking at spending up to $250 if anyone has other recommendations.
  5. Kracka

    Shore Shark Fishing - Feb 2019

    I'll give u a few back up suggestions in case if teeing up with someone is difficult. Don't know of too many people who chase huge sharks specifically in Sydney. You might want to consider going with a charter for sharks if you want some seriously sized ones around Sydney. Plenty of 1-2m length bronzies from the beaches in summer which are easy enough to get onto but the really big 3m plus may need a bit more specific tackle, gear and locations. I. E. Big Tiger sharks will be out deeper and rarely come up to the shallows. I know Wahoo charters in Sydney offer game shark fishing. Might be a little pricey as far as charters go but all the gear is prepped, baits taken care of and any catches are dealt with by experienced shark fishos. It also opens up your target species too...such as tiger sharks and makos. Rather than just bull sharks and whalers. You might have better luck by boat as the larger sharks will require longer shock leaders (at least 1.5-2m) and wire traces (about 1m). When using rigs like this off a beach... It makes casting impossible on those rigs for big sharks. The solution around it is to get someone to kayak out your baited rigs for larger sharks. Ballooning a bait out from shore has worked for me in calmer waters but ive never tried from a beach. Theoretically I'd chuck a ballooned shark rig into a rip on the beach and let it go out 100-150m but again... Never tried it. If going from the rocks you might want to target some blue groper as well. Take the time to source some red rock crabs and whack one onto a 6/0 octopus style hook. No trace just straight 30lb mono straight to the hook with a tiny ball sinker running freely to it. They inhabit the washes of just about every headland in Sydney. You won't need to cast far... They're usually hugging up close to the rocks under a gentle white wash. I've seen (and hooked... Yet to catch) the big blue's around LongReef and Barrenjoey heads. Plenty of raiders who are familiar with groper if you want to wrestle with a few. I'm hopeless at getting onto the blues. Like you mentioned... Best to tee up with a local. I can suggest you check out Alex Bellissimo from Bellissimo charters in Sydney. He's top of the game and will definitely be able to get you into some great fish from the rocks. He offers beach fishing too... So sharks might be on the cards too. Again... Can be pricey but worth it.
  6. Kracka

    Advice for land base spots

    G'day Billy. HEAPS of places to check out. Your gear sounds great for starting out. Light line is best for flicking a few plastics and match the jig head to the size of plastic and the depth and current. Best to start off with easier more abundant species such as bream or Flathead. Jetties, weedbeds, sandflats with nearby channels, oyster covered rocks ate all good places to look for. I used to love flicking plastics along the edge of the weedbeds in the hawkesbury and the entrance for Flathead in summer. Can be very productive. In Sydney though I don't flick plastics anymore except for Flathead. I love the blackfish fishing too much! Anywhere there is sand and weedbed there will be flatties. Now that the water temp will be on the rise you should have more frequent action re flathead. A good spot is lane cove river. Flick along the sand and mud near a channel or flat on a run out tide. Stacks of bream around the bridges and oyster covered shoreline. You also have any of the little beaches around middle harbour. Around clontarf is good (north eastern side of the spit bridge) there's a lot of weedbeds and sandy shoreline stretching for a distance there. Key is to keep mobile and focus your efforts where the fish will be (I.e where they will be feeding). Back when I had my boat we were flicking a few small jerk minnows around for bream under the boat moorings around balgowlah. No bream but turned out to be a few rat kings there. You never know what will turn up so it pays to have a selection of plastic styles and colours too. Plenty of raiders will be able to give u advice. Good luck. P. S. Enjoy the arm workout from casting all day haha Edit: I'll add this too as I found this to be the most productive way to haul in flatties (for me anyway). Jump on a boat with someone or nab yourself a kayak from gumtree and troll some deep diving hard bodies along the edge of the channels. Used to get at least half a dozen nice flatties by trolling homemade lures that my neighbour taught me how to make.
  7. Kracka

    What fish is this?

    It looks like a Long face emperor (Lethrinus olivaceus).
  8. Kracka

    Cairns GT Fishing!!!!

    They always win lol. Ah bummer you can't fish from the resort. You would probably have some nice trevs around the beaches early morning or late Arvo. Charter will be awesome! Some seriously sized fish out there. Keep us all posted how you go. Very jealous. Good luck!
  9. Kracka

    Red Mowies

    Haha that actually wouldn't be surprising at all lol. I had better keep it a secret. Id be interested to know too. I thought mowies were only found off the rocks yet alone inside the harbour. I have seen one while free diving around la perouse years ago. Mmm coal cooked fish. Bet that was a delight! Yeah I think the crack might be a little daunting at night but only one way to find out. I saw a tonne of urchins there so it wouldnt surprise me if the odd groper would be lurking about there at high tide. Now that u mention the lobsters I'd probably throw a handline with a pillie in as well. See how that goes. I love the idea of not knowing what's lurking down there. Adds to the fun and a lobster is pretty rewarding to say the least. I attached a pic of the ISO rod model. It's black and dark purple. $300 out of pocket. 5.3m super whippy and seems really great for bream and blackfish. Dealt with a few bream well enough but it didn't do well in high wind conditions. It ended up collapsing back down and a few of the line guides came off. So I have to take it back to get repaired...its free at least. I just have to learn to use it properly. Has potential especially off the rocks. It's just a very fiddly rod. Went back to my trusty alvey combo and can't say that I miss using the ISO rod at the moment. Probably why I've been delaying getting it repaired
  10. Kracka

    Red Mowies

    Hey Waza. Yeah I had extreme butter fingers that day... Dropped everything I touched!! To be honest I was more upset about losing my fishing diary than the phone. I wasted my last few trips fishing for blackfish on the wrong tide phase *d'oh*. Ill give them a go next time I fish the "crack". It sounds like a very versatile spot. I have some free time end of September to trial out a few different tide phases there...and I'm leaving that blasted ISO rod at home. I swear that thing is unlucky. Each time I take it I donut lol. Yeah I had to do a double take to check it wasn't mistaking them for something else. Definitely red mowies. Can't wait to chase them. They're great eating too! Thanks so much for your help. Always appreciated
  11. Kracka

    Northern Beaches shark fishing

    G'day Ger. I MIGHT be able to get away for a late arvo/night fish session on the Saturday (29th) September. If you haven't found anyone to go with before then I'm happy to show you. I say MIGHT be able to as it depends if I will be on-call at work. Can't do squat then unfortunately. Nonetheless I can give you a few pointers that will help and also check out some of the previous posts. Plenty of very experienced and knowledgeable raiders on here. Any beaches are capable of producing sharks. North Narrabeen is a good starting point. BUT you will first need to suss out a few beaches. Personally as I live a while away from the beaches I suss out a beach via the Sydney live surf cam. It will show you live feed of each beach. Here you will be looking for structures along the beach that will hold fish - gutters, rips, rocky outcrops and sandbanks to name a few. Gutters primarily are the big one to look at. If you google "beach gutter" you will see what it looks like. Basically you will have a sandbank or two further out from the shoreline where the wave will break...then followed by a deeper pocket of water where it seems more "calm". This can be close to the shoreline or a bit further out. Here is where you want to focus your efforts. The other spot is behind the sandbank where the water drops down but may require a very long cast. *Note: There may be a rip on either side and is evident by no waves but rather, the water is flowing quickly out to sea. Also some gutters are present at low tide and others on high tide. So what may be good on high may not be good for low tide. Same goes for how long a gutter is present for. They may only last a day or two sometimes. Also keep in mind that just because there is a gutter, it does not always mean there will be fish there. But it is definitely worth a shot. More specifically for sharks...a deeper gutter is more important when there is light BUT at night, they will come right up into ankle deep water if there is food. If there is a lot of kelp washing about on the shore or the swell is really up then I wouldn't bother fishing as you will likely spend more time snagged or recasting than fishing. Have a plan B - i.e. bream, whiting or fish inside the harbour. Burley is a key component. You will want to burley when it is right on sundown - when there are no people in the water. If there is - DO NOT BURLEY. On the other hand, you can travel further up north or down south to one of those national park beaches where nobody swims - there is a lot! When burleying...get there at low tide and bury a few pockets of fish frame or fish heads about knee-depth down in the sand close enough to the shoreline. You will be able to see where the water gets up to at high tide...within that zone. Also have some fish frames in a hard crab pot or mesh net that you can have rolling around in the surf. Usually I pin it down at two points by rope within the high-tide surf line so it stays fixed but the burley can break apart and run into the surf. Burley will bring the sharks in and increase your chances of one taking a bait. For ease...i will split all the gear and tackle into large sharks and small sharks. RE rigs...simple is best -Have a sliding star sinker (use 40cm of about 14lb mono) down to a large swivel (to suit your line class). Reason for a sliding sinker rig is to keep the bait a little more mobile to minimise stingray by catch. Then run this to your trace... Large sharks... 70cm of 60lb single strand wire connected to a size 12/0 up to a size 15/0 circle hook. Match the hook size to the bait you are using (bigger hooks for bigger bait... Smaller hooks I. E. Size 9/0 for a strip or slab). Ideally... If your rod permits or you are able to cast or get the bait out... A 1m length of 70lb to 100lb shock mono will do wonders. About 400-500m of 50lb mainline will suffice. You really don't want to land anything that will spool you on this heavier gear. For smaller sharks... 70cm of some heavy 50-70lb mono OR preferably about 70cm of single strand wire in the 30lb to 40lb range will do (sharks aren't leader shy) and down to a size 9/0 octopus/circle hook. between the swivel and trace I would run about 1m of 70lb shock leader. BUT the smaller sharks you wont have a problem skippinf this. Mainline I will run about 200m of 25lb to 30lb on the spool. Usually anything above the 2.5m mark will likely spool you anyway. For your rod, the longer the better - It does 2 things 1) it keeps your mainline above the breaking waves and 2) allows you to have a longer trace while not restricting casting. Any long beach rod will do. I THINK mine is about 16ft - have to check. Baits should be an oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, bonito and mullet. Use them whole or fillets work well. Size of shark doesn't really matter too much BUT your larger sharks will be more tempted by a large bait such as a whole trevalley or large bonito. Bull sharks have a particular taste for freshwater eels. Back when I had a boat large bull sharks frequented the hawkesbury and freshwater eels were a great bait to chase them with. If you have a look on youtube for "rigging a shark bait" there are a few good yankee videos that show you. Basically you thread it on through the fish a few times and have the hook point well exposed on the top of the head. Then strap it all together using a few cable ties. Doesn't seem to bother them. Also have a look at tying single strand wire "knots" as when incorrectly done... Will slip under pressure. If done correctly... Will never slip up. Fillets/slabs of fresh or even a whole live fish is really good for sharks and jewies. Easier and less time consuming to bait up too. If chasing jewies sharks are a fun by catch and that's how I usually get them anyway rather than specifically chasing them...jewies will be put off by heavier gear and will certainly be put off by wire. Yet to catch a jewie from the surf lol. Times that sharks will bite can be any time really. But I usually get some action either side of the rising tide and on the tide change. You can get them at low tide too. Low light periods are ideal and into the night. Just be prepared for a waiting game lol. Anyhoo...hope that helps and I'll let you know if I can get away from work for a night fish. Added: also have some long nose bolt cutters handy for clipping the hook shank (ideal) or as close to the hook as possible for release. Handling them can be a pain. They are very flexible especially the small ones so if you grab them by the tail they can still get you if you're not careful. I had a few close calls with small bronzies (under a meter long) but nearly got chomped as they are very energetic when caught and handled. For that reason...with any shark I would suggest when playing the fish, to ease off the drag (provided there's ample remaining spool) and let the fish go for another run or two... That way they are more fatigued when beached and a little less energetic to handle. I never had anyone teach me to handle sharks when I first started catching them and now I'm overcautious due to a few close calls... So if you see a bloke on the beach taking 10mins to release a shark... It's just me lol. If there's two people it's easier. The bigger ones will probably need to be tail roped too. If you're after a feed... Small sharks are best. Use a cleaver and chop the tail off and allow them to bleed for about 15mins prior to cleaning. Oh and always clean them at the beach. Their guts can stink a whole house quick-smart!
  12. Kracka

    Red Mowies

    Hey Raiders. Since I lost my phone in the drink a few weeks back (It had a years worth of fishing diary in it) I've been fishing the wrong tides ever since...far out. Explains why my blackfish outings have been producing zip all the past few trips. Anyway... I was hopping around the usual LaneCove blackie spots and I noticed a few pairs of red mowies feeding in amongst the kelp at two out of the three spots. Is this normal? I have never seen them in the upper harbour before, only from the rocks. What bait and rig do you target them with? I'd assume prawns or squid...same as the blue mowies.
  13. Kracka

    Cairns GT Fishing!!!!

    What a catch! Well done. They pull just as hard as an angry Mrs haha. Congrats! Enjoy the Maldives. If you have the gear... There's quite a few GTs over that way too around Maldives and Mauritius (rocks and reef off the northern part of the island). Always wonder how many lures are these monsters mouths....
  14. Kracka

    Aussie bass near Sydney

    Honestly I by catch a few here and there while fishing for bream up around roseville bridge in summer late evening. Unweighted prawns or small lures. As Burleyguts mentioned Nepean is good. I don't fish there personally even though it's just behind where I work Lol. A mate from work takes his kayak there on weekday at sunset and manages a few during summer flicking plastics along where the water drops down and the weed thins out a little.
  15. Kracka

    Beach fishing at night

    Would have been a big stingray for certain. They slowly but steadily peel your line as they cruise just off the bottom. Plus they are more likely to nab a pillie or smaller dead bait sitting still on the bottom. Sharks will give u head shakes, direction changes and numerous speedy runs. And there will be a few intervals where you can gather some line (the smaller ones anyway). The big noahs will smoke the line right off your reel unless you have some heavy gear to wrestle them with. I haven't had a shark go for a pillie before but I get them taking a nice fresh strip bait left out for a jewie. Maybe that's why I donut on jewies haha.