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  1. Kracka


    It's ridiculous isn't it? Wonder what halfwit is calling the shots for these rules huh?
  2. Kracka

    Berley - pellets/bread vs only pilchard

    Sounds like a solid burley mix mate. I would throw a yakka out on another rod as kingies are still around. You can still focus on snapper using your main rod. If it's slow current with some structure u might get lucky with a JD too! I encountered the same issue when fishing around middle harbour. Burlying heavily will attract everything - bait fish especially and the pelagics too. But it's the bait fish that will steal your bait first! So now I burley lightly with the trimmings off whatever bait I'm using at the time. Usually prawn shells if using prawns. Pillie heads or tails tips if using pillies. Squid skin and guts if using squid strips. Mix whichever with some moist sand and it works well. Since you're using a cage which is great also, you might want to make a "mash" of everything in an old ice-cream tub and freeze it. Chuck into the cage and it'll slowly thaw out and disperse. I would also minus the tuna oil as I've found that attracts a lot less baitfish. Hope that helps u out. Tight lines
  3. Kracka

    Bradleys Head Luderick

    Wow that sounds intense. I'm surprised you would just lose a float. A 7kg model would probably take more than just the float, it'd take the whole cake and probably the plate too... Yeah that's a good idea. I'll start off with the lighter line and go up or down accordingly. Alvey all the way. If all else fails I go croc dundee style and wrestle them with my bare hands Thanks for the advice. Fingers crossed
  4. Kracka

    Bradleys Head Luderick

    Haha I love that. A gallery of floats lost to the depths over the years. Might be worth a pretty penny if someone recovered them. Yeah keen to get onto a few and see how they fight. I'll be in for a pleasant surprise I'm sure. It's a very interesting way to float fish. You technically have to wait for that second down before striking. Sounds like a fun challenge. I never knew 6lb line was enough to stop these guys. I assumed it would have been similar to drummer fishing around the 14lb side of things. I also completely agree with the single knot to the hook. Minimise the weak points. What type of rod would you recommend? I have 3 blackfish rods. One in the 8kg line class @12 foot and an alvey 16 foot 3-4kg line class. It handled a 5kg silver drummer well enough the other day. Also have a 5.3m ISO rod I just bought which is great for the blackies but I've been a bit of a chicken using it for drummer yet alone surgeons. Don't want to burn away a $350 rod lol. A mate I used to work with fished for the 70cm models around pylons such as pier 2 using 70lb line and a stocky boat rod to out muscle them from wrapping around the pylons. Unweighted bread baits got him a few. They were huge.
  5. Kracka

    Bradleys Head Luderick

    Thanks so much for all the detailed info Waza. Legend! My next trip will be at White Rock most likely. To scope it out at the least. I think I must have hooked a few surgeons in the past while fishing for blackish based on the types of downs you described. The float suddenly sky rockets down to the depths. Once hooked it was unstoppable. The line peeled off like mad and then the 6lb leader snapped like it was cotton the moment I applied a little pressure. I thought it was a Kingie turned vegetarian. Now I know the likely culprits were surgeons. Good thing I have a solid stash of home made wooden floats I don't mind parting with. Will take a crack at the crack and let you know how I go. Cheers.
  6. Kracka

    Bradleys Head Luderick

    Thanks Waza. As always such a wealth of knowledge. I'll add it to the list. Along with that king spot down south. Just waiting for some hairy weather for those reds to come in close. Been keen to get onto some surgeons. Pretty sure I've hooked the random one while blackfishing as the reel screams off and the line breaks in a heartbeat the moment pressure is applied. Is float fishing the best way to tackle surgeons in "the crack".
  7. Kracka

    Bradleys Head Luderick

    Waza, by any chance are there surgeons around there? Have been trying to find a good spot for em but only mange a few luds
  8. Kracka

    Bradleys Head Luderick

    Gotta love it when they're ballsy like that 😀 bummer you didn't hook him. (edit: if you didn't already try varying the depth of your rig. Sometimes even half a foot adjustment makes a huge difference to hookups) Try out what Waza has mentioned. As one other raider recently mentioned... He's a walking encyclopaedia. Wouldn't mind testing out white rock myself. Sounds familiar I think someone PMd me or it was in a previous post RE white rock
  9. Kracka

    Max Reel Size For Fishing With SP's?

    What you have is suitable. You don't need top line stuff... Just something that's comfy to cast with. So really no right or wrong answer. I have a shimano Stradic 3000. Have also used an alvey spooled with only 120m of mono and have used both reels for SPs catching flatties from the beach. It just depends on what terrain/depth you will be fishing and what's comfortable for you and what suits your rod. If fishing a beach or from shore landbased, it will be quite shallow water. 200yards is more than enough. So really a full spool of any small spinning reel or baitcaster is plenty. I say small as you will need something light as you will be covering ground while flicking. If going deeper, boat or land-based you may want a slightly larger reel. You may also want a larger reel if targeting fish that will peel line like bonnies Sambos or kings. Even then a small reel will do just fine. But Unless fishing deep like off a reef, only then would you want to up to something like a Penn spinreel 950 for example. It will have stronger drag to deal with larger species like kings or smaller tuna for example.
  10. Kracka

    Bradleys Head Luderick

    Nice work on the blackies. Took my Mrs there for some sight seeing on her bday. Beautiful place to fish and you can even see the blackies chasing each other around if you look long enough. Couldn't think of a better place to fish and spend time with loved ones. If you're not too keen on beaching the fish, u can get one of those telescopic ISO nets (about 5m long some of them). I got one the other day for about $150 which is pricey but you can lift boulders with em. Cheaper ones do very well too and can be scored for about $70...still a little dear but worth it in elevated fishing spots. The luds can be finiky sometimes but I've found the cabbage is generally better in the clearer waters closer to the heads. You know the fish are there it's just a matter of figuring out what will get them to bite which, although frustrating for the most part, is extremely fun and rewarding. Tight lines and thanks for the report. Keep em comin Edit: mate the sgt bakers are great for fish stock. A nice clear broth simmered down with a little kombu (Japanese seaweed) and a splash of seawater to get that true, but subtle taste of the sea. Some nice wheaten noodles and fried crispy fish on top with the usual condiments... Great on the chew.
  11. After a donut trip on the blackies in the harbour I decided to give my trusty standby spot at long reef a go for pigs and blackies. Donut on those too... despite using red cooked prawn, cungie, weed and bread. Nothing tempted them so was scratching my head a little. Probably the westerlies being the culprit?? Anyway... Nothing but dozens of wrasse...UNTIL... Bam! The rod buckles over and the drag starts peeling off my alvey as I loaded up the fishes weight. Figured woohoo I'm gonna have myself a nice tussle with a big silver drummer as it was fighting pretty clean. Started sweating too as I only had 12lb line on. After a solid 5-10mins I lost count of how many runs this fish took I got it up to the surface to reveal my first ever winter rat kingie (scraping in at 67cm - made some fine sashami and ceviche). Lucky for a few helpful ISO fishermen close-by with their long landing nets helped me land the fish. Gave them a dozen leftover cungie as thanks when I called it quits not long after. Caught this little fella on a peeled prawn about 1m from the ledge. Who knew. Will probably target kings more often now. I'm hooked! (pun intended). It made up for the donut tripS on the blackies and drummer.
  12. Kracka

    Drummer help

    Just realised you're using floating line. Like waza suggested... Float fishing is best in your circumstance. Best to cast out at the back of the white wash and allow it to drift back in. If the float gets too close to the rocks quickly reel in and start again. I've found floats to be a little hindering in larger swells and spots with variable depths so I always take two reels. On with float line and another with plain ol mono.
  13. Kracka

    Drummer help

    In my experience I've found the simplest way is to have 14-20lb mono all the way to a size 4 up to a 1/0 hook (match the hook to your bait type). Fish unweighted if possible or add the smallest ball sinker to keep your bait where you want it - in close and under the wash where that milky water is. I'd probably up to a heavier line of about 30lb if using red crab in case a big blue jumps on it. You will know if it's a big groper. Burley up with white bread soaked in water until it's all a mushy paste and throw it up against the rocks now and then. Let the wave action slowly do the dispersion part. Another good tip is if using prawns... Just deshell as you bait up and throw in the shells. That's all the burley you need sometimes. You just have to make sure when you burley... That it isn't drifting away in the current. Baits include cabbage weed, cungie, prawn (cooked or raw), crab and bread. Red crab are dynamite on the big pigs but cungie and prawn works well too. They're usually not too fussy. Fishing is ideal in low light conditions I.e sunrise sunset and overcast days. You will catch them In clear skies too but fishing in an area with good wash is more crucial here. Tide and swell depends on the location. Safety first as always. Some spots fire on a low tide. Others at high. Majority of spots are best on the rising tide. Pretty much any headland will have them. All advice other raiders have given are spot on too. Some really snaggy areas are best fished with a bobby cork. Or unweighted - just keep in contact with your bait to avoid most snags. Hope that helps
  14. Kracka

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hey mate. No probs. I'll keep you posted when I go. I'm a shift worker so my days off are all over the place lol. Kurraba point is a good place for blackfish on a runout tide. Same goes for cremorne point. Never tried for bream around there but I'd put my money on some thumpers being there early morning, late arvo to dark. Leather jacket I would be around too I assume. Key would be fishing an hour or two either side of a tide and look for the structure I. E. Jetties, dropoffs, kelp etc. I like to fish a ballasted float or better yet... Unweighted bait in a thin but regular barley trail. Should see you onto some fish. If you go for the blackies, some nice string weed should do the trick. At night they'll take prawns and cunjevoi too. Just keep your hooks a little smaller. I. E. Size 6 to 4. Maybe u can post up on the chat board. I'm sure there's a few raiders who will fish that spot more regularly than I would.
  15. Kracka

    Central coast kingfish

    All I can say SUPER jealous. Well done and great report