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  1. Jellyjam

    Kid safe. Land Based Eastern suburbs

    Thanks for the recos guys. We'll have to have a hunt around! Cheers
  2. Jellyjam

    First fishing boat

    Hi all. Getting into the posting now! After a few good options from some of the guys on here re land based sposts around eastern suburbs, I am thinking maybe I should get my first boat! Does anyone have any opinions on a stessco squire 385 as a first boat (just for the bay etc) for my 2 lads and I? Cheers in advance pete
  3. Hi all. First time poster. Site seems full of good advice and good vibes. my 7 yr old has been keen to do a bit of fishing and we are in Little Bay (eastern suburbs) As we still boatless could anyone recommend somewhere safe for kids thats landbased anywhere within cooee of us. Happy to drive a bit. Just not sure where's good. We've tried around La Perouse. Browns rock et al but still a bit sketchy for my liking with the little guy. Is it worth trying down around Yarra Bay? The breakwall is a bit tricky for little feet but maybe the beach? Any advice or spots would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Pete