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  1. I have 300m of 6kg spooled on to a daiwa airdx 3000 on a 3-7kg rod. It's amazingly thin and haven't had any problems with abrasion over the past few months although because of its small diameter I tend to get a lot of guide wraps which is quite annoying. Will probably have to downsize the rod to prevent this.
  2. Foxxy

    Pflueger Salt 50

    PE2-4 I prefer braid for casting and will be occasionally flicking (sorry, didn't mention that in the initial post). Jews/rays. Potentially flick for rat kings.
  3. Hey guys, Just purchased a Pflueger salt 50 to do a bit of land based-bait soaking. Is 50lb braid overkill? Ideally I'd like 40lb spiderwire but I can't find it anywhere at a low cost. The reel capacity says 405yd-20lb / 305yd-30lb / 250yd-40lb. Will predominately be fishing from wharves and shores around Parramatta River/Sydney Harbour. Thanks in advance!
  4. Yep pretty sure that’s it, came to the conclusion that it’s a species of chimaera rabbitfish. Thanks!
  5. Found this inside the belly of a cuttlefish at work. Any ideas what it is? The tail goes down into a point and has a fin that runs along the underside of it. Also had a long and thin dorsal fin.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. Received a few PMs from people telling me to opt for a nature boys case so I will be getting one of those despite the hefty price. Jetstar have up to 2.3m on A320 and A321 flights now but thanks for the pointer!
  7. Planning a trip from Sydney up to the Tweed for a weekend and keen to bring my rods up as check-in luggage. I have a couple of rods, the largest being a 1pce 7'2", and I'm looking to purchase a sturdy rod case (not really interested in DIY). I've been told about the Carmate but I can't find anywhere to buy it. Anyone have any suggestions? Cheers
  8. Foxxy

    Parramatta River

    Cheers guys, caught a lot of tailor and bream, the largest one being around 35cm. A mate even hooked into a decent crab that was unfortunately dropped before landing. Well aware they're not to be eaten this side of the bridge so they all went back to swim another day. Thanks again!
  9. Foxxy

    Parramatta River

    Thanks, will bait soak the heavier rod whilst flicking for the others.
  10. Hey guys, new to the forum and new to the area. Going to be fishing Parramatta River around Rhodes/Ryde area, probably setting up late arvo for a landbased night session. Just want a bit of advice on what can be found in Parramatta River. Have the lighter gear for the bream and flatties but is there anything else around at the moment? Have 20lb braid spooled on a reel that's never been used and want to try my luck. Any tips on what to target or bait suggestions would be much appreciated. Cheers!