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  1. MSB

    And This Makes THREE

    awesome bream dude
  2. Mission Point at sundown
  3. MSB

    Crab dawn raid

    Hi Luke Interested to read your post, I also catch my blue swimmers on lines, brickies string lines actually, gave away my crab pots as to many share farmers up here in South East Qld, would be interested to know your setup. Thought you may be interested to know my method. I thread a N0 4 ball sinker on the line, tie a 4/0 hook on to the terminal end of the string line, bait up with a strip of mullet about 10cm's long by 3cm's wide, drop the baited hook and sinker into a small mesh bag, say an onion bag, tie off the top of the bag so the bait does not come out and throw it in the water. Crabs generally get there main claws caught up in the mesh bag whilst feeding. I net them with an enviro net and drop them straight into an ice slurry in a large esky, puts them to sleep quickly and they cook up superb. I live 30 minutes from the Pumicestone Passage which runs between the mainland and Bribie Island and always crab the rising tide, regularly pull 10 a session working first 2 hours of the run in. Prefer this method to using crab pots and no problems with share farmers. Bonus is my Grandson just loves to crab this way and we have a lot of fun using this method. Thanks for your interesting post. MSB
  4. MSB

    An end to carp?

    Just read this whole thread from start to finish, lots of passion from for and against sides, I am mainly a saltwater fisherman so don't personally encounter them up here in Queensland much, although they are everywhere in the freshwater sections of the rivers in South East Qld where I live, also in most of the dams. The other environmental pest we have here is the Tilapia, not sure if you have them down south but they will become just as big an issue as carp believe me. I live 15 minutes from the best stocked bass fishery in Queensland, I have on occasion fished this dam with a an old gentleman that fishes it twice a week every week rain hail or shine and catches of 80 to 100 bass in a session is not uncommon (I kid you not) all caught on live shrimp using circle hooks and 99% of cases released safely. Catches of tilapia are becoming more and more common, and they are quite visible building there nests in the shallow water edges. On the issue of also getting rid of redfin and trout, I am not full bottle on the carp issue that guys like Ric , mattfin, big Neil and Fatbastard appear to be, however from what I understand the really big issue with carp is the destruction of the environment by the turbidity they cause in the rivers, lakes and streams, neither trout nor redfin appear to cause this problem, it appears the issue with them is more one of predation on native species, and as both fish are pretty fair eating, best to deal with the carp issue first I reckon. Clearly something has to be done to reduce carp numbers everywhere in Australia which is a big place compared to most European countries and places like Japan, so we have a different set of circumstances to evaluate how to best do this. We don't have much option but to trust that the relevant authorities will weigh up all the pros and cons and make the correct decision on our behalf. I reckon we should all get back to fishing now!! MSB
  5. MSB

    What is the No.1 bait for catching bream

    When I was a young kid, we used to holiday at Bribie Island, so thats going back 50 years for me, during the day me and the old man used to fish for winter whiting, the old man would mince up the whiting and make fish cakes, but keep the heads as bream bait when he went fishing at night, don't have any photos but he used to bring home some absolute horses, so now this post has reminded me of that I am going to keep my whiting heads this winter and use them as bream bait. Back up bait was always salted down mullet gut with the onion on, good stuff!! MSB
  6. MSB

    Bought a boat

    ok mate enjoy fishing out of it
  7. MSB

    Handlining for Crabbing

    Hi twoblues I am based in South East Queensland, place we keep the Origin trophy, I crab line all the time mate, set up is easy, grab yourself a small mesh bag, something like an onion bag, needs to have fine mesh, buy yourself a brickies string line, colour not important, tie a 4/0 hook on the end of the line using a locked blood knot of 5 turns, bait the hook with a slab of any type of fish, I use mullet generally, drop the baited hook in the mesh bag along with a small snapper sinker, tie the top of the mesh bag off so it doesn't fall down over the hook, cast it out and your in business. Crabs both sandies (blue swimmers) and muddies will get themselves caught up in the mesh trying to eat the bait, when you have one on, bring him in slowly and into the net, I have an old landing net that I have replaced the mesh with 25mm chicken wire fashioned into a scoop, works a treat and no tangles, just empty them straight into and ice slurry in the esky, they go to sleep real quick, and no need to tie them up. I pick a nice gutter with a weed bottom on an early morning run in tide, sandies come in with the tide and like a snack on the run, I find midweek is best to avoid boat traffic, weekends will work but go early. I use 3 lines and regularly catch up to twenty legal bucks in the first 2 hours of the run in tide. Totally legal in Queensland, suggest you check the regulations in NSW. I like to sit back with a cold beer on the weekend, fresh cooked home made bread and crab sandwiches and watch the replays of Queenslands decade + long golden run in the origin series, you just can't beat it. Good luck with it hope you catch plenty. MSB
  8. MSB

    Bought a boat

    looks like an old Clarke Cutter mate, do you know what it is
  9. Yep stargazer, and a reasonable sized sucker to, they are excellent eating if you know how to fillet them correctly, hope you put her back though
  10. MSB

    Beach Fishing Kiama NSW

    Morning Captain Spanner, your info is appreciated, all seem pretty close to where I am going to stay so probably try em all
  11. MSB

    Beach Fishing Kiama NSW

    Hi Xerotao, thanks for the tip, has a look at Minnamurra River on satellite and yep looks very fishy
  12. MSB

    Beach Fishing Kiama NSW

    Hi Berleyguts, thanks for the information, your right the worms seem to like a gentler slope beach so I will give Seven Mile a go
  13. MSB

    Beach Fishing Kiama NSW

    Thanks James, all in fun mate, never been that far south before so looking forward to it.
  14. That is magnificent country you are fishing in mate, well worth the 5 hour drive, good onya MSB
  15. MSB

    No fish

    How many ways do you cook your squid Ric