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  1. I have used meal worms in fresh water cks down in south aussie with good results on trout up in the Adelaide hills a tip given to me buy an old guy was to half hitch a sugar cube to your line cast it out suger hits the water and melts away bingo unweighted bait works a charm
  2. I was born and bred in Cabramatta and have caught many good bass in cabra creek over the years up as far as the Cumberland hwy also in prospect ck up as far as Carramar rail bridge also caught ep,s at lennox bridge on rare occasion,s
  3. I have found if you buy lady,s hair net and cut them into small squares wrap around oyster and half hitch to hook they hold up well to casting
  4. I fish the georges river most week ends and would love to have some company and maybe pass on some tips to new fisho,s mainly chase bream ,flattys and jew some times camp out so they would need a swag and warm sleeping bag
  5. according to some researchers big female bull sharks give birth in the upper reach,s of rivers as the pups have no tolerance for salt water the pups slowly make their way down stream whilst building up tolerance to salt we have seen big bulls up in chipping Norton lake acting strange and have a feeling these are females having or just had pups
  6. many years ago was only 17 at the time while deep sea fishing out Newport the guy fishing next to me became horribly sea sick whilst he was having a look at the ocean his false teeth went for a swim only to be retrieved by the guy on the other side of him his hook stuck between two teeth this is a true story I would never believe it if I had not been there
  7. recon


    well im back from the georges river fished the moons from Thursday arvo till Friday morning for 1 just legal bream which was released in good condition. moved down to como with no results then off to woolaware bay trying for flatties 1 legal whiting which was consumed straight away rays all over the place and a lot of bust offs highlight of the trip I got monsted buy a bull shark about four to five feet long that took a big squid strip good fun for ten minutes on 15lb gear have fun all see ya on the river
  8. recon


    well today is second last day of my week off the swag is in the boat also first aid kit ,food ,tackle box,esky,rods,gerry can of water plus other sundry items two nights on the georges looking for jewies if you see me say gday easy to tell if its me recon is on the side of my boat probly round the moons gotta get one soona or later
  9. recon


    can anybody suggest a place to camp overnight on the georges river boat access only im getting a bit old now so I need somewhere secluded and safe love fishing for jewies im now 61 and have been fishing the river since I was 12 but have only recently got a boat that I can rely on have been fishing the moons with some success any suggestions would be great